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Springbok Nude Girls

2014 04 04 - Kaktus Op Die Vlaktes: Springbok Nude Girls; Freshlyground; Karen Zoid; Die Skynmaagde; The Black Cat Bones; Van Coke Kartel; Bittereinder; Gangs Of Ballet

LIVE At The Astoria DVD . DVEPC7024 2007 EPIC
1. Gang Gang
2. Looking For Master
3. Spaceman
4. Supergirl
5. Illuminate
6. Fallen
7. Managing Mula
8. Peacebreaker
9. Baby Murdered Me
10. Pack The Punches
11. I Love You
12. 1 More Time
13. Giant Love Affair
14. Wolfmen
15. Little
16. Totally Committed
17. Genie
18. Blue Eyes
19. Bubblegum On My Boots

Peace Breaker .......... CDEPC7010 2007 EPIC
1. Gang Gang
2. Looking For Master
3. Illuminate - VID by
4. Fallen
5. The Road
6. Peace Breaker
7. Kill Them For The Country
8. 1 More Time
9. Pack The Punches
10. Dawn Of A New Star
11. Does It Look Like A Tango?
12. Wolfmen

vetseun vetseun
as Nude Girls
Nude Girls ........................ FAIRY002 2007 GOLDEN FAIRY
1. All That I Heard
2. Donatello
3. Un - Ez
4. Supergirl
5. I Love You
6. Steel Man Soon
7. Blue Eyes
8. Lonely
9. Hard Dust
10. Genie
11. Martha Jones
12. Oboe
13. Dimmer
14. Kill The World
15. Schmetal
16. Overdrive
17. Bubblegum On My Boots (Bonus Track)

beskikbaar in VK alleenlik.

Goddank Vir Klank 2CD . CDEPC8190 2004 EPIC/SONY MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Lonely
2. Blue Eyes
3. Unworldly Beauty
4. Bubblegum On My Boots
5. Little
6. Genie
7. Giant Love Affair
8. Managing Mula
9. Baby Murdered Me
10. Smiley Skull Of Faith
11. J59
12. I Love You
13. Horizontal Landscape
14. Dimmer
15. Shot
16. Supergirl
17. X
18. Spaceman
Disk 2:
1. Come To Blur
2. Roses For The Soul
3. Blondie
4. Papa Ek Wil 'n Popster Word
5. Baseball
6. Stinkapoo
7. I Love You (Freemix)
8. Disco, Take 1
9. Enemy In Me
10. Supergirl (Remix)
11. Spaceman (Remix)
12. Grrr (Remix)
13. Colonel Hell
14. Hamselam
15. Shitty Busstop
16. Son Of 11
17. Run Run
18. Schmetal
19. Kill The World
20. Stay (Choral Version)

Another Universe ............ CDEPC8256 EPIC
1. Something We Started
2. Another Universe
3. Boy
4. Tonight's Dragons
5. Neon Girl
6. Cooler Lifestyles
7. Life Is A Bitch
8. Hiroshimama
9. Viva La Liberty
10. African Sunrise
11. Woman
12. Sleep With Tigers

The Hello Goodbye Boys . CDEPC6964 EPIC
1. Feel It
2. Bad City
3. We Are Satellites
4. Count To 10
5. The Act
6. Hole Heart
7. The Man And The Lion
8. Life Forever
9. C N End
10. The Hello Goodbye Boys
11. Kites
12. Birds And The Bees
13. Love The Whole World
14. Hope I See You Soon

The Fat Lady Sings - Best of ... . CDEPC8190 2001 EPIC
1. Lonely
2. Blue Eyes
3. Unworldly Beauty
4. Bubblegum On My Boots
5. Little
6. Genie
7. Giant Love Affair
8. Managing Mula
9. Baby Murdered Me
10. Smiley Skull Of Faith
11. J-59
12. I Love You
13. Horizontal Landscape
14. Dimmer
15. Shot
16. Supergirl
17. X
18. Spaceman

