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Rudi Claase
Rudi & Corlea
Suid-Afrika Se Lieflinge Se Platinum Treffers 2CD . CDFJEW 012 2013 JEWEL MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Rudi Se Lied Aan Corlea
2. As Ek Sing
3. Drome
4. Maria
5. Laat Ons Onthou
6. Hoor My Lied
7. Ek Weet Jy Vlieg
8. My Hart Het 'n Kleine Venster
9. Die Heidelied
10. Daar Vind Ek Jou
11. O My Taal
12. Altyd Is
13. Stille Rivierstroom
14. Hoor Jy My Stem
15. Die Seewind Bring Heimwee
16. As Ek Sing - Instrumental
Disk 2:
1. Broken Souvenirs
2. He'll Have To Go
3. When Bouzoukis Play
4. I Fall To Pieces
5. My Happiness
6. Cucurucucu Paloma
7. Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte
8. I'm Leaving It Up To You
9. Andante Andante
10. Forever And Ever / My Friend The Wind
11. White Rose Of Athens
12. Spanish Eyes
13. Only You
14. Song Sung Blue
15. Crying In The Chapel

Few artists in the Afrikaans industry share the success that fans today call "Ons Lieflinge". The multi-platinum selling group , consisting of vocalists, Rudi & Corlea, proved to be the biggest combination act in the history of Afrikaans music.
With their newest celebratory release, "Platinum Treffers", Fans are able to bathe in an eclectic blend of all their moments, both live and in studio, set off by the first ever biographical musical account on the subject of the groups sad fragmentation, written and performed by Rudi Claase. This special song, [Rudi & Corlea] is sure to be a favourite of the Lieflinge fans.
Created by Rudi Claase, "Ons Lieflinge" revisited the impactful and symphonic nature of historical Afrikaans music, Making it more current and approachable. "Liefilnge Platinum Treffers" is a keepsake , and a treasure that "Lieflinge" fans are sure to hold dear.

Kom Ek Skryf Vir Jou 'n Liedjie 2CD . CDFJEW 010 2012 JEWEL MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Rose Vir Jou
2. My Hart Wil Sing
3. Tussen Woorde
4. I Will Love You All My Life
5. Blue Medley
6. La Paloma
7. As Al Die Kerke Afbrand
8. She Wears My Ring Medley
9. Little River
10. Hush Hush Maria
11. Mooi Griekeland Keurspel
12. Mooi Is Die Lewe
13. Nikita
14. Hoor Jy Die Klokke Van Stella Maria
Disk 2:
1. Lieflings
2. As Ek Sing
3. Drome
4. Cucurucucu Paloma
5. My Hart Het 'n Kleine Venster
6. Die Engele Sing
7. White Rose Of Athens
8. Ek Weet Jy Vlieg
9. O My Taal
10. Barcarolle
11. Hoor Jy My Stem
12. Broken Souvenirs
13. No More Boleros
14. Ritme Van Liefde
15. Maria

Rudi & Zita
Ons Lieflinge / Our Darlings - Die Engele Sing 2CD . CDFJEW 006 JEWEL MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Die Engele Sing
2. Hier In My Hart
3. Lied Van Die Here
4. Barcarolle
5. As Die Kitare Speel
6. Wees Lief Vir My
7. Wene
8. Genadelied
9. As Jy Aan Eendag Glo
10. Ek Sien Vandag Die Son Weer Skyn
11. Ek Mis Jou Elke Dag
12. Engele
Disk 2:
1. No More Boleros
2. Wheels On Fire
3. Angelus
4. Que Sera Sera
5. Nikita
6. Mull Of Kintyre
7. Roses Are Red My Love
8. O Mein Papa
9. Room Full Of Roses
10. Seasons Of The Sun

He is charming. She is sexy. Together they are refreshing youthful and stylish contemporary. Rudi Claase and Zita Pretoius are South Africa's proudest vocal discovery! Pay attention to the excellent album Die Engele sing (The Angels sing). Stamped with vocal and orchestral splendour and purity, the duo Rudi & Zita offers a multilingual double album with 24 beautiful songs in different genres - from smouldering ballads and exuberant pop hits to melancholic country favourites and moving gospel songs.
Rudi, the founder of this vocal concept, gained valuable experience during a work session in America and closed a record deal. He has over 400 original songs composed. With this expertise he adds six new songs with immediate impact for this collection. The singers' voices are complemented by a live string orchestra, polished with Rudi's distinctive musical style production - including arrangements, orchestration, direction, technical perfection and creative packaging.
Besides boasting five contemporary spiritual songs, the album contains timeless jewels, nostalgic world hits and a selection of beautiful Afrikaans favourites. Among the cuts that showcase the artists craft, are Roses are red my love, Room full of roses, No more boleros, O mein Papa, Que Sera Sera, Barcarolle and Angelus. The full multilingual CD includes Nikita, Seasons in the sun, Mull of Kintyre and Wheels on fire. The album contains works in English, Afrikaans, German and French.

