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Selaelo Selota
Stories Lived And Told .. CDCLR 2000 2005 ONBEKEND
1. Nkepele
2. Kwenze Njani Mabizela
3. Cinderella
4. Grandmas Song
5. I've Been Waiting
6. Ka Timela
7. Mokgadi
8. Always Remember
9. Song Of Songs
10. Family
11. War & Peace
12. Lela Lela Lela

Lapeng Laka ................... CDSTEP 129 GIANT STEPS
1. Lapeng Laka
2. Mmakoma
3. Tshipi Sepanere
4. Tshwene
5. O Tshwana Le
6. Sekgalajwana
7. Mala A Mpsa
8. Ka Leleme Le
9. Dithabeng
10. Thusa Hle Malome
11. O Morena

The Azanian Songbook ..... CDSEL 041 SELAELO
1. Ordinary Day
2. Mamgobhozi
3. Nomalanga
4. Milie Milie
5. Nkatanga
6. On This Day
7. By His Side
8. Mina Ngiya'mthanda
9. Mama Rosina
10. Letswele
11. Little Micaela's Footprints
12. If This Christmas
13. Selota's House Party
14. Nomzamo's Dilemma
15. The Upper Westside

This multi-talented musician's career keeps developing at an outstanding rate, and the last few years have seen him carve out a sparkling career in the highly competitive South African Afro Jazz scene -- but the scary thing is that he is only just getting started.
In addition to the recent success of his landmark 2000 debut album PAINTED FACES achieving Platinum status for sales in excess of 60 000 units, his next release ENCHANTED GARDENS also achieved Gold status. The former gold miner is now mining the same precious metal, but armed with a guitar rather than a drill.
2006 November Selaelo Selota released his new and fourth album THE AZANIAN SONGBOOK under his new recording company LIVE AT THE SHACK ENTERTAINMENT which will be focusing on capturing live performances in an audio and visual format.. This product is a well thought out, beautifully and mature album that captures the style he started off six years ago.
Selota has grown impressively as a composer over the years. His songs cover a wide range, from sentimental ballads and hymns to classic dance tunes.

Enchanted Gardens .. CDCLL7046 1999 COLOSSAL
1. Hlokomela
2. Naomi's First Dance
3. For God So Loved Us
4. Baya Ndiphatha - phatha
5. Out Of My Heart
6. So Good
7. Enchanted Gardens
8. Village Chants
9. Le Ile Kae
10. United Stories
11. Thrrr...Phaaa!

Painted Faces ........... CDCLL7032 1999 COLOSSAL
1. Painted Faces
2. Seshego
3. Ma Modiegi
4. A Poem For Celia
5. I Wish You Joy
6. Tears
7. Since I Have Known Him
8. Nathi
9. Kwa Ndebele
10. Thando
11. Lolita

Recorded at Bop Studios and co-produced with Dreamshop's Gavin Goldberg, Painted faces, Selaelo Selota's first solo recording, combines both instrumental and lyric-based songs, many of which feature simple and accessible melodies. "I don't want jazz to be something that your average music lover cannot get into,' Selaelo says. Painted Faces is an album for everyone and it's going to make a very definite mark on the world jazz scene ...

skakels :

2007 04 06-08 - Oppikoppi Easter Festival - More Than Somewhat: Hothouse Flowers, 340ml, Selaelo Selota, Chris Letcher, Lovejones, Tidal Waves, UJU, Bloodmoney, Fuzigish, Kidofdoom, Harris Tweed, The Beams, K.O.B.U.S!, Swartskaap, The Kick, Parlotones, Wickhead, Ménage á Trois, The Bang, Albert Frost Trio, Evolver, The Hellphones, No Quarter (A.K.A Johnathan Martin Band), SHU, New Academics and somewhat more..., R299 - Windhoek Draught - White Horse Sessions - Old Mutual
2007 04 06 - Karmanite : The Black Hotels : Janice & the Halfjacks : The Bang : Ménage à Trois : Selaelo Selota : Chris Letcher : Hothouse Flowers : Albert Frost Trio : The Hellphones
2007 04 07 - Namuh : One Sock Thief : Die Straatligkinders : The Kick : Bloodmoney : The Beams : Kidofdoom : Harris Tweed : New Academics : Evolver : Love Jones : Tidal Waves : SHU
2007 04 08 - Swartskaap : Piet Planter & Jazz Band : Josie Field : Lukraaketaar : Clark & Van der Hoven : UJU : No Quarter : Wickhead : The Parlotones : 340ml : Fuzigish : K.O.B.U.S!

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