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2022 06 24-26 - The One Mad Tea Party: The One Heaven on Earth, R320, Caledon,,,
2022 06 24 - The One Mad Tea Party: Anton Goosen, Southern Gypsey Queen, Dan Patlansky, Spoegwolf, Pascal And Pearce
2022 06 25 - The One Mad Tea Party: Renate Music, Shotgun Tori, Christine Petts, Dave Ferguson, Jacques Moolman, Crowfoot, SNAFU, Nomadic Orchestra, Brynn, Shadowclub, Eet Kreef Herleef, Albert Frost, Prime Circle
2022 06 26 - The One Mad Tea Party: Ava, Sterling EQ, Karen Zoid

Goodbye Wild Child .. CDJUST674 2014 JUST MUSIC
1. In The City
2. All Aboard
3. Pray For Me
4. The Troops
5. Melanielectriclove
6. The Fix
7. Vegas
8. Dirt And The Rubble
9. Back Of The Road
10. Mocking Bird
11. Suddenly
12. Magic Wand

Shadowclub return with their sophomore album goodbye wild child featuring the 5fm top 20 single melanielectric love. The album was produced by Matthew Fink (Matthew Mole/Nakhane Toure/Tailor) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys) in the states.

Guns & Money (Deluxe Edition) 2CD . 2012 JUST MUSIC
Disk 1: Guns & Money CD
Disk 2:
1. Blues #1 (Live)
2. Lucy (Live)
3. Guns & Money (Live)
4. Cabin In the Woods (Live)
5. War Is Over (Live)
6. Sextoy (Live)
7. Good Morning Killer (Live)

Guns & Money ........... CDJUST 475 2011 JUST MUSIC
1. Cabin In The Woods
2. Good Morning Killer
3. Lucy
4. Dust Is Rising
5. You Do It Alone
6. Guns And Money
7. Blues #1
8. Block 16
9. Red Riding Wolf
10. Sex Toy
11. Drunken Love
12. War Is Over

That Shadowclub planned to record their debut album in just 12 days, but completed it in nine, says much about the Johannesburg-based trios attitude to music. Their rootsy, bluesy rock is purposely fuss free. The dozen songs on their debut, Guns & Money, were recorded live with no backing track. Modern recording techniques may have been used, but they certainly werent relied on. Like the classic rock acts that inspire them, Shadowclub are about powerful songs performed with a passion that explodes from the speakers and, live, can be felt at full force by their fans.

skakels :

2020 10 08 - Kerry-Anne and Smoking Kills: Chain Smoking Sessions: The Jam (Superband): André Kriel (Black Cat Bones), Gareth Wilson (Southern Gypsey Queen), Frans Karoo (Gunshot Blue), Jacques Moolman (Shadowclub), 78A 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 22:00, R150,

2019 10 06 - Park Acoustics Pringles: Pringles Main Stage: The Valley, Crimson House, Black Cat Bones, Shadowclub, Arno Carstens, The Robfather vs DJ Lemon, Sunset Comedy Stage: Loyiso Madinga, Donovan Goliath, Chris Mapane, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Pretoria, 11:00, R150, R175, - Voortrekkermonument - Southern Comfort - Rekorderlig Cider - Cape Brewing Co - Elio - GauFestival - Park Acoustics

2015 08 29 - Bittereinder with Shadowclub + The Black Cat Bones, Railways, Centurion

2015 08 29 - Railways Café presents Bittereinder, The Black Cat Bones, Shadowclub, StraitJackal, Railways Café, Irene, R100, R120

2015 03 29 - Park Acoustics Jack Daniel's: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: Boxer, Sannie Fox, Beast, Black Cat Bones, Shadowclub, DJ Michael Lesar, Cabin Fever Dance Floor, Sunset Comedy Stage: Deep Fried Man, Dalin Oliver, Westley Cockrell, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, 11:00, R100, R120, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Jack Black - Brent Black

2013 05 26 - Jack Daniel's Park Acoustics 3rd Birthday: Springbok Nude Girls, Dune Rats (AUS), Shadowclub, Das Kapital, Mr. Cat & The Jackal, Tim Burnz, The Forester, Die See, Janie & The Beard, Michael Lesar, The Dollfins, DJ Danger Ingozi, Tamara Tree, Kid Robot, Dub Rui, Andrew The DJ, Maoriginal, Voortrekker Monument, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, 10:30, R100, R120, - Park Acoustics - Business And Arts South Africa - Ray-Ban - Brent Black Studios - BOS - Jack Daniel's

2013 02 09 - Hatfield Carnival - Escape The Ordinary: Jack Parow, Mi Casa, Shadowclub, Southern Gypsey Queen, Toya DeLazy, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Pascal & Pearce and more..., Hatfield Square Precinct, Pretoria, R60, R70 - Smirnoff Ice - Red Bull Mobile - Ticketbreak - Hilltop Live - Student Village - MK - MFM

2012 05 27 - Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniel's presents 2nd Birthday: Shotgun Tori, Laurie Levine, The Plastics, Shadowclub, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, 12:00, R55, R65, - Park Acoustics - Jack Daniel's - BOS - - Brent Black Studios

2012 03 24 - MK Awards After Party: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Mr. Cat & The Jackal, Bittereinder, Shadowclub, Gazelle, Jack Parow, Arcaade Empire, Pretoria, 15:00, Ticketbreak R100, R150 - Oppikoppi Hilltop Live - Red HEart Rum - MK - Vodacom - Ticketbreak - Hyundai

2008 04 25 - Heritage Music presents The Spectacular - Clash Of The Titans: aKING, Van Coke Kartel, The SlashDogs, Suicide Kings, Reach, MyEpic, The Shadowclub with Turntable Tuesday DJs, Carfax, 20:00, R60 - YBSA - Carfax - RAM

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