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Mike Batt
Caravans / Watership Down 2CD . CDJUST 441 JUST MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Caravans On The Move
2. Main Title - London Philharmonic Orchestra
3. Russian Dance - London Philharmonic Orchestra
4. Inside Sardar Khan's Palace - London Philharmonic Orchestra
5. Journey To Badek - London Philharmonic Orchestra
6. Camp At Qualir, The - London Philharmonic Orchestra
7. Desolate Valley, The - London Philharmonic Orchestra
8. Caravan Song - London Philharmonic Orchestra
9. Qualir At Night - London Philharmonic Orchestra
10. Storm In The Desert - London Philharmonic Orchestra
11. Becky's Waltz - London Philharmonic Orchestra
12. Kochi Dancer - London Philharmonic Orchestra
13. Aftermath, The - London Philharmonic Orchestra
14. . Caravans - London Philharmonic Orchestra
15. Minuet At Nazrullah's - London Philharmonic Orchestra
Disk 2:
1. Watership Down - The Beginning
2. On Watership Down
3. Military Theme And Development
4. Baroque Tune
5. Frith's Blessing
6. Fantasia On A Flying Theme
7. Winter On Watership Down
8. Chase Adventure From Watership Down
9. A Kind Of Dream

A Songwriter's Tale ........ CDJUST 213 JUST MUSIC
1. Bright Eyes
2. Soldier Song
3. The Walls Of The World
4. A Winter's Tale
5. Love Makes You Crazy
6. System 605
7. Caravan Song
8. Theme From Carvan
9. I Feel Like Buddy Holly
10. Lady Of The Dawn
11. The Winds Of Change
12. Please Don't Fall In Love
13. I Watch You Sleeping
14. Railway Hotel
15. The Closest Thing To Crazy
16. To Ride The Agadir

Bright Eyes ...................... CDJUST 096 JUST MUSIC
1. Bright Eyes
2. Railway Hotel
3. Soldier's Song
4. A Winter's Tale
5. Please Don't Fall In Love
6. Caravan Song
7. Theme From Caravans
8. Lady Of The Dawn
9. The Winds Of Change
10. Love Makes You Crazy
11. I Feel Like Buddy Holly
12. The Walls Of The World
13. System 605
14. I Watch You Sleeping
15. I Dine Alone

Mike Batt is one of Britain's best-known songwriter/composers.
He began his career in popular music at the age of eighteen, as a signed artist with and subsequently Head of A&R for Liberty/United Artists Records. As a singer, his solo albums include "Schizophonia" and "Tarot Suite" (both with The London Symphony Orchestra).
From these albums came the European hit songs "Railway Hotel", "Lady Of The Dawn", "The Winds Of Change" and "The Ride To Agadir". He achieved the number four position as an artist in the UK charts in 1976 with his single "Summertime City.

Justin Hayward & Mike Batt
Classic Blue LP ............ DGR 1149 1989 DAVID GRESHAM

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