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Toya DeLazy

2021 07 23-25 - Save Our Stages: >>>
2021 07 23 - Vrydag: Jax Venter, De Wallen, Dillan Oliphant, Gino Fernandez, Lost//Youth, Robyn Dunlop, Rob van Vuuren, The Man Motels, Dillan Oliphant, Toya Delazy, Conrad Koch, PHFAT, Jax Venter
2021 07 24 - Saterdag: Doc Comedy, Mark Stent, Pius Xulu, The Medicine Dolls, Robyn Dunlop, Gino Fernandez, Jack Stone, Khanyisa Bunu, Martin Bester, Loufi, Gino Fernandez, Alive At Midnight, Dillan Oliphant, Tidal Waves, Conrad Koch, Cece Vee, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Van Pletzen, Conrad Koch, Early B, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Anton Goosen, Yaaseen Barnes, Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop, Khanyisa Bunu, Laurie Levine, Yaaseen Barnes, Jax Venter, The Plastics, Pius Xulu, Prime Circle
2021 07 25 - Sondag: Conrad Koch, Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace, Khanyisa Bunu, Riaan Smit, Conrad Koch, Steve Newman, Yaaseen Barnes, Congo Cowboys, Doc Comedy, Zionruts Family, Yaaseen Barnes, Majozi, Jax Venter, Matt Carstens, Pius Xulu, Taxi Violence, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Wonderboom, Rob van Vuuren, Diamond Thug, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Jacques Moolman, Rob van Vuuren, Albert Frost

Toya Delazy - Deja Vu met David Kramer VID >>>

Toya Delazy - Deja Vu met David Kramer CDS . 2016

Toya DeLazy - Memoriam VID >>>

Due Drop (Deluxe Edition) 2CD . CDCOL8325 COLUMBIA
Disk 1:
1. Intro (With You)
2. Are You Gonna Stay?
3. Losing My Love
4. Love Is In The Air
5. It's All Good
6. Heart
7. Memoriam
8. Pump It On
9. Yeah Yell Yeah (With You)
10. Love Takes Time
11. Jai Lover
12. Say It Out
13. Viva Party
14. Pump It On Remix
15. Love Is In The Air (Remix)
16. Heart Remix
Disk 2:
1. Pump It On
2. Love Is In The Air
3. It Takes A Lot To Make A Classic
4. Are You Gonna Stay?
5. Heart

Due Drop Deluxe will be a two disc set that will include a bonus DVD with all 4 single videos ("Pump It On," "Love Is In The Air,""Are You Gonna Stay?" & "Heart") plus the behind-the-scenes documentary film shot earlier this year entitled 'It Takes A Lot To Make A Classic.'
The original audio disc has been expanded to include two new singles: 'Losing My Love' a track completed with producer Justin Denobrega (most well know as DJ Hi-Tek with Die Antwoord) and 'Viva Party' recorded & produced by Pascal & Pearce.
The electronic production duo also contributed a banging six minute remix of new single 'Heart'. New artist ClassyMenace remixes 'Pump It On' & 'Love Is In The Air' to complete the package!

Due Drop ......................... CDCOL 8321 COLUMBIA
1. Intro (With You) met The Soil
2. Are You Gonna Stay
3. Heart
4. Love Is In The Air
5. Yeah Hell Yeah (With You)
6. Memoriam
7. Pump It On
8. Love Takes Time
9. It's All Good
10. Jai Lover
11. Say It Out

Toya DeLazy has taken South African Top 40 Radio by storm with the release of 'Pump It On' and 'Love Is In the Air'. The talented young singer-songwriter trained as a jazz pianist but Toya's more recent influences lie somewhere between the more contemporary genres of Hip Hop, Electro, Dance, Alternative and Pop.
'Pump it On' has been added on all major radio formats, appealing to both urban and contemporary audiences, and broke new crossover ground when 'Pump It On' was added to SA National Urban format station Metro FM. With over 1300 plays since its launch, 'Pump it On' quickly made its way into the Top 10 of both local and international chart shows, and continues to impact.
The impact "Pump It On' has made at SA radio has been helped in part by the success of the music video - now at over 51,000 Youtube views and climbing! The video has taken South African music videos to the next level with high rotations on key Pan-African Music Channels Channel O, MTV Base & Trace TV.
'Due Drop' was produced by in part Jax Van Heerden and Johnny Deridder, the creative force behind Jax Panik and partly by JHB hip Hop production team Octave Couplet and sets a new standard for SA pop.

skakels :

2013 02 09 - Hatfield Carnival - Escape The Ordinary: Jack Parow, Mi Casa, Shadowclub, Southern Gypsey Queen, Toya DeLazy, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Pascal & Pearce and more..., Hatfield Square Precinct, Pretoria, R60, R70 - Smirnoff Ice - Red Bull Mobile - Ticketbreak - Hilltop Live - Student Village - MK - MFM

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