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DJ Ready D (Boeta D, Reddy D) (Brasse Vannie Kaap)


2021 01 15 - Jerome Rex presents Locally Produced, Streaming Concert, DJ Eazy , DJ Ready D, 19:00, R80,,


vetseunLAAI AF
2020 09 12 - Ghoema ALBUM LAUNCH Concert - JOOX
- The Lineup: Performers: Grandmaster Ready D, Youngsta, Bliksemstraal, Jerome Rex, Jabulani, Majola, Frazer, Da Faith, Miss Patty, Monroe, Pyro B, Breakers + Dancers: Concrete Apostles, YDA (Youth Development Academy), 19:00 - Joox Exclusive

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Ghoema Music .................................. 2020 JOOX
1. G Squad Anthem met G Squad
2. Sunday
3. Hope met Blaqverse
4. Ghoema Ghoema Ghoema met Youngsta CPT
5. Body met BliksemStraal
6. African Sunshine met Da Faith
7. Yeah Yeah Yeah met Jerome Rex
8. Khoisan Mami met Miss Patty Monroe

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Sunday CDS ...................................... 2020 JOOX

vetseunLAAI AF
Blaqverse x Grandmaster Ready D - Hope CDS . 2020 JOOX

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Ghoema Ghoema Ghoema met Youngsta CPT CDS . 2020 JOOX

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New Age Warrior CDS ..................... 2020 JOOX

vetseunLAAI AF
BeatBangaz - HipHop & R&B Throwbacks #23 - Mixed by DJ Ready D . 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
BeatBangaz - Animals For My People (DJ Edit/Refix) CDS . 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
BeatBangaz - South Africa HipHop Throwbacks #23 - Mixed by DJ Ready D . 2020
- 3Manskap, Jozi, Prokid, Jits Vinger, Isaac Mutant...

vetseunLAAI AF
BeatBangaz - Vivrant Thang (DJ Ready D Redrum Edit) CDS . 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Beat Bangaz - Classics - Mixed by DJ Ready D . 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Beat Bangaz - South African Hip Hop Mix #34 - Mixed by DJ Ready D . 2020
The Ready D Show on Good Hope FM. Featuring music by Black Moss, Jits Vinger, Dope St. Jude, Tuks, Reason, DJ Switch, JAAK, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Uno July, DJ Azuhl & more...

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Beat Bangaz - Dancehall Riddims #56 - Mixed by DJ Ready D . 2020

Beat Bangaz - B Boys Revenge CDS . 2020 PLATFORM7PRODUCTIONS
- Cape Flats Beat Bangaz Hiphop From All Angles - DJ Ready D

C-Voices Unite - Lean On Me VID >>> (2020)

C-Voices Unite - Lean On Me CDS ..... 2020 C-MUSIC UNITE

vetseunLAAI AF
Mzanzi All-Stars - Because We Are SA CDS . 2020
- Amanda Black, Ard Matthews, Arno Carstens, Agape, Bonga Kwana, Buhlebendalo Mda, Cheistar, Craig Hinds, Divine Mahara, Early B, Emo Adams, Francois van Coke, Gabriela Diamond, Jabulani Mthembu, Jack Parow, J'Something, Jedd Kossew, Jeremy Loops, Jimmy Nevis, Kahn Morbee, Karen Zoid, Khayelitsha United Mambazo, Khuli Chana, Majozi, Ready D, Shane Cooper, Vusi Mahlasela, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Zoë Modiga, Zolani Mahola >>>
- LIED VAN DIE DAG 2020/07/22

vetseunLAAI AF
Keep You Distance CDS .................. 2020
met DJ Ready D, Jerome Rex, YOMA, Early B, Blake Hellaby, Bliksemstraal, Frazer Barry, Stizomayn, Lea Vega & Marc Lottering (Shihaam Domingo)

YOMA - Wille Kat met Ready D VID >>> (2017)

DJ Ready D - No Pressure met Veezo & Youngsta VID >>> (2016)

Ek Is Joe Barber CDS ...................... 2015 RYMKLETS REPUBLIEK

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Big Air Society .................................. 2014
1. That African B Boy
2. Cops Gave Me Grief
3. Drastic Steps
4. Anti Riggamortis Machine
5. Broken Bone Delight
6. South Africa Represent
7. Surface to Air
8. Lets Rumble
9. Electocute Them
10. No Pressure met YoungstaCPT & Veezo
11. Nkosi: Dz Deck Wreck Interpretation
12. Tactical Approach
13. B Boys / B Girls
14. Settle the Score
15. Do You Want to Battle
16. Effusive Behavior

