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Peter Hoven (Jack & June)
No Aplogies .................. MUZCD 001 2010 MONSTER MUSIC
1. Fire Still Burns
2. Crying Shame
3. Blazing Trails
4. My Mind Is Stuck On You
5. Breathe On The Battlefield
6. No Apologies
7. You Are Amazing
8. Stop The Rain
9. Journey Man
10. Another Day Is Gone
11. Stand Together
12. Own Decision

Johannesburg based singer/ songwriter Peter Hoven sees the release of his debut album "No Apologies". A beautifully crafted Pop/ Rock album with an edgy blues after taste to be enjoyed on the open road, when healing a broken heart or simply indulging in Hoven's delicate melodies, hook laden pop songs and overall world class musicianship! "No Apologies" was recorded at Radio Lava (studios) by critically acclaimed musician and songwriter, Riku Lätti. First single off of the album "Fire Still Burns" reveals strong lyrical value married to a perfectly crafted pop song. "No Apologies" succesfully reveals Peter Hoven's vocal, musical and song writing ability. An inspired debut album!

skakels :

2020 08 07 - Smile Foundation #helpthoseonthefrontline Charity Concert #4 - Bands Galore: Akkedis, Black Cat Bones, Gian Groen en Anton Goosen, Jake Gunn, Jason Bradley, Jeandré Swanepoel, Leon Shaw Syndicate, Martin Bester & Band, Nhoza Sitsholwana, Peter Hoven, Providence, Quarantine Quarrels, Radio Kalahari Orkes met Chris Chameleon, The Deadliest Catches, R84.50,,

2015 03 07 - Ses Snare (Blackie Swart, Giep van Zyl, Pieter Smith, Thean Kotze, Leon Ecroignard, Peter Hoven, MD Greyling), Neethlingshof, Woordfees, Stellenbosch, R60-R95

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