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Tommy Alberts
Wye Wye Vlaktes LP ........... RPM 5020 RPM
- Tommy Alberts speel op die stereofoniese orrel
1a. We Believe In Tomorrow (G. Verdi, K Hertha, D. Cumberland)
..b. Bianca (Cumberland, Hertha, Van Rensburg)
2... Aandlied Van Die Voëls (Richard)
3a. Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My? (Deutscher, Loose, Toerien)
..b. Sing, Seeman, Sing (A. Viljoen)
4a. Jy Is My Liefling (C. en W. Cooper)
..b. Daar Is Niks Soos Ware Liefde (Relin, Jurgens, Toerien)
5a. Liefste Madelein (D. Steyn)
..b. Cheryl Moana Marie (Totsiens Vaarwel Marie) (Kipner, Rowles)
..c. Groenkoringlande (F. van Vuuren, A. de Waal)
6a. Liefling (Maffay, Kunze)
..b. Dankie (D. Steyn)
1a. I Don't Wanna Play House (Sherril, Sutton)
..b. Waar Die Son Skyn (A. Hammond, M. Hazelwood)
2a. Die Hartseerwals (Tradisioneel, D. Hill)
..b. Reën (Reed, Viljoen)
3a. Kamma Kamma (De Witt)
..b. Woman, Beautiful Woman (Panton)
..c. O Huil Nie Mama (B. Schoepen, M. van As)
4a. Ahoy, Madagaskar, Ahoy (M. Parkes, G. van Tonder)
..b. Maar In Amerika (M. Gino, P. Vito, Van As)
..c. Droomverlore (Esaul, Edmond)
5a. Die Lewe Sonder Jou (Ferland, Shaper, Viljoen)
..b. Trane Kom Vir Jou Te Laat (Kartner, Ross)

Tommy Alberts Speel 35 Don Williams Treffers LP . RPM 1180 1982 RPM
Kant Een:
1a. You're My Best Friend (Wayland/Holyfield)
..b. Till The Rivers All Run Dry (Wayland/Holyfield/Williams)
..c. It's Good To See You (Alan Taylor)
2a. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (Wayland/Holyfield)
..b. The Shelter Of Your Eyes (Williams)
..c. Time On My Hands (Martine)
3a. It Must Be Love (B. McDill)
..b. Just Enough Love (For One Woman) (D. Kirby/D. Morrison)
..c. I Don't Want To Love You (B. McDill)
4a. I Recall A Gypsy Woman (Reynolds/McDill)
..b. (Turn Out The Light) And Love Me Tonight (McDill)
..c. I Keep Putting Off Getting Over You (Wayland/Holyfield)
5a. Amanda (McDill)
..b. Sue's In Love With A Rodeo Man (McDill)
6a. Not A Chance (D. Williams)
..b. Good Ole Boys Like Me (McDill)
..c. Love Me Over Again (Williams)
..d. Especially For You (R. Beresford)
Kant Twee:
1a. Rainy Nights And Memories (Wayland/Holyfield/Jim Rushing)
..b. Simple Song (Bob McDill)
..c. Miracles (R. Cook)
2a. I Would Like To See You Again (C. Craig/L. Atwood)
..b. Fairweather Friends (J. Allen/J. Cash)
..c. Slowly But Surely (Bob McDill)
..d. Lord I Hope This Day Is Good (D. Hanner)
3a. Lay Down Beside Me (Williams)
..b. Years From Now (R. Cook/Sam Hogin)
4a. Now And Then (W. Holyfield)
..b. I Believe In You (Roger Cook/Sam Hogin)
5a. Smooth Talking Baby (D. Kirby/R. Lane)
..b. If I Needed You (T. van Zandt)
..c. I've Got You To Thank For That (B. Mevis/D. Primmer)
6a. Falling Again (Bob McDill)
..b. You've Got A Hold On Me (D. Williamson)
..c. I Want You Back Again (Bob McDill)


