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NKD ............................... CDCLL7076 2009 COLOSSAL
1. Don't Miss You
2. Dancing With Myself
3. Step Right Up
4. All Of You
5. 7 x 70
6. Hallo
7. All That I Am
8. Insecure
9. Hou My Vas
10. Mamma Kom Haal My
11. Let's Go
12. The Last, Last Time
13. Ray Of Light

It's fitting that pop trio NKD have chosen to unleash their second offering as a self-titled album because everything about it points to a group tthat is steaming ahead with a sound that is all their own.
"It's understandable that we took a lot more direction on our first album," says Kesha. "We were really novices at the business of making an album and came armed with little more than our voices."
But more than three years on, things have changed. Formed out of the third Idols finals, NKD - for Nicky, Kesha and Deidré - quickly proved that the sassy, sexy and sun-dappled personalities that had captured the imagination of Idols viewers was going to effortlessly translate into a bonafide pop act. The trio's 2006 debut album,'What's That Noise' spawned several hits, including "Snakebite" and "Unreal" The album is a veritable rollicking ride through contemporary pop music with a slice of retro thrown in besides - listen to the old-school-injected "Let's Go" to see how brilliantly NKD can take it back a notch!
NKD also sees the group going back to their own roots through the inclusion of four Afrikaans songs, among them the Mynie Grové penned "Mamma Kom Haal My". Emotion and energy are also evident on "Don't Miss You" the first radio single off NKD which is already notching up some serious radioplay for the group. The maturity of their voices has also allowed NKD to tackle a song that many may find an unusual choice Madonna's "Ray Of Light". In the end, NKD have upped the ante on South African pop by producing a worldclass album jampacked with hits.

What's That Noise .......... CDCLL7066 2006 COLOSSAL
1. What I Believe
2. What's That Noise
3. Unreal
4. Snakebite
5. I Want Your Love
6. Shooting Star
7. Take It All Away
8. Cannonball
9. Quicksand
10. Whenever Love Comes Around
11. Forget Forgetting Me
12. Poptrash

This pop sensation is made up of Idols alumni Nicky (de Lange), Kesha (Charlton-Perkins) and Deidré (Visser). The three girls won over audiences with their "we're young and having fun" attitude during the record breaking third season of Idols in 2005.
Nicky, Kesha and Deidré are no strangers to performing together. Previous to forming NKD, the girls collaborated - along with two other contestants - during the recording of the single "Poptrash", which featured on the Idols III compilation CD released at the end of 2005.
NKD's debut album, WHAT'S THAT NOISE, is now complete, with the first single titled "What I Believe".
The group's infectious take on the Transvision Vamp 80s classic, "I Want Your Love" is also revving many a SuperSport viewer's engines.

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