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Mady Abrahams
It's All About You ...... KWAAICD027 2011 KWAAI MUSIEK
1. Somewhere
2. I'll Say A Prayer For You
3. One Moment In Time
4. Never Break Your Heart
5. One Day In Your Life
6. Wonderlike Ma
7. Imagine
8. It's All About You
9. Show Me You Love Me
10. By Jou Wil Ek Wees

Mady's powerful, angelic voice won over the hearts and votes of the South African public on SA's Got Talent in 2010, where she earned the runner-up prize. This is her much anticipated debut release.
It's All About You not only features the Whitney Houston track Mady sang on SA's Got Talent; One Moment In Time, but also includes her renditions of the ever-popular One Day In Your Life originally performed by the late Michael Jackson and Imagine by the late John Lennon.
The track Wonderlike Ma, also featured on the album, has already been very well received, with the Kuier magazine adopting it as their Mother Song. The song is also very near and dear to Mady as her mother is her inspiration in life and the songs speaks of a mothers unconditional love for her child, just as her mother has always supported her in life.
All Mady's original songs featured on It's All About You were written with the strict instruction that they must contain a positive message due to the fact that she wants to be a positive role model. Show Me You Love Me was the second original track recorded and is a lively, up-beat song. As most people know Mady as a ballad singer she wanted to show her listeners that she could deliver a versatile album and thus included a few up-tempo tracks.

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