Doer In Die Boendoe LP . RSP 459 1980 RPM
Kant Een:
1. Sleepy Shores (Pearson)
2. Lucille (R. Bowling, H. Bynum)
3. She Wears My Ring (Bryant); Strangers In The Night (Kaempfert, Singleton, Snyder); Spanish Eyes (Kaempfert, Singleton, Snyder)
4. When I Need You (Hammond, Sayer)
5. We Believe In Tomorrow (G. Verdi, K. Hertha, D. Cumberland); Bianca (Van Rensburg, K. Hertha, D. Cumberland)
6. My Broken Souvenirs (W. Theunissen)
Kant Twee:
1. Song For Anna (A. Popp)
2. Solitaire (Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody)
3. Guilty (Zanetis); Distant Drums (Walker)
4. I Recall A Gypsy Woman (Allen Reynolds, Bob McDill)
5. Liefling (Maffay-Kunze); Dankie (D. Steyn)
6. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (Wayland Holyfield)

Beyond The Sunset LP . RPM 1117 1977 RPM
Side One:
1. Beyond The Sunset (Brock)
2. Smile (Werner Theunissen)
3. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (O. Hammerstein, S. Romberg)
4. Fraulein (Williams, Botkin, Jarvis)
5. Have A Dream On Me (B. Morrison)
6. That Lucky Old Sun (Smith, Gillespie)
Side Two:
1. Red Sails In The Sunset (J. Kennedy, H. Williams)
2. Ek Is Nog So Verlief Op Jou (Anton Goosen)
3. Secret Daydreams (A. Fields, F. Limpens)
4. My Blue Heaven (Whiting, Donaldson)
5. Mexicali Rose (Betts); Pagan Love Song (H. Brown, A. Freed)
6. Singin' In The Rain (H. Brown, A. Freed)

Country Moods LP ............................. 1977 RPM

Your Choice LP .............. RPM 1114 1976 RPM
Side One:
1. Save Your Kisses For Me
2. Dolannes Melody
3. I Won't Give Up
4. Somewhere Between
5. Let Your Love Flow
6. I'll Return
Side Two:
1. Ramaja
2. Let Me Into Your Life
3. Shame On Me
4. One Day At A Time
5. Hurt
6. Rock & Roll Waltz

Best In The Country LP . RPM 1105 1975 RPM
Side One:
1. Sleepy Shores
2. Longfellow Serenade
3. Stand By Your Man
4. As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone
5. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
6. A Maiden's Prayer
7. Merry-Go-Round
Side Two:
1. Song For Anna
2. You Asked Me To
3. Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
4. In The Summernight
5. She's A Woman
6. Before The Next Teardrop
7. Solitaire

Best Of The Wide Open Spaces 2LP . RPM 1103/4 1975 RPM

Return To Those Wide Open Spaces LP . RPM.1097 1974 RPM
Side One:
1. There Won't Be Anymore (C. Rich)
2a. Heaven Is My Woman's Love (Dobbins)
...b. Ashes Of Love (Wright/J. & J. Anglin)
3a. Funny Face (Donna Fargo)
...b. Why Me (K. Kristofferson)
4. Baby Blue (Bowens)
5a. Home Isn't Home Anymore (P. Callander/M. Murray)
...b. Hasta Luego (Prada/Domenech)
6. Haai Casanova (anas/Munro/Van Rensburg)
Side Two:
1. Don't Stay Away Too Long (Mayer/Blackburn) (My Hart Het 'n Kleine Venster)
2. Paper Roses (Spellman/Torre)
3. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree (Levine/Brown)
4a. Strange Little Girl (Ross/Adler)
...b. Tulips From Amsterdam (Bader/Rolf)
5a. Take Good Care Of Her (A. Kent/E. Warren)
...b. I Need You (Baker/Knight)
6a. Heartaches By The Number (Howard)
...b. Jambalaya (Williams)