Relaxor ........................ CDEPC8148 2000 EPIC
1. Stronger
2. Smiley Skull Of Faith
3. Complete Surrender
4. Fist Or The Fun
5. Hard Dust
6. Out Of My Mind
7. Love Provider
8. Unworldly Beauty
9. Speed Machine
10. From War To War
11. Apollo
12. Food For The Demon
13. Schmetal
14. Overdrive
15. Crystal Clear

Un-E.Z. CDS ...................... CDSIN356 SONY MUSIC
1. Un-EZ
2. Roses For The Soul

Surpass the Powers ...................... 1999 EPIC
1. x
2. giant love affair
3. blues eyes
4. I Love You
5. shot
6. donatello
7. steel man soon
8. Supergirl
9. un - ez
10. Genie
11. Kill The World

Op-ti-mum CDS/DVD ................ CDSIN311 SONY MUSIC
1. Again
2. Supergirl (Supermix)
3. Spaceman (Spacemix)
4. Grrr (Beefmix)
5. Disco, take 1

OM NI SO FA CDS ............................ 1998 EPIC/SONY MUSIC
1. Blue Eyes
2. Lonely
3. Blondie
4. Enemy In Me
5. Run Run

Afterlifesatisfaction ...... CDEPC5287 1997 EPIC
1. Interlude
2. Spaceman
3. Oboe
4. Supergirl
5. Genie
6. Martha Jones
7. Little
8. Baby Murdered Me
9. Horizontal Landscape
10. Totally Committed
11. I Love You
12. Rabbit
13. Heith
14. Fire Bow
15. Beautiful Girl
16. Human Flow
17. Grrr
18. Ave Maria

I Love You EP ..................................... 1997 EPIC

vetseunvetseun CDS . CDSIN167 1997 SONY MUSIC
1. I Love You
2. Stay
3. 6 Gun met Valiant Swart
4. Son Of 11
5. I Love You (Freemix)

It Became a Weapon CDS ............... 1996 EPIC

The Missing Fling EP ....................... 1996
Live recordings from the River Club Bandslam and The Missing Fling Tour bootleg

Neanderthal 1 ........... CDEPC8017 1994 EPIC
1. Bubblegum On My Bootsvetseun
2. Managing Mula
3. Stay
4. I Know What I Want
5. I Am Your Friend
6. Laura
7. Show Me Where
8. Untold Mysteries
9. 6 Gun
10. Bruce Bleed

theo crous - kitaar (KOBUS!), adriaan brand - keyboards francois kruger - drom arno blumer - kitaar Arno Carstens - stem

die Nude Girls, die mees ge travelde band in hedendaagse suid-afrikaanse musiek.

flyers :vetseun

Jameson Whiskey, Assembly & Levi's® Original Music proudly presents

21ST MARCH 2009

This Saturday, 21st March 2009 the legendary power-house that is the Springbok Nude Girls will be joined on stage by local chart topping hell raiser's Fokofpolisiekar and Cape Town's most exciting new indie band Jackal & Wolf.

"When we decided to do a Nude Girls show this year, my first reaction was to ask if Fokof wanted to play with us. I had gotten drunk with Francios the night before and it was something that just felt right. I can't think of two better bands to have on stage together... there's good synergy, there's mutual respect, and there's a rich collective musical history. I know that as much as I am looking forward to playing with the Nudies again, I'm looking forward to checking Fokof out. I'm also very interested to see Jackal & Wolf perform. I have only heard good things about this band. I think this is going to be the show of the year for me"
Arno Carstens, lead singer, Springbok Nude Girls

"Jameson is seen internationally to be an innovative, stylish and fashionable brand. This is apparent through its support of both developing and already established talent in film, fashion and music both locally and internationally. Our support of The Springbok Nude Girls, Fokofpolisiekar and Jackal & Wolf, clearly embodies this passion for the exceptional."
Seth Pereira, Marketing manager of Jameson Whiskey

"Like the Levi's® brand, great music is defined through originality, authenticity and youth spirit and that is a mix that this show promises. Levi's® Original Music is proud to support the legend that is the Nude Girls, the unstoppable Fokofpolisiekar and up and comers Jackal & Wolf"
Candace Gilowey, Marketing Manager, Levi Strauss South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town
Book your Presale NOW at webtickets for just R80,
R100 at the door
Total tickets are limited to 850 people, so book now to avoid disappointment on the night !!


