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One Crown

One Crown - Dankie VID >>> (2020)

One Crown - Grafeer VID >>>

One Crown - Kyk Na My VID >>>

One Crown - Dans VID >>>

CD LAUNCH: 18 Augustus, Oase gemeente, Klerksdorp
Kwesbaar .................... LBMD 087 2013 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Kyk Na My
2. Grafeer
3. Dans
4. Praat
5. Kwesbaar vetseun
6. Dankie
7. Lou
8. Die Belofte
9. Herder
10. Oorvloed

The talented and popular Afrikaans rock band from Potchefstroom, One Crown, has been around for many years and started the band when they were only teenagers. They have since then built up a huge fanbase among the SA youth and in 2012 they walked away with the Ghoema award as well as the Huisgenoot Tempo award in the Best Rock Album category for their previous album Verander / Virander . They are humble and down to earth guys who spread the message of a life in abundance in Christ through the music they produce.
The band consists of Hendri Hofmeyr on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ryno Jansen on bass, Lourens de Jongh on lead electric guitar and Werner Taljaard on drums. Their performances are electric and energetic and it is easy to see why they have such a big following. If you consider attending their show, make sure to pack all the energy you can get! Their highly anticipated new album Kwesbaar is now available and the first single off the album, Kyk Na My has already been play listed on a number of radio stations across South Africa and is currently nr 2 on Kingfisher fm s Top 10 (end Aug)!

One Crown - Vergifnis VID >>>

One Crown - Klei VID >>>

One Crown - Lig VID >>>

Verander / Virander ......... LBMD057 2010 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Speëltjie - Bobby van Jaarsveld
2. Jy Is Meer Werd
3. Lig
4. Die Genadeval
5. Klei
6. Nader
7. Verskil
8. Vergifnis
9. Halleluja In Die Hemel
10. Vir Jou

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