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Simeon Hamman

Simeon Hamman - Jy Lyk Goed In My Hemp VID >>>

Rooirok ................................ HAM001 2012
1. Ek Dink Ek Val Vir Jou
2. Hier's Jy Weer
3. Is Jy Die Regte Meisie met Sonja Herholdt
4. Nooit Vergeet
5. Jy Lyk Goed In My Hemp
6. Jou Te Vergeet
7. Mi Nina met Jesse Hamman
8. Everything But You
9. Net Die Een Vir Jou
10. There Must Be More
11. I'm Forgiven
12. Stupid Little Song
13. Dis My Taal (Bonus Snit)

Simeon Hamman is about to take the Afrikaans market by storm and whilst this exciting, young artist may be new to the market, the market is not new to him. Growing up in a very creative family, Simeon started his journey in the music industry at the tender age of 3 alongside his mother and mentor, Sonja Herholdt.
With the release of his debut album middle 2012, Simeon, at 27, has already commissioned two of the album tracks to the film 'Ordinary People' that was released on cinema circuit earlier this year in April. This incredible touching film tells the story of how the lives of a few South African families were impacted and radically changed by Angus Buchan's crusades.
Simeon's unique voice cherished by young and old kids alike developed into an incredible adult voice skilfully combined in guitar driven Arikaans and English songs written by Simeon himself and inspired by a combination of life experiences.
Shortly after completing high school, Simeon left for Europe and spent two years working and performing in London before coming home to complete his studies at The South African Music Institute. Not only did this International sabbatical provide him with incredible opportunities, the highlight of which was opening for Bryan Adams in 2008 at the Excel Centre in London, but it also allowed him to develop his own musical identity. Simeon put together a side band project from his solo career, called Color Up - a classic corporate band that plays a combination of jazz, blues, swing and contemporary pop songs and have performed at various corporate functions, weddings and restaurants over the past few years, including Monte Casino, Lido Hotel and Katzy's.
Simeon's debut album is a mix of songs, primarily written for the Afrikaans music scene, which includes a few surprises with two duets, a beautiful cover song and even a rather cheeky rap song. The entire album is wonderfully produced and arranged, thanks in part to producer Verny Scholtz, and is a tribute to the talent of this young artist.
Simeon's popularity has already started to grow as a result of the emotive duet 'Ons Vlieg Saam', that he performed with his mother on her latest album, Pêrels and which has led to numerous performances at various shows, festivals and media appearances such as Glitterati in 2010. Jukebox lies ahead for him and he is also at the popular INNIBOS festival this year.
We are looking forward to see this incredible talented artist win over the hearts of this nation and we are proud to be working with him! With his boy-next-door look, amazing personality and impeccable musicianship, Simeon is sure to leave deep footsteps in the hearts of all Afrikaners in the years to come and leave a legacy, just like his mother.

Simeon En Tjommies - Jubel-Klanke Vir Kleuters! / Melanie & Simeon - Ek Is Bly! 2CD . MARD 492 2010 MARANATHA
Disk 1: Simeon En Tjommies - Jubel-Klanke Vir Kleuters!
Disk 2: Melanie & Simeon - Ek Is Bly!

Collections ........................ CDBSP3172 BMG/SONY MUSIC
1. Gee My Tekkies
2. Foefie Met 'n Fluitjie
3. My Bont Jas
4. Die Dapper Muis
5. Hanswors
6. Dirty Dancing
7. Die Apie Se Bruilof
8. Ag Pleez Deddy
9. But You Love Me Daddy
10. Sterk Klein Soldaatjie

Melanie & Simeon
Ek Is Bly! ............................... MARD 234 MARANATHA
1. Loof Hom Met Die Tromme
2. Allawêreld
3. Stapsoldaatjie
4. Dawid En Goliat (film)
5. In Die Hitte Van Die Stryd
6. Noag Het 'n Ark Gebou
7. Die Wyse Man
8. Weet Jy Nie Jy's 'n Tempel
9. Silwer En Goud
10. Pasop Kleine Ogies Wat Jul Sien
11. Jesus Groot Bo Almal
12. Weet Jy?
13. Praat Ek Mense Eng'le Tale
14. My God Is So Groot
15. Keer Jou Tong
16. Saggeus
17. Die Here Is My Herder
18. Daar Bo In Die Hemel Se Kanaän
19. Lees Jou Bybel Bid Elke Dag
20. My B-Y-B-E-L
21. Hy Hou Die Hele Wêreld
22. Ek's So Bly Ek Behoort Aan Jesus
23. Kyk Hoe Dat Die Voëltjies Vlieg
24. Vader Abraham
25. As Hy Weer Kom

