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Shuffle (Jabu "Pule" Mahlangu)
iS'khwama ........................ CDFELA 005 ONBEKEND
1. Intro
2. 2G8
3. Choose
4. Dlala
5. Is'Khwama
6. Monatisto
7. Tshwara Lebota
8. Is'Khwama
9. Is'Khathi
10. Ngeke Ulunge
11. M'Notho
12. Ibonda
13. Boss Of Da Road

Shuffle - Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu - debut album iS'khwama is the most anticipated album of this year. This lad from Daveyton's rise and fall is well documentedby every single means of media in this country. One thing that you can't take from Shuffle is the amazing talent he posseses. Whether on the soccer pitch; or now in the music industry. He is a gem and a marvel to watch (see him perform), in both the two avenues. iSkhwama: is the 1st full album release boosting the 1st single hit track "2G8" produced by two kwaito heavy weights namely: Jamela of Arthur, Chomee & Sgonondo fame & DJ Mphulo: Mzekezeke, Brown Dash, Ghetto Lingo, Khanyisile Mbau fame. Other tracks to look-out for on the album are: title track Iskhwama- clubbing sounds in the mould of Durban hits hitting the country."Choose" & "Dlala" boost the fact that Jabu isn't just a soccer star but also Kwaito star. Not just a music chancer but was born to do this along with the soccer talents he boosts. "iSkhwama" by Shuffle clearly shows that the star wasn't just born - Star is Re-born!!

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