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Nutty Nys
A Wonderful Day ............... DGR 1856 2011 DAVID GRESHAM
1. I've Been Waiting
2. Open Your Eyes
3. A Wonderful Day
4. P For Piano
5. Uthando Lwakho
6. Miza - The Look Of Love
7. You Are My Joy
8. Hand In Hand
9. Freedom
10. I've Been Waiting

Nutty Nys, the SAMA award winning DJ and producer the man that brought us Nka Mo Dira and Vintage Love. Nutty Nys now brings us his new album A Wonderful Day. The album features hits like Open your eyes the collaboration between Nutty and the Swedish band The Moleskins, A Wonderful Day and the Nys Miza remix of The Look of Love. Also keep an ear out for the township hit Hand in hand. Tapping into the sexy take on the house scene and an undeniably attractive sound, Nutty has formulated a style of house that is unique & world-class.

Vintage Love ................... DGR 1752 2009 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Doesn't Matter
2. RJ Benjamin - Say Yeah (Nutty Nys Remix)
3. In-Retrospect
4. Robert Carvalho - Loving You (Nys Miza Remix)
5. Vintage Love
6. Just Trippin'
7. I Surrender
8. Nka Mo Dira met Abe Molamu (2010 SAMA Nominasie)
9. Nutty Disko
10. What Happened To The Groove?
11. Killa
12. Bantu Soul - Having You Around (Nutty Nys Remix)
13. I Surrender Pt. 2

Back and armed with his second full-length album, this young DJ-come-producer-come-lyrical genius establishes himself well with 13 cutting and wildly sophisticated house, chill-out, jazz and reggae tinged tracks. The first single "Nka Mo Dira" is already a huge radio track. Having worked and remixed for RJ Benjamin and Bantu Soul locally and Roberty Carvalho in the UK, Nys is moving on up and doing it all at lightening speed. If you're looking for an album that's already being labelled the biggest, most progressive piece of Mzansi for 2009 your search is over.

kompilasie ...................... MOTSCD204

YFM Presents A DJ Mix (Nutty Nys)
kompilasie ...................... DGR 1662 2006 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Samantha James - Rise
2. Kaskade -Samba Love
3. Zion Lockwood - Solitaire
4. Andy Caldwell met Amma - Don't You Love Me" (Distant Music Mix)
5. Uneaq - Only U
6. Holmes met Dragonfly - Blue Skies (Sueno Soul's Vocal Mix)
7. Groove Junkies met Solara - Just Groovin (Classic Roots Mix)
8. Stacy Kidd & Melvin Meeks - Let Love Enter
9. Zion Lockwood - All We Want
10. Physics met Alexandra - Don't Deny Me Love
11. Bantu Soul - Love Back
12. Afro-Mystik - Miracles (Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Mix)
13. Cricco Castelli - Through Changes

The GRESHAM Record Company teams up with Gauteng's most powerful radio station YFM to bring you a new DJ MIX series. Nutty Nys, house pioneer & YFM Music compiler, is the first in the series to bring you one of the classiest house mixes ever! Nutty Nys also hosts his own Friday Night radio show, Smirnoff Red House Session between 21:00 & 22:00.
This album is a banger with 13 killer house tunes including the summer hits "SAMANTHA JAMES - RISE" (Original mix), "KASKADE - SAMBA LOVE" & "STACY KIDD & MELVIN MEEKS- LET LOVE ENTER". South Africa is ready for a dance revolution. There's no better way to keeping it cool, keeping it real & most importantly keeping it NYS. Put this disc on & sing along to every tune! Backed by YFM & with a tracklisting like this, Nutty Nys is set to dominate the airwaves this summer, no-matter where you are. Sharp!

In Retrospect ....................... SHCD 048 SHEER
1. Leave Me Know
2. Believe
3. Someday
4. Days Like These
5. Got 2 B U
6. Flowers
7. Gabrielle
8. Sun Is Back
9. Finally
10. Changes
11. Love Your Brother
12. Elevation

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