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Mark Beling (Mean Mr. Mustard)
Mercury ........................ STIDCD 185 2012 STING MUSIEK

Can't Hold You Back . CDRPM 1968 2007 RPM/GALLO
1. Can't Hold You Back
2. What Was I Thinkingvetseun
3. Life Is Getting Better
4. The Moment
5. My Summer Is Gone
6. Turn Out The Light
7. Why Go Away
8. Why Don't You Come Over
9. I Just Want To Make You Happy
10. You're The Best I Ever Had
11. Don't Stop Making Me Feel Right
12. It's So Easy Loving You

From the man who brought us "Dancing" comes Mark Beling's 2nd album CAN't HOLD YOU BACK. For 10 years Mark was the driving force and writer for the band Mean Mr. Mustard and since gone solo. "The Moment" is the first single off the album, and is playlisted on most stations across South Africa.
Performing the Jacaranda FM 94.2 and Supersport theme song, Mark has established himself as a singer/songwriter within South Africa. There are at least 4 singles on this album and Mark is set to dominate the airwaves in the coming months...

Dancing ...................... CDRPM 1924 2006 RPM/GALLO
1. Dancing
2. I Will Always Know
3. I Found My Soul
4. World In Your Hands
5. Dust In The Wind
6. Here We Go
7. Angela - Bob James
8. Runaway
9. Just When I Thought
10. One True Moment
11. You're My Faith
12. Crazy
13. Love Changes (Everything)
14. Dancing Remix
15. Turn It On (Life's Greatest Hits)

Dancing ..................... CDRPM 1912 2005 RPM

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