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Luna Paige - instagram

2022 04 24 - Luna Paige with Kiss Of Africa, The Daisy Jones Bar, 15:00,

vetseunLAAI AF
Kiss Of Africa CDS .......................... 2022

Luna Paige - Thank You VID >>> (2022)

vetseunLAAI AF
Behold My Heart CDS ...................... 2021

Luna Paige - Little Lies VID >>> (2021)

Luna Paige - I Long VID >>> (2021)

Luna Paige - Winter's Near VID >>> (2021)

GoSi africa bied aan/presents Andra Cilliers, Bacchus Nel, Beeskraal, Cindy Alter, Dawid Kahts, Die Kaalkop Waarheid, Die See, Eckard Potgieter, Gert Vlok Nel, Jan Blohm, Luna Paige, Mathys Roets, Neil Nachtrein, René Bohnen, Riaan Smit, Ronel Nel, Shotgun Tori, Stean van der Walt, Toast Coetzer, Tanja Franzen - - My Stories SA

vetseunLAAI AF
Korreltjie Kantel ................................ 2017 RSG
- Luna Paige, Nick Turner, Jamie Jupiter
1. Kabouterliefde met Nick Turner
2. Juwele Van Jou Oë met Luna Paige
3. Tula Tula met Luna Paige
4. Dubbelspel met Luna Paige
5. O, Die Halfmaan met Luna Paige
6. Ouwyn Van Die Dag met Jamie Jupiter
7. Kanniedood met Nick Turner
8. Fragment met Jamie Jupiter
9. Skildery met Nick Turner
10. Woorde (Al Wat Ek Wil Hê) met Jamie Jupiter

vetseunLAAI AF
Korreltjie Kantel ................................. 2017 RSG
- Luna Paige, Nick Turner, Jamie Jupiter
1. Kabouterliefde
2. Al Wat Ek Wil Hê
3. Dubbelspel
4. Ou Wyn Van Die Dag
5. O, Die Halfmaan
6. Skildery
7. Fragment
8. Juwele Van Jou Oë
9. Kanniedood

Luna Paige - Gee My Ritme VID >>> (2016)

Groot Is Jy CDS ................................. 2016

vetseunvetseunLAAI AF
Borders & Beyond ............................. 2014
1. Beyond Borders
2. Surrender
3. Keep On Keeping On
4. Rollercoaster
5. One Day met Gerald Clark
6. Country King
7. This Space
8. Flower & Song
9. Other Side Of Goodbye
10. Wild Fire
11. Illusions
12. Find Your Light met Andriëtte Norman
13. If I Were A Song

Luna Paige will be launching her new album Borders & Beyond at Atterbury Theatre:vetseun
Thursday 15 May: Atterbury Theatre, official album launch, Pretoria, Gauteng, R150, 20:00. Bookings: Computicket. Queries: 012 471 1700.

With Luna being an ex-social worker who did her masters degree in the use of music in group therapy - this artist cannot help to write songs about issues that concern her and are important to her.

On her previous album she wrote a song about an issue very close to her heart - the abuse of women and children. Her song 'New Love' is a reaction to growing statistics in the abuse and rape of women and children in SA. She recorded the song with a farm choir and made a short doccie about the reason behind the recording of this song. After 5 years things have still not changed and this song is still relevant. Luna would like this song to reach more people in SA and stir up more conversations about gender issues and how they impact on the lives of women and children in SA.

On her latest album (Borders & Beyond) she recorded a song "Beyond Borders" which is a love song for SA. This song is her take on SA - 20 years after the first free election. Once again LOVE and the necessity to move beyond our own personal borders and those inflicted on us - is accentuated. Luna hopes with this song to challenge South Africans to question their own inner borders and how these borders prohibit personal growth and nation building.

Luna has a few surprises up her sleeve with her new album. The album (which was produced by Fiesta winner, Schalk Joubert) was recorded in an unconventional way. Most of the album was recorded in Schalk's house on Monterosso Wine Farm outside Stellenbosch. The result is a raw, stripped and honest sound which reveals the emotion in Luna's songs so much more effectively. In this album Luna also dabbles in country and blues, surprises with a happy song or two and introduces her first ever a capella song. See official press release for the album attached.