B-Boy Report ...................................... 2006 BEAT

Not For Tha Faint Hearted ........ KMD 005 2004 KMD
1. Intro - Ready D
2. Do what you do - Ready D met Amu, Tebz (Hypadelic Mix)
3. Sound Providers - Who Am I
4. What you gonna do - Ancient Menvetseun
5. Get it started - 13
6. Red hook day - SHabazz The Deciple
7. Yes yes ya'll - Sound Providers
8. Attention - Amu, Selwyn, Prov
9. Life is neon - Neon Don
10. Monday to Sunday - Thomas and Jefferson
11. Tripple optics - Dilated Peoples
12. Act crazy - Amu
13. The fader - Ready D
14. Glock and a dream - Buc Fifty
15. Killing spree - Swollen Members
16. Scratching spree - Ready D
17. Smoking in here - Code Name: Scorpion
18. A dream led to this - Tumi
19. Table Talk - Ready D
20. For Real - Ready Dvetseun
21. Concrete Nigga - Major
22. Owls and Roosters, Gita Madoda - P.A.I.N.T, Abstract Rude, Prophets Of The City
23. Strong in Babylon - Demus & Hypadelic produksie
24. Rau Rau - Skwatta Kamp
25. Stereo Type - Ground Works
26. Opinion - Ready D
27. Wake up from dreaming - Ready D
28. Bring It Home - Swollen Members
29. Just can't loose (Ready D Remix) - Major
30. Do what you do OG mix - Ready D met Amu, Tebz

holy shit! 'n heerlike kykie na hip-hop, onder vi-vi-vinnige vingers (elmboë, knieë ens) van ons eie, Ready D.
en as jy hiervoor gewag het, was dit dubbel die moeite werd. al suid-afrika se bekrekkers, saam met 'n professionele snit vanaf die internasionale kring hip-hoppers.

flyers :
2005 08 07, Zula Sound Bar, CT Ready D, Hamma, Hanna, Raiko, KONFAB, Naima + Mr. Devious VID
2005 05 18, Bank's Orchard, CT Red Bull Music Academy Info Session Ready D, The Real Estate Agents, Fletcher & Roach
2005 03 12, CT Not For Tha Faint Hearted CD LAUNCH flyer
2005 02 12, The Castle, CT Rage for The Revolution flyer back MC Ready D, Mr. Fat MC. Springbok Nude Girls, Tumi & The Volume, Fokofpolisiekar, Nine, Godessa, Bed On Bricks, African Dope Sound System, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Kallitz (condom)
2005 01 15, Mercury Lounge + Live, CT Tsunami Disaster Relief Concert 'n raffle vir CD hampers wat deur musikant geskenk is samel geld in vir die Independent Newspapers Relief Fund Mercury Lounge: ADHD, Andy Lund & Brydon Bolton, Abel Steen, Sunday Family, 3 Bored White Guys, Nostalgia DJs: Poison Ivy, Morpheus, Reanimator Mercury Live: Wild Eyes, The Rudimentals, BVK (Brasse Vannie Kaap), Ready D, Krushed & Sorted, plus DJs en vir en met 'n groot brander het die kaapse gewilliges by mercury live bymekaar gekom om die ramp te steun dmv donasies. Mercury Live, Hell Fire Hire, African Dope Records, Open Record, Kurse Music, Blue Cow Productions, White China ---
2004 07 23, 365 DAYZ Later flyer 2
2004 07 15, Fubar, Claremont, CT
24 04 04, Valve, CT Boogie Down Knights met DJ Woody en ook D-form (Moodphase5), Tumi (and The Volume), Sky189, Ready D (BVK), Raiko, Hamma
2004 01 03, Dockside Philips BeDJ Mix Master Search World Final met Junior Jack and the Kid Crème Sound System, Sister Bliss and Sudha (Faithless), Alan Thompson (Trade), Nigel Dawson (Renaissance), Roger Goode, Ready D, Ryan Dent, Speedy, Surge, Dino Moran, Redd Angel capetowntoday
2003 12 17, Rhodes House CT Double Trouble met Ready D en Redd Angel
2003 11 08, Westridge, agter 711, Park Jam: Parliament, ,Ready D, Lionz Of Zion, Graffitti + Breaking REDBULLMUSICACADEMY, hier
2003 08 23, CD Warehouse, CT 2pm-5pm Black Noise, Brasse vannie Kaap, Amu en Ready D
2003 07 19, UWC, The Barn "From Tha Beatz 2 Tha Streetz" flyer Ready D, Willy, Verdine en spesiale jo'burg manne Cashless Society
2002 07 06, Horror Café, Ready D!, Bones (movie preview), DJ Blaze, DJ C-Live, DJ Tumelo
2002 06 22, Mac Mckenzie and The Genunies met Ready D HIP HOPeration Live Recordings

sien 46664 - The Concert
sien Red Bull Music Academy
sien resident op Phat Joe, E-tv.

1 December 00 (World AIDS Day), Princeton High, Mitchell's Plain, R5 Bush Radio's HIV HOP flyer Bush Radio 89.5fm (Live):: :: DJ Ready D, Oscar, BVK (Brasse Vannie Kaap), Mr. Devious, Dantai, M, Godessa, Cool Funk

Mei - Junie 00, Bush Radio: Shows (Dinsdae 1600-1700), "Headwarmers" hip-hop show (Vrydae 2200- 0100) na die inwinning van inligting oor HIV/AIDS van professionele werkend in die veld, is hip-hop kunstenaars data gegee om te interpreteur en daaroor skryf. opgeneem en geproduseer by Bush Radio, met kompetisies en gereelde shows is ernstig waarskuwende boodskap wyer uit gedra.

ook op :
Hijack Stories - Tobetsa Mix (Skeem)

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