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Priscilla Smith
vetseunvetseunLAAI AF
Verstaan Jy Wat Ek Sê CDS ............ 2014

Priscilla Smith - Smoorverlief VID >>> (2012)

Smoorverlief CDS ......... HITSG004 2012 HIT RECORDS

Priscilla - Klein Bietjie Liefde VID >>> (2009)

Net 'n Bietjie Liefde ......... LULI 055 2009
1. Klein Bietjie Liefde
2. Ek Het Jou Baie Lief
3. Jy Bly Steeds Die Een
4. Rooiwyn & Candlelight
5. Crazy met Bobby van Jaarsveld
6. I Want To Know You
7. Tussen Die Lyne
8. Harlekyn
9. Genoeg Gewag
10. As Mens Kan Weet
11. Kleure
12. Klein Bietjie Liefde (Akoesties)

Priscilla has always been very passionate about music, and especially writing music. The album "Net 'n Bietjie Liefde" is mostly penned by Priscilla and produced by the legendary Robin Walsh and also features a host of SA session musicians.The album is an amalgamation of hard work and a strong creative passion for song cramet
The more upbeat, light-hearted lyrics in some of the tracks are brought into perspective by the more emotionally explorative ideas in others.The songs on the album vary in theme from motivational cries of happiness and freedom to more insightful and introspective tracks where sound combine with words to create a thrilling atmosphere that brings her message home.

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