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Rudeboy Paul
Azanian Pulse: The Second Offering . CDUSM1387 USM
1. Thabo - Sipho Nkosiyane
2. Khanitshophofu - Anele
3. Stay With Me - Yvonne
4. Baba Themba - Mabi Thobejane
5. Bingelela
6. Bring In The Day
7. Sunrise - Bafana
8. Bambo - Mabi Thobejane
9. Sibuza Indlela
10. Bring In The Day - Siya
11. Yearning For Your Love
12. Bazonda Ama Africa - Bongani
13. I Am Freedom - Chigo

Azanian Pulse - 2nd Offering, is just that, the second solo CD release by Rudeboy Paul. The first offering came in 2003 when Paul saw the need to share some of the music in his personal collection with the young people he broadcasts to everyday on Yfm. This saw him initiate a remix project that had him remix classic songs by some of Southern Africa's great musicians such as Mirriam Makeba, Busi Mhlongo, Zim Nqawana, Oliver Mtukudzi and many more. The album gave Rudeboy the opportunity to perform at local festivals such as Oppikoppi, Macufe and Arts Alive. Overseas gigs also started coming in and saw him venture on to perform in Belgium (Pikkelpop Festival), Germany (Afrika Festival), Switzerland and Vietnam.
Through these performances, he was able to collaborate as well as witness some performances that began to inspire the direction 'the second offering' would take musically. The second offering would no longer be another remix project, it would be an originally produced project, which attempts to fuse all of Rudeboy's musical inspirations and collaborations throughout his travels. The likes of Mabi Thobejane, Busi Mhlongo and Tlale Makhene are part and parcel of this offering.
This was not enough as Rudeboy also wanted to enlist younger up-and-coming artists that he's collaborated with such as Siya Makhuzeni, Bafana Nkosi (Kwane Experience), Anele Ndebele and Chigo (Poet).
This Rudeboy production becomes an eclectic dose of musical influences for all to experience. From deep vibing house cuts, brazilian samba grooves, funky reggae vibrations (which Rudeboy employs with some of his singing skills on the song 'Yearning for your love') to some Azanian afro and masikandi sounds.

Azanian Pulse: A Rudeboy Mix . CDRBP001
1. Ngivumele Ngikhulume (Intro)
2. Uganga Ngengane - Azanian Pulse Mix
3. Ubombo - Azanian Pulse Mix
4. Todii - Azanian Pulse Mix
5. Rude Mbube - Azanian Pulse Mix
6. Rude Mbizo - Azanian Pulse Mix
7. Uthando Luphelile - Azanian Pulse Mix
8. Africa Ya Uya - Azanian Pulse Mix
9. Ibofolo - Azanian Pulse Mix
10. Rude Dlozi - Azanian Pulse Mix
11. Shwele Mangane - Azanian Pulse Mix

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