Rudi & Corlea
Ons Lieflinge - In Konsert DVD . RBFDVD 3001
1. Intro
2. Die Heidelied
3. White Rose Of Athens
4. Hoor My Lied
5. My Hart Het 'n Kleine Venster
6. I Fall To Pieces
7. ABBA Medley
8. Die Briels
9. Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte
10. Daar Vind Ek Jou
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Broken Souvenirs
13. When Bouzoukis Play
14. Drome
15. Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma
16. He'll Have To Go
17. Ek Weet Jy Vlieg
18. Laat Ons Weer Onthou
19. Tennessee Waltz
20. Toi Qui't En Vas
21. Andante Andante
22. Ritme Van Liefde
23. Forever And Ever / My Friend The Wind
24. The First Time
25. Maria
26. As Ek Sing
27. Outtro

Rudi & Corlea
Ons Lieflinge / Our Darlings - Totsiens / Goodbye . CDFJEW 005 2011 JEWEL MUSIC
1. Ek Onthou
2. God Se Liefling
3. Die Heidelied*
4. Ek Weet Jy Vlieg*
5. Ritme Van Liefde*
6. Laat Ons Weer Onthou*
7. White Rose Of Athens*
8. Broken Souvenirs*
9. My Hart Het 'n Kleine Venster*
10. Daar Vind Ek Jou*
11. I Fall To Pieces*
12. He'll Have To Go*
13. Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte*
14. Toi Qui't En Vas*
15. Andante Andante*
16. As Ek Sing
17. Drome*
18. Maria

* Lewendige Orkes Opname

met Corlea Botha
Ons Lieflinge / Our Darlings Vol. 2 - Drome 2CD . CDFJEW 001 2010 JEWEL MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Drome
2. Hoor Jy My Stem?
3. Ek Weet Jy Vlieg
4. Hoor My Lied
5. My Hart Het 'n Klein Venster
6. Die Seewind Bring Heimwee
7. Groenkoringlande Keurspel
8. Daar Vind Ek Jou
9. Altyd Is
10. Stille Rivierstroom
11. O My Taal
12. Ek Kyk Graag So Diep In Joe Oë
13. Ritme Van Liefde
Disk 2:
1. When I Sing
2. Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma
3. My Happiness
4. Forever And Ever / My Friend The Wind
5. He'll Have To Go
6. Broken Souvenirs
7. When Bazoukis Play
8. Andante Andante
9. Tennessee Waltz
10. Spanish Eyes
11. Song Sung Blue
12. I'm Leaving It Up To You
13. Only You
14. Cryin' In The Chapel
15. Toi Qui't En Vas (Let The Children)

met Corlea Botha
Ons Lieflinge / Our Darlings 2CD . TOCFCD 1001 2009 FANTASIA
Disk 1:
1. As Ek Sing
2. Die Heidelied
3. Verlange Keurspel
4. Laat Ons Weer Onthou
5. Liefling Keurspel
6. Sonder Jou Keurspel
7. Seemeeu
8. Liefde Wyd Soos Die See
9. Heimwee Keurspel
10. Blouberg Keurspel
11. Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou
12. Gebed
Disk 2:
1. Sweet Dreams
2. White Rose Of Athens
3. ABBA Medley
4. I Fall To Pieces
5. Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte
6. Come What May
7. Marble Halls
8. More And More
9. Wicked Game
10. The First Time
11. Seas Of Spain
12. In Us I Believe
13. Love Story

Jambo ........................... TOCCD372 2007 FANTASIA
1. Jambo
2. Rietvleidam
3. Gee My Suiker
4. Hi Pu Ri Taya
5. Solank Jy Weet
6. Ek Wag Vir Jou
7. Sy Jy
8. Words Don't Come Easy To Me
9. As Jy Bly
10. Mooiste Ding
11. I Try To Say Goodbye
12. Die 1
13. Hello
14. As Jy Aan My Vat
15. Help My
16. Ek Wens

Thalita ................................. TOCCD267 FANTASIA
1. Thalita
2. Oppie Water
3. Bietjie-Bietjie
4. Jy Is Myne
5. Da's 'n Ding
6. Ai-Ai
7. Hoor Jy My?
8. I Don't Wanna Know
9. Liedjie Vir Jou
10. Bokka Bly
11. Ra Ta Ta
12. Dans Deur Die Nag
13. Engelkind
14. The End Of The World
15. Briewe (Vir Jackie)

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