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Rusty van Tonder at the Hammond Organ
Organ Spectacular LP . PAN 2000/PSTR 2000 PANORAMA
Side One:
1. Spanish Eyes (Kaempfert, Singleton)
2. Brazilia (Wechtor)
3. Harry Lime Theme (Karras)
4. This Is Your Land (Guthrie)
5. Umfaan (Bornman)
6. Winchester Cathedral (G. Stevens)
Side Two:
1. What Now My Love (Becaud)
2. Bruno (Arr. R. van Tonder)
3. Daydream (Sebastian)
4. Ballad Of The Green Beret (Sadler)
5. Somewhere My Love (Webster)
6. Monday, Monday (Philips)

It had to happen sooner or later. This record is the result of countless demonstrations of the versatility of the hammond organ. Key-man, Rusty van Tonder takes great pleasure in doing just that wherever he may be - in night clubs, friends homes of recording studios. Somebody was bound to hook him and we're glad we did!
Listen to effects stimulating the Hawaiian Guitar in "What Now My Love" and the "Harry Lime Theme". The Xylophone is copied with "Somewhere My Love" and "The Ballad Of The Green Beret". We have Banjo effects in "This Land Is Your Land" and Vibraphone and Marimba sounds in "Brazilia" and "Daydream". For those of you who prefer pure organ sounds there are numbers such as "Spanish Eyes", "Winchester Cathedral", "Monday, Monday", "Bruno" etc.
And don't forget that this record is just right for your next party. Yes Rusty has thought of that too! Experience has taught him since he started playing the Hammond three years ago. He is an active, friendly young man who is going places fast. - omslag

Recording And Production: Pierre J. Lombard; Dries Lombard

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