Formed in the winemaking town of Stellenbosch, the Nude Girls burst onto the indie music scene in the late-90's championing an eclectic approach to rock music that instantly struck a chord with the University crowd around their hometown. Within months, national radio had caught onto the band's self-released single 'Bubblegum On My Boots' which has since become a national classic. The inevitable major label deal was quick in the coming. With Sony as their new parent label, the band recorded some of SA's best-loved singles. No other African rock group can claim to be the soundtrack to so many people's lives.

Taking an extended hiatus in 2001, with no less than 4 SAMA awards and numerous accolades under their collective belts, the individual members went on to explore diverse paths. Some temporarily moving away from music, whilst Arno Carstens and Theo Crous, moving onto flourishing solo careers. Carstens, as the country's premier singer-songwriter, is currently recording his 3rd solo album in the UK under international management, and Crous as South Africa's most in-demand rock producer, is still renowned as 'the most electrifying electric guitarist in South Africa'.

SNG re-grouped in 2006, to record and tour their first studio album in 5 years. Peace Breaker was released in March 2007 along with numerous local and international sold out tour dates. Peace Breaker spawned hit singles: Illuminate, which reached the Top 20 on 5fm, the Top 5 on the public voted 'Hi-5 @5' on 5fm and was a Top 5 single on all campus stations, Fallen and 1 More Time which were both Top 5 on the public voted 'Hi-5 @5' on 5fm and in the Top 5 on campus stations and Gang Gang, which was a campus Alternative Top 3 single.

Also in 2007, the band released the DVD Springbok N*de Girls, Live at The Astoria. Filmed in 2006 while on tour in the UK, this is the first DVD released by the band and includes a number of special features. A must have collector's item which showcases this band's pure power and brilliance.

The combination of Arno Carstens and Theo Crous is still widely considered South Africa's strongest front man / lead guitarist rock and roll pairing ever.