Tommy Alberts in Organtronics
29 Great Party Favourites LP . RPM 1068 1972 RPM
Side One:
1a. Popcorn
. .b. One Fine Morning
2a. Sugar Sugar
. .b. Tweedle Dee
. .c. Funny Funny
3a. Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
. .b. Mother
. .c. Ek Is Verlief Op Jou
4a. Nice To Be With You
. .b. Sweet Caroline
. .c. Cracklin' Rosie
5a. Ranger's Waltz
. .b. Love Is A Beautiful Song
6a. Pretty Belinda
. .b. Proud Mary
. .c. Cousin Norman
Side Two:
1a. Sunday Monday Tuesday
. .b. Seaside Shuffle
. .c. Butterfly
2a. Time Is Tight
. .b. Beautiful Sunday
3a. Better To Have Loved
. .b. Come What May
4a. Amarillo
. .b. I Did What I Did For Maria
5a. Mother Of Mine
. .b. Morning Has Broken
6a. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
. .b. Help (Get Me Some Help)

Back To Those Wide Open Spaces LP . RPM.1064 1971 RPM
b. PEARLY SHELLS (Pober/ Edwards)
c. CARELESS LOVE (Trad. arr: D. Hill)
2 a. Me And Bobby McGee (Kristofferson/ Foster)
c. ADIOS AMIGO (Freed/Livingston)
b. TELL ME WHY (AIberts/Gold)
5 a. HELP ME MAKE IT THE NIGHT (Kristofferson)
b. SUNDAY MORNIN', COMIN' DOWN (Kristofferson)
6 a. ROSE GARDEN (J. South)
b. RELEASE ME (Miller/Williamson/Young)
1 a. GUILTY (Zanetis)
2 a. MY LOVE LOVES ME (Plaisir D'Amour) (Martina/Arr: D. Hill)
b. FOUR WALLS (Moore/Campbell)
3 a. DETROIT CITY (Tillis/Dill)
b. LOVING HER WAS EASIER (Kristofferson) (Than anything I'll ever do again)
c. I CAN'T HELP IT (Williams)
4 a. PADRE (Larvo/Webster/Romans)
b. DARK MOON (Miller)
c. MARIA ELENA (O. Barceiata)
5 a. THE BLOND SAILOR (Parrish/Loeb/Pfeil)
6 a. AUF WIEDERSEHEN SWEETHEART (Sexton/Turner/Storch)

Still More Wide Open Spaces LP . RPM 1054 1971 RPM
Side One:
1. Send Me The Pillow (You Dream On); Jealous Heart; Cold Cold Heart
2. Walk Right On; There's A Kind Of Hush; Singin' The Blues
3. Tennessee Waltz; Little Sir Echo; It Happened In Monterey
4. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head; Don't Let The Rain Come Down; April Showers
5. Cruising Down The River; On Top Of Old Smokey; By The Side Of The Suider Zee
6. Moonlight And Roses; Only A Rose; Roses Of Picardy
Side Two:
1. Down Yonder; Oh Lonesome Me; The World Is Waiting For The Sunshine
2. Theme From "Limelight" (Eternally); Stranger On The Shore; La Mer (Beyond The Sea)
3. Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of Day); A Star Fell From Heaven; Goodbye, Little Darling, Goodbye
4. The Happy Wanderer; There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall; I Can't Stop Loving You
5. Swanee River; Bye, Bye Love; How High The Moon
6. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows; There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder; Rainbow On The River

