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The Banned (Sharp, Duck For Cover, Cold Front, Artvark)
vetseunLAAI AF
The Banned LP .................................. 1985 SJAMBOK MUSIC
Side One:
1. Side One
Side Two:
1. Side Two

1) A Separate Peace (an assemblage of snippets from the SABC radio); 2) Dooie Jannie (Ek's Onskuldig); 3) Yom Kippur; 4) Harare; 5) Rape; 6) Instrumental 5; 7) A South African Blank

"Warrick Sony dug out an old cassette somewhere of one of the early mutations of what eventually became Artvark and managed to digitise it and put it out on the net for those interested.. It all started off as a 3-piece called Sharp, grew to a 5-piece called first Duck For Cover, and then The Banned, until the security forces forced a name-change, so we became Cold Front for a while, pulling Willem van der Merwe into to fold to eventually become Artvark. Please bear in mind that recording equipment etc. was somewhat agricultural - we used an old TEAC 4 track, and that some of the pieces are fairly abstract. Featured is my old wooden Hohner electric piano and the old stalwart, my Korg monophonic synth. Also on this recording we find the legendary Adi Greshoff and Pete Locker aka Peter Out. Featured in the image is our very own SA superhero PeeweeDe Dick." - Robin Errol Hawkins -

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Artvark - Houtstok Rockfees kompilasie (1998) - Staaltjie Vir Slang

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