2007 09 29 - OppiAarde: Karen Zoid, MaxNormal.TV, Springbok Nude Girls, The Parlotones, Bed On Bricks, Love Jones, Fokofpolisiekar, Foto Na Dans, Japan And I, Fanie du Toit Sportterrein, R100
2007 03 16 - UJFM Birthday: Orbita, Josie Field, One Sock Thief, The Parlotones, Springbok Nude Girls, Carfax, R60-R100
2005 03 10, 11, The Coca Cola Dome, JHB R.E.M. :: Around The Sun SA TOER met Springbok Nude Girls' Arno Carstens
2005 03 08, Absa Stadium, DurbanR.E.M. :: Around The Sun SA TOER met Springbok Nude Girls' Arno Carstens
2005 03 04, 5, Bellville Velodrome, CT R.E.M. :: Around The Sun SA TOER met Springbok Nude Girls' Arno Carstens
2005 02 12, The Castle, CT Rage for The Revolution flyer back MC Ready D, Mr. Fat MC. Springbok Nude Girls, Tumi & The Volume, Fokofpolisiekar, Nine, Godessa, Bed On Bricks, African Dope Sound System, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Kallitz (condom)
8 07-9 08 04 Springbok Nude Girls Goddank Vir Klank TOER + CD LAUNCH
Goddank Vir Klank TOER + CD LAUNCH
8 Julie, Al's, Knysna
9 Julie, Grahamstown Festival
10 Julie, Mr. Price Pro, Durban
16 Julie, Newtown Music Hall, JHB
17 Julie, Volksblad Festival, Bloemfontein
23 Julie, Zeppelins, Pretoria
30 Julie, The Doors, JHB
31 Julie, Blue Moon, Nelspruit
6 - 9 Augustus, Oppikoppi Festival
9, 16 Oktober 04, Van der Stel Krieketklub, Stellenbosch
THE OFFSPRING met Springbok Nude Girls en The Finkelstiens computicket.coza
2004 08 06-09, Northam, PTA OPPIKOPP10 16Stitch, 340ml, Ashton Nyte, Band O Gypsys, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes, Boo!, Buckfever Underground, Dan Patlansky en die Mississippi Muthers, David Foster, Delta Blue, Fake Leather Blues Band, Fokofpolisiekar, Freshlyground, Gert Vlok Nel, Gordon's Suitcase, Greg Giogiades en Hasjis Joshi, Jack Hammer, Jo Day, Karen Zoid, Karma, KOBUS!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Liela Groenewald, Loose Cannon, Mesadoth, MXO, Nine, Piet Planter, Prime Circle, Riku Lätti, SHU, Springbok Nude Girls, Soil 7T7, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Tumi & The Volume, Twakkie en Corné van "The Most Amazing Show", Tyburn, Valiant Swart, Van der Want / Letcher, Wickhead, Wonderboom
26 09 04, Bellville Velodrome THE OFFSPRING met Springbok Nude Girls en The Finkelstiens computicket.coza
24 09 04, The Dome, JHB THE OFFSPRING met Springbok Nude Girls en The Finkelstiens computicket.coza
13 12 03 Mercury Live , 21h00 R40 Springbok Nude Girls + Velve capetowntoday 20031213sng
1999 03 27, Rand Easter Show, R28, R12 5FM Easter Rock Festival band plus lied uit 90s... Sunways (Twin Peaks Theme), The Springbok Nude Girls (Asblikfontein, Oscar and Knersus Theme, Amersham (Girls and Boys, Blur), Fetish + Nine (Killing In The Name Of, Rage Against The Machine), Karma (Red Football, Sinéad O'Connor), plus Sugardrive, Lithium, Black Diamond, Grannysmith, Cherry Point, Barney Simon after party, Roxy Rhythm Bar, Barney Simon, Ethel-My-Love Authentic Ideas
1998 03 27-29, naby Wellington Wingerdstok '98 k bk The Springbok Nude Girls, Battery 9, Wonderboom, Sons Of Trout, Lithium, Juice, Plum, Mud Ensemble, Fetish, Boo!, Supernature, Billygoat, Seed, Scooters Union Trip van Winkel Promotions ZA@PLAY
1997suburbansoundb bk
1997 02 21, 22, Groot Drakenstein Sports Club, Franschoek ! Wingerdstok '97 ! The Springbok Nude Girls, Valiant Swart, "Battery 9, Lithium, Koos Kombuis en Die Warmblankes met Wendy Oldfield, Famous Curtain Trick, Dorp, The Dynamics, Blues Broers, Jack Hammer, Thysis, Drain, Adamu, Nine, Billygoat, The LED, Ark, Garden Variety, Wonderboom, Sons Of Trout, Juice, Plum, Mud Ensemble, Fetish, Boo!, Supernature, Billygoat, Seed, Trip van Winkel Promotions chippie
1996sngtoer 2 3 bk
sngcdad 2

ook op :
ok10 rock - genie
Vloek Van Die Kitaar - Pappa Ek Wil 'n Popster Word
studentlife selection #1 - dimmer
oppikoppi bushveld blast Supergirl
showcase2 - 5fm band collection shot
showcase - 5fm band collection lonely
my generation 1 - Bubblegum On My Boots
ocean culture - Managing Mula
koerts kotze en die vrouekolonie - kon - tis - seer - crous en carstens
wingerd rock 1 - Pappa Ek Wil 'n Popster Word - beautiful girl - Springbok Nude Girls

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