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Nursery School
Sing-A-Long LP ................. GALP.1210 GALLOTONE
- In English And Afrikaans
Side One:
Track I
1. Nursery School Sing-A-Long
2. The Birthday Song
3. Incey Wincey Spider; Kleine Langbeen Spinnekop
4. In And Out The Windows
5. Die Groenteman
6. We Are The Musicians; Ons Is Die Musikante
7. Last Evening Cousin' Peter Came
8. Michael Finnigan
9. Tommy Thumb; Duimpie Duimpie
Track II
1. Johnny Went A-Walking
2. Five Little Ducks
3. Have You Seen The Little Ducks
4. Die Haan
5. Ten Little Zulu Boys
6. If I Had A Donkey
7. Trot Trot Trot
8. The Big Ship Sails; Die Groot Skip Seil
Side Two:
Track I
1. Here Is The Bee-Hive
2. I Hear Thunder; Ek Hoor Donder
3. Little Bird You Are Welcome; Vlieg 'n Voëltjie
4. One Little Elephant Balancing
5. We All Clap Hands Together; Ons Almal Klap Ons Handjies
6. If You Should Meet An Elephant
7. Jan Pierewiet
8. Five Green Bottles
Track II
1. The Traffic Song
2. Little Peter Rabbit
3. Kiepie Kiepie
4. Hoe Ry Die Boere
5. Fishes Swim In Water Clear
6. Five In A Bed
7. The Thank You Song
8. Nursery School Sing-A-Long

- In English And Afrikaans
- Archie Silansky And His Orchestra
- Vocalists: Ray Hillard - Assisted By Joan Cooper, Carol Silansky

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