Tommy Alberts Plays The Classics LP . RPM 1051-S 1970 RPM
- 27 All-Time Favourites - Played On The Stereophonic Organ -
Side 1:
1a. Narcissus (Nevin Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Stephanie Gavotte (Czibulka Arr. D. Hill)
2a. Love's Dream After The Ball (Czibulka Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Il Bacio (Arditi Arr. D. Hill)
3a. Syphony Pathetique (Tschaikovsky Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Piano Concerto No. 1 (Tschaikovsky Arr. D. Hill)
4a. Rondo Alla Turca (Sonata In A Major) (Mozart Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms Arr. D. Hill)
5a. La Paloma (Yradier Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Habanera From Carmen (Bizet Arr. D. Hill)
6. Melodies From Strauss Waltzes
..a. Voices Of Spring (Strauss Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Morgen Blatter (Strauss Arr. D. Hill)
..c. Artist's Life (Strauss Arr. D. Hill)
..d. Wine Women And Song (Strauss Arr. D. Hill)
..e. The Blue Danube (Strauss Arr. D. Hill)
Side 2:
1a. A Maiden's Prayer (Trad. Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Serenata (Braga Arr. D. Hill)
2a. Serenade (Schubert Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Quartet From Rigoletto (Verdi Arr. D. Hill)
3a. Liebestraum (Liszt Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Blumenlied (Lange Arr. D. Hill)
4a. Amaryllis (Ghys Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Anvil Chorus (Verdi Arr. D. Hill)
5a. Over The Waves (Rosas Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Fairy Wedding Waltz (Turner Arr. D. Hill)
6a. Melody In F (Rubinstein Arr. D. Hill)
..b. Romeo And Juliet (Tschaikovsky Arr. D. Hill)

More Wide Open Spaces LP . RPM 1041-S 1970 RPM
Side One:
1. Little Rain; Sioux City Sue; Don't Fence Me In
2. Green Grow The Lilacs; Moon Of Manakoora; Carolina Moon
3. Red River Valley; Remember Me; There's A Long Long Trail
4. Chime Bells; Mocking Bird Hill; Little Boxes
5. Sausalito; Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain; Please Help Me I'm Falling
6. Baracolle; Ramona
Side Two:
1. Listen To The Ocean; The Breeze And I; By The Time I Get To Phoenix
2. Wings Of A Dove; The Rose In Her Hair; Que Sera Sera (What Ever Wil Be, Will Be)
3. Kentuckian Song; Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle; Lonesome Road
4. Walkin' In The Sunshine; 10,000 Miles; King Of The Road
5. Send Me No Roses; Rosie Marie; Chapel In The Moonlight
6. For Ever And Ever; Now Is The Hour; Down In The Valley

The Wide Open Spaces LP . RPM 1006-S RPM
Side One:
1. Massachusetts; Wedding Bells; The French Song
2. South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way); Cu Currucu Cu Paloma; Estrellita
3. I Walk The Line; You Are My Sunshine; Are You Mine?
4. Mexicali Rose; In The Valley Of The Moon; He'll Have To Go
5. Serenade In The Night; Sail Along Silv'ry Moon; From A Jack To A King
6. El Paso; Delilah; The Streets Of Laredo
Side Two:
1. Home On The Range; A Tear Fell; I Understand
2. She Wears My Ring; Strangers In The Night; Spanish Eyes
3. The Yellow Rose Of Texas; El Rancho Grande; Wolverton Mountain
4. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; The Green Green Grass Of Home; The Wheel Of Fortune
5. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You); Melody Of Love; How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
6. Love Letters In The Sand; Indian Love Call; Careless Hands

The Tommy Alberts Collection LP ...... MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
- Country Greats played on the Stereophonic Organ -
Side One:
1. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; The Green Green Grass Of Home; The Wheel Of Fortune
2. Heaven Is My Woman's Love; Ashes Of Love
3. Lucille
4. Send Me No Roses; Rose Marie; Chapel In The Moonlight
5. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
6. For Ever And Ever; Now Is The Hour; Down In The Valley
Side Two:
1. South Of The Border; Cu Currucu Cu Paloma; Estrellita
2. Help Me Make It Through The Night; Sunday Morning Coming Down
3. Cruising Down The River; On Top Of Old Smokey; By The Side Of The Zuider Zee
4. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
5. Crystal Chandelier; Pearly Shells; Careless Love
6. Are You Lonesome Tonight; Happy Birthday My Darling; Adios Amigo

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