Listen to some of the new tracks on the album here: - Watch the videos about the New Love initiative. Why "New Love"? - The Song (with the Bellevue Choir and all collaborators):

vetseunLAAI AF
Ouma Se Hande CDS ..................... 2012
- "Storielied", 2012)

2012 10 26 - DVD LAUNCH, Centurion Teater, Pretoria
vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
Storielied CD/DVD . LUNADVD04 2012
1. Altyd Kom Die Somer Weer
2. Die Skulp
3. Aan Die Ander Kant
4. Die Juwele Van Jou Oë
5. Die Oerdans
6. Tant Baby
7. Breek My Oop
8. Ou Karo'
9. Wiegelied Vir 'n Ou Man
10. Korhaan Man
11. Ouma Se Hande
12. Dagbreek Toe
13. Oggendlied
DVD Bonus Material:
Behind the scenes
Interview with Johan & Margaret Bakkes
Interview with Elias P. Nel
Interview with Oom Tokkie (Ferley Samuels)
Music Video: Ou Karo'
Photo gallery
For centuries SA has been the gathering place where people from all nations got to know each other, learnt each other's languages and built a new history together. From the North came stories of the aristocratic and forbidden love. From the East came spices and vetseunwomen whom no man could resist. Those that came from here knew the earth, her rhythm, her shrubs, her smells, her medicine and her untameable wind. Luna sings about these people and their stories. She ponders about evolution and religion with Ingrid Winterbach. She sings about fire and forbidden love inspired by André Brink's novel The Ambassador. She highlights a life lesson out of a Margaret Bakkes novel and sings about a Bushman parable as described by Elias Nel. She identifies with Dana Snyman's heartache about his grandmother and wrote a lullaby for one of Chris Barnard s dying characters. She dances till dawn with the freed slaves from Raithby.
Storielied is about the liaison between the human and the earth. Luna and her excellent band take you on a journey through spaces where you will recognise various aspects of yourself and those whom you love. This musical masterpiece is not exclusively aimed at Afrikaans speaking audiences. It is aimed at all lovers of music, stories, literature and Africa. Although the lyrics are Afrikaans, the music speaks the universal language we all understand.
Luna Paige did a live audio and visual recording of this unique musical creation with her 14 piece band. The album was released in November 2012.

vetseunvetseunLAAI AF
Wonderful Life ................................. 2009
1. Sunday In Japan met Chris Chameleon
2. Green Eyes
3. Ebb & Flow
4. Right Kind Of Love
5. Fly
6. Wonderful Life
7. New Love met The Bellevue Choir
8. Won't Be Leaving You Behind
9. Restless Soul
10. Addicted
11. Desire
12. If You Will Come
13. You're Sunshine
14. Drunk Love

Independent Release: Luna Paige

In a world in which we are surrounded by mass media mediocrity, Luna surprises with an astonishing presence. Her live performances leave audiences awestruck and speechless - intrigued by her stories delivered through well-crafted lyrics, she amazes with her powerful, soulful voice. Luna takes you on a hypnotic and moving voyage.vetseun

With two previously well received album releases (Luna and Missing Pieces), various productions at festivals and loyal following, Luna is no new comer to the South African music scene. Luna will be releasing her latest offerings on her website, two or three tracks at a time. The first three tracks will be made available free of charge from 16 February 2009, when the website will be launched.South Africa's finest session musicians Schalk Joubert (bass), Willem Möller (guitar) and David Klassen (drums) accompany her on these tracks. The songs were produced by Luna and were recorded with Jürgen von Wechmar at Sunset Studios. These beautifully crafted tracks see Luna moving away from her old sound to explore different genres. Yet these songs highlight Luna's essence as we know it. The first offering, "Won't Be Leaving You Behind", is easy listening, sing-along country pop, while the second track, "Addicted" is a gripping, punch in the gut rock ballad. Luna Paige promises to keep everyone on the edge of their seats with exciting launches and collaborations to look forward to throughout 2009. Her first collaboration is with Bellevue Choir. All of these choir members are farm workers on Bellevue Wine Estate, who is Luna's sponsor. The Bellevue Choir will be performing alongside Luna at the two launches in the Western Cape. The song, titled "New Love", is an activist song about the abuse of women and children in South Africa. The documentary will be about Luna's involvement with Bellevue Wine Estate and the Bellevue Choir as well as a brief overview of this social problem in South Africa.

2009 02 16 - Luna met Bellevue Choir, Die Boer, Durbanville
2009 02 18 - Luna met Bellevue Choir, Klein Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch
2009 02 19 - Luna, Die Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein
2009 02 23 - Luna, Centurion Theatre, Centurion


"Luna, with sublime voice and amazing song writing skills so evident in Lullaby, Somewhere Beautiful, Revolution and Ou Karoo, has just released a second innovative album, Missing Pieces. When performing live, there's something extraordinary about this performer, with both her voice and her song writing skills shining through that much more brightly".

Diane de Beer - Pretoria News
"If Luna were from New York, she'd be the latest rage!"