Simeon En Tjommies
Jubel-Klanke Vir Kleuters! . MARD 421 2007 MARANATHA
1. I Love You, Lord Keurspel
2. Stapsoldaatjie
3. Asems En Wasems
4. Dawid En Goliat
5. Welcome To The Family
6. Oupa's En Ouma's
7. Waka Waka
8. Kom Na Jesus Toe
9. Loof Keurspel
10. Ek Kyk Op Na Die Berge
11. The Love Of Jesus
12. Kinder-Keurspel
13. Thy Word
14. Siyabonga Baba
15. Heaven's Child
16. Net 'n Kleine Bietjie
17. I'm A Promise
18. Hy's My Redder
19. Mighty God Keurspel
20. Maak My Hartjie Rein

Simeon en Tjommies
Asems En Wasems ............ MARD 181 MARANATHA
1. Asems En Wasems
2. Soon And Very Soon
3. Oupa's En Ouma's
4. Medley: Celebrate
5. Heaven's Child
6. Net 'n Kleine Bietjie
7. I'm A Promise
8. Hy's My Redder
9. Medley: Mighty God; Ah Lord God
10. Maak My Hartjie Rein
11. Siyabonga Baba
12. Medley: Let's Take Time; I'm Going To Prepare A Place

Simeon en tjommies .......... MARD 125 MARANATHA
1. I Love You, Lord
2. O Come Let Us Adore Him
3. Stapsoldaatjie
4. Welcome To The Family
5. Kom Na Jesus Toe
6. Ek Kyk Op Na Die Berge
7. The Love Of Jesus
8. Wakka
9. Dawid
10. Kinder-Keurspel
11. Thy Word
12. Loof Hom Met Die Tromme
13. Ek Is Die Tempel Van Die Gees
14. Sandyland
15. Laat Ons Skyn Vir Jesus
16. Soos 'n Sterretjie
17. Daddy

20 Gewildste Treffers ...................... 1999 VAT VYF MUSIEK
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Foefie Met 'n Fluitjie (Blame It On the Ref)
3. Oupas En Oumas
4. But You Love Me Daddy
5. Gee My Tekkies
6. Toy Train
7. Hanswors
8. Die Apie Se Bruilof
9. Lion King Medley
10. Ag Pleez Daddy
11. My Bont Jas
12. Dis Vakansietyd
13. Rugby Keuspel
14. Brakanjan Se Tema / Aanstap Vlooie!
15. Jock of the Bushveld
16. Die Padda Wou Gaan Opsit
17. Sterk Klein Soldaatjie
18. Mitchell's Plain
19. Song for the World / Die Gang Van Die Tyd
20. Time To Say Goodbye

Foefie Met 'n Fluitjie ...! . CDBSP6031 1997 BMG
1. Foefie Met 'n Fluitjie (Blame It On The Ref)
2. Rugby Keurspel
3. Making Your Mind Up
4. Die Apie Se Bruilof
5. Inky Dinky Spider
6. Toy Train
7. Sterk Klein Soldaatjie
8. Jock Of The Bushveld
9. Ag Pleez Deddy
10. Ek Het Niks Gedoen Nie
11. Sunglasses
12. Die Gezoem Van Die Bye
13. Die Dapper Muis

Gee My Tekkies ......... CDBSP6007 1996 BMG
1. The Lion King Medley
2. My Bont Jas
3. Dirty Dancing
4. Vakansietyd
5. Oupa's En Ouma's
6. Brakanjan Se Tema; Aanstap Vlooie
7. Sokkiejol
8. Jantjie
9. Rondomtalie
10. Die Padda Wou Gaan Opsit
11. Hanswors
12. Song For World

Simeon en tjommies LP .......... FIC SIM
Side One:
1. I Love You, Lord (Laurie Klein); O Come Let Us Adore Him (Traditional)
2. Stapsoldaatjie (Traditional)
3. Welcome To The Family (Debby Kerner)
4. Kom Na Jesus Toe (André Kempen)
5. Ek Kyk Op Na Die Berge (André Kempen)
6. The Love Of Jesus (Traditional)
7. Wakka (Traditional)
Side Two:
1. Dawid (André Kempen)
2. Kinder-Keurspel (Jeugbundel)
3. Thy Word (Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith)
4. Loof Hom Met Die Tromme (Traditional); Ek Is Die Tempel Van Die Gees (André Kempen)
5. Sandyland (Karen Laferty)
6. Laat Ons Skyn Vir Jesus (Traditional); Soos 'n Sterretjie (André Kempen)
7. Daddy (Attie van Wyk, Al Etto en Richard Mitchell)

Verwerkings, Musiekorkestrasie van die hele produksie en programmering: Trevor Sampson
Produksie: Sonja Herholdt en Trevor Sampson
Regie: Sonja Herholdt
Meng: F.C. Hamman, Trevor Sampson
Hoofstem: Simeon Hamman
Solostemme en agtergrond: Claudi Hamman, Pamela Hodgetts, Vernon Hodgetts, Charl Botha
Agtergrondsang: Osborn Toorn, Romeo Adams, Luke Vakis, Trevor Sampson, Sonja Herholdt, Natasha Sharpley
Ingenieur: Trevor Sampson, F.C. Hamman, Byron Lodewyk
Omslagontwerp: Paula Collins
Foto's: F.C. Hamman
Omslagskrif: Claudi Hamman

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