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Tony Cox
On the advent of his 60th birthday this January and as busy as ever, acoustic guitar legend, Tony Cox heads out on the road for a series of shows to promote and perform music from his upcoming album Padkos. The tour will end in Johannesburg and the very next day Cox will go into the recording studio with producers Joe Arthur and Victor Masondo who worked with Cox on several SAMA award-winning albums. The album will be printed and pressed and ready to go by the end of Feb.
Padkos promises to be a project quite unlike Cox has ever produced before. Having built his entire career around an original work only ethic, with only one or two rare deviations, Cox has decided to do an almost entirely, album of covers. But not just any old cover tunes, these will be all South African tunes only. Songs and melodies from Cox's life journey that he grew along with and loved and was inspired by, much of it shared by most South Africans from anywhere within our multifaceted culture, all of it performed in the guitar style that has made Cox a widely known and respected musician in SA and well beyond its borders. Without giving too much away, Bright Blue's Weeping is in there, as is Jabulani by PJ Powers and Juluka's Impi.

Says Cox, 'I absorbed a lot of SA music on lengthy road trips. On the road, car packed to the rafters with gear; on my way out to yet another destination, another show; always padkos packed nicely, such an important ingredient on any road trip and nothing like scoffing it on the road! The music was always there and I listened broadly to everything SA had to offer and I love so many of these tunes as do most of my fellow Sefricans. It got me thinking that padkos is just one tiny thing in amongst a myriad of others that every one of us has in common in South Africa, there is in fact so much we have in common, even amongst those who are under the politically induced delusion that they need to hate each other...that and the miracle of music...'

And so Padkos the album is born. The album will be a mixture of solo guitar playing and ensemble with a few guests brought in to give the 'padkos' a few extra spices and flavours, ingredients sourced from the guitarist's favourite SA musos. So far there are just two original tunes written: the title track, Padkos which is a tearaway little three-chord foot-tapper and Long Walk to Nkandla, which is strangely enough, also a foot-tapper and has as some would imagine, somewhat darker moments and performed on Cox's earth-shattering baritone guitar.

Cox's live show promises to be all the above combined with his jaw-dropping guitar skills and an overarching sense of infectious humour that transforms any of his live performances into an absolute must see. -

Roots Of Tony Cox ........ SSCD 161 2013 SHEER

The Summer Comes My Loves ...... 2011

Steve Newman & Tony Cox
The Return Of The Road Warriors . 2010

Audient ................................................... 2008

Tony Cox met Benguela
Blue Anthem ................... SLCD 136 2007 SHEER
1. Bicycle
2. Stompie
3. Y4 Blues
4. Blue Anthem
5. Baby Thuli Boogie
6. Misty 5AM
7. For Ken H
8. Major Mynah
9. Minarette
10. Riversong

Live at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival CD/DVD . 2005

The Best Of Tony Cox .... SLCD 072 2004 SHEER
1. Tenderoso
2. Kierboom
3. Awakening
4. Muizenberg
5. Kwe-Kwe
6. Floating
7. Watertree
8. Bush 1
9. Bluegrass Safari
10. Looking For Zim
11. Just One Of Those Days
12. China
13. Dollar's F
14. Emzini Kababa
15. New Life Train
16. You Asked For It
17. Wind In The Pines

China ................................ SLCD 015 2002 SHEER
1. China
2. Hummingbird
3. Kwe-Kwe
4. Karoosin
5. Wintersong
6. Just One Of Those Days
7. In The Distance
8. Mr. Rogie
9. Esteve
10. Emzini Kababa
11. Kaapse 'amba
12. Southern Hymn

Aquarian Quartet - Live ..................... 2002
1. Uod If You Could
2. Waters Edge
3. Your Name On A Grain Of Rice
4. Cuccaracha
5. Thekwini
6. Anthole
7. Jamila
8. Bush
9. Bananas
10. A Bounce

is Tony Cox, Greg Georgiades, Syd Kitchen, Steve Newman

The Aquarian Quartet ........................ 2001
(Live at the Grahamstown Cathedral)

is Tony Cox, Greg Georgiades, Syd Kitchen, Steve Newman

Steve Newman & Tony Cox
About Time ...................... SLCD 017 2001 SHEER
1. Dave & Julie
2. Short Piece
3. Study In Bm
4. Kwe-Kwe
5. Sleazy Blues
6. Duelling Zorbas
7. Bach Invention No. 8
8. Jacob's Ladder
9. Sweet Georgia Brown
10. You Asked For It
11. Cuccarach Nuevo
12. Mozie A La Tico
13. Cool And Cloudy
14. Roger & Peter
15. Bluegrass Safari/Hard Hat Jive
16. Jaywalking

Matabele Ants ................ SSCD 051 2000 SHEER
1. Watertree
2. Bush
3. Kwe-Kwe
4. Anthole
5. Sandwoman
6. Anthill Rag
7. Ek Sê
8. Kwazulu
9. Sadless Blues

Looking For Zim ............ SSCD 032 1998 SHEER
1. Wind In The Pines
2. Found
3. Looking For Zim
4. The Cage
5. Muizenberg
6. Dirty City
7. Heading North
8. Monkey
9. Inner City Cruise
10. Bluegrass Safari

Cool Friction ................... SSCD 015 1996 SHEER
1. Awakening
2. Kierboom
3. Tenderoso
4. You Asked For It
5. Thalo
6. New Life Train
7. Karynlight
8. Manica Rd.
9. Tip Of The Continent
10. Dollar's F
11. Dinaledi
12. One Seven Nothing
13. Lekker Gerook
14. Floating

met Steve Newman
Alive at Le Plaza TC .......... 1993

In-To-Nation LP .......... SHIFT (V) 49 1991 SHIFTY RECORDS
Side One:
1. Lion's Roar
2. One Seven Nothing
3. Dinaledi
4. Easy See
5. Tenderoso
Side Two:
1. Aloe
2. Dollar's F
3. Tip Of The Continent
4. Lekker Gerook
5. In-To-Nation

met Steve Newman
Planetarium Live TC ......... 1989

Out Of Line TC ................... 1984

met Steve Newman
101 Ways To Use The Acoustic Guitar LP . MOULP (V) 21 1983 MOUNTAIN
Kant Een:
1. Mule Rag
2. Rag & Roll
3. Blondes Have More Fun
4. Dave & Julie
5. Don't Be Sad
6. Jungle Stuff
7. Zanzibar
Kant Twee:
1. Bach Invention No. 8
2. Sleazy Blues
3. Floating
4. Roger & Peter
5. Spinning Wheel
6. Brazil
7. Nat Party Split

met Steve Newman
What Do You Want LP ...................... 1982 MOUNTAIN

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2014 09 24 - Shifty Heritage Music Festival: Tananas, The Genuines, Vusi Mahlasela, Urban Creep, Kalahari Surfers & Lesego Rampolokeng, Rian Malan, The Kêrels, Louis Mhlanga, Jonathan "Rat" Handley, Robin Auld, Jennifer Ferguson, Van der Want & Letcher, Matthew van der Want, Tony Cox, Simba Morri, 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown, Joburg!, 11:00 - Alliance Francaise Johannesburg - SAHA - SAMRO - Spier - Business and Arts South Africa - Institut Fracais

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