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Num8er Num8er ....... CSRCD 361 2012 CENTRAL STATION
1. Intro
2. Like Never Before
3. Turning Tables & 2Face
4. Forgive Me & Lilly Million
5. Ok, Right
6. Wake Up (SAMA 2013 Nominasie)
7. Paradise & Toya DeLazy
8. Hands Up
9. Put U On & Ziyon
10. Num8er Num8er
11. Single
12. Jabula
13. Another Weekend (Another Funeral)
14. It's On
15. Party #88

1. Back 4 More - Live
2. Take It Easy - Live
3. Chance - Live
4. Life - Live
5. Take You Out - Live
6. Party 101 - Live
7. Champions - Live
8. Goodfellaz - Live
9. Go Away - Live
10. Mhlobo Wami - Live
11. Chance (VIDEO)
12. Hold On (VIDEO)
13. Champions (VIDEO)
14. Let You Know (VIDEO)
15. Take You Out (VIDEO)
16. Party 101 (VIDEO)
17. Go Away (VIDEO)
18. Mhlobo Wami (VIDEO)
19. Take It Easy (VIDEO)
20. Goodfellaz (VIDEO)
21. M.I.A. (VIDEO)

Teargas - Goodfellaz

Dark Or Blue ................. CSRCD325 2009 CENTRAL STATION
1. Dark Or Blue (Intro)
2. Go Away
3. Take It Easy
4. Mhlobo Wami
5. Jealous Down
6. This Year!
7. They Don't Know
8. Party 101 met DJ Tira & Liesl Penniken
9. Back For More
10. Kunzima
11. Life met Tamarsha
12. T.L.C. met Danny K
13. Goodfellaz met Pro-Kid & HHP

When they emerged in 2005, it was immediately clear that TEARGAS (Ntokozo "KO" Mduli, Ezee "Ma-E" Hanabe and Bantu "Ntukza" Hanabe) was destined to become, not only a masterwork of beat-driven, Hip Hop rhythms, but also a leader in the mainstream South African Hip Hop scene. Since that time the group have grown from strength to strength, releasing Metro FM's best album of 2006 (K'shubile K'bovu) and SAMA's best rap album of 2009 (Wafa Wafa).
The band, among its endless list of accolades have also been nominated for Channel O's best South African music video of 2009 for the video Take You Out. No strangers to collaboration, the group have worked with a veritable who's who of South African musical talent (from Bongo Riot to rock band, Inersha). This has helped to cement their position as a pillar of the local Hip Hop community while securing them a reputation as artist who, never failing to surprise, still manage to transcend the boundaries of genre. TEARGAS have just finished work on their latest effort, Dark or Blue.
Dark or Blue, features the talents of additional veterans of the music industry including HHP, Pro-Kid, DJ Tira and Danny K. The third instalment in the TEARGAS record series promises to set a new standard for the trio and for local hip hop at large. The first single Party 101, features the beautiful and talented Liesl Penniken on additional vocals and has already received an enthusiastic nod from indutry peers.

Wafa Wafa .................... CSRCD 294 2008 CENTRAL STATION
1. S'thelekile
2. Wafa Wafa
3. Show me the money (Abas'badalanga)
4. Champions met Bongo Riot (Gang of Instrumentals)
5. Aning'yekele
6. Let you know
7. Now Is The Time
8. Sunshine
9. Take you out
10. Come too Far
11. Kungawe
12. Six To Six
13. Get Down met iNeRsHa
14. I'm Leaving
15. Uzowuzwa
16. Kunini (BONUS)

K'Shubile K'Bovu ...... CSRCD 235 2006 CENTRAL STATION
1. Rise
2. Ooh No
3. Hold Up
4. Ithathe Kancane
5. Teargas Anthem
6. Umbali
7. Hold On met Liesl (Jamali)
8. Chance
9. We Came To Party!
10. Daddy's Son met Cat'Walk
11. I'smbambamba
12. Still Down
13. Remember
14. I'smbambamba (Remix)
15. Eh Popu

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