Diane Donovon - Editor of World Discoveries
(An international world music website

Booking Contact:
Ilse van der Merwe / / 0834110901
Press Contact:
Louise Crouse / / 0214479877/0767051642

Jak de Priester - Stellenbosch Lovesong met Luna VID >>>

The Collection ..................................... 2007 LUNAMUSIC vetseun
1. Butterfly
2. Roller Coaster
3. Grapevine
4. Wasted Time
5. Lady
6. Winter's Near
7. Thunderstorm
8. La Luna
9. Lullaby
10. Fire Tonight
11. Cold Feet
12. Somewhere Beautiful
Bonus: Oggendlied

Luna het van hierdie bundel se woorde getoonset

2006 11 07, Café Barcelona, Elarduspark - Radio Vryheid/Radio Freedom: Radio Suid-Afrika + Kabous Verwoed + Luna + Henry Steel en geheime gaste AD de Vos + Bacchus Nel + Fritz Blitz
Miskien nie die soort bymekaarkoms wat mens moet probeer verwoord nie. Maar die verkeerde afdraai kan jou nog by die regte plekke uitbring vetseun...
Barcelona se donker tafeltjies en bier is nog dieselfde as vroeër vanjaar saam met Die President, toe was dit Rokkeloses en mense van Brixton, maar die keer is daar geen keer aan die diep ingelegte trots van die taal.
Die aand word afgeskop deur Kabous se woorde, van die bar vol jeugdiges ens. Tweede is Luna se klavierklanke wat haar perfekte stem begelei, met Henry Steel en Leon op kitaar. Radio Suid-Afrika is dan voor die mic en dis 100 Maal, saam met 'n Henry Steel track is die aand in beweging. Henry rock saam met Delta Blue.
Dis mic aflos tussen die Vryheidssingers, Kabous, Luna, Radio, Henry, sonder ophou of verskoning, net meer van "daai goeie goed". Met die sterk bewoorde ritmiese klank van Kabous se verse, Luna se bluesirige melodieë en Radio Suid-Afrika se amper patriotiese amper klaagliedere (ons oordramatiseer vir effek) en dan weer Henry se staalkitaar snare, word die aand diep in gekuier, soos 'n bosveldpad soontoe. Kabous doen nommers vanaf sy Beenkamers CD (!!), Luna doen 'n afrikaanse een (vir die aandele), Radio se Bid, Jy vermy (vir my) en Minder Is Meer is toe alles net nog inleiding ...
En dan is dit die geheime gaste wat uit die skadu's onder die ligte kom, eers Die Wolfman, met nuwe tonginniekies (koppeltekens word vir eers geboikot) nommers in die selfde stemming van sy reeds bekendes. 'n Lekker reminder aan hoe Bang ons mag wees, en daai een van die vrou in die veld ... Volgende is die luilekker droomtoring kitaar begeleide stem van Bacchus, die god van wyn. Daar is nuwe nommers, maar die stemme skree om in die Nag se Arms gevat te word, en hy gee in, met stukkende huis lekkerkry Raam Dit Met Die Son, en na nog skree Oppie Plaas. Hy word bygestaan en gevolg deur Swartskaap Blitz se harmonisering. Fritz speel self so paar songs wat die aand met elipse tot in ewigheid sal laat voortleef, later meer oor die Swartskaap ...

vetseunLAAI AF
Missing Pieces ................... RR059 2005 RHYTHM RECORDS
1. Sticky Situation
2. Roller Coaster
3. La Luna
4. Thunderstorm
5. Somewhere Beautiful
6. Fire Tonight
7. Far Away
8. Wasted Time
9. Butterfly
10. Cold Feet
11. Walking Out

vetseunLAAI AF
Luna ................................. RR054 2003/2004 RHYTHM RECORDS
1. Step Outside
2. All You'll Need
3. Lady
4. Four-Four Time
5. Grapevine
6. Lullaby
7. Winter's Near

ook op :
Eve - Garden of Song

flyers :
2007 09 12 - Luna (Vier Seisoene, gedigte van Elisabeth Eybers, N.P. van Wyk Louw, Marita van der Vyver, Karel Schoeman, Paulo Coelho, Engemi Ferreira, kitaar Henry Steel, baskitaar, Leon van der Westhuizen, tromme, Gideon Meintjies, video Kuns, Nathani Lűneburg), Centurion Teater, 20:00, R80
2007 09 14 - Henry Steel, Luna (met Henry Steel, Leon van der Westhuizen), Johnny Dopper en die Rubber Soles Band, The Bo, R50
2007 09 15 - Henry Steel, Luna (met Henry Steel, Leon van der Westhuizen), Die Sinkshack, 20:30, R50
2007 09 19 - Songwiters Club (Anika, Brenda Burnitt, Elrine-Louise, Natalie Chapman), Steak & Ale
2007 07 26 - Luna met Henry Steel en Leon van der Westhuizen, Café Barcelona, 20:30
2007 07 27 - Luna met Henry Steel en Leon van der Westhuizen, Back2Basix, 21:00
2007 07 31 - Luna met Natalie Chapman, Tings & Times, 21:00
2007 07 03 - Luna, Die Kombuis, Melville, 072 737 3895/
2007 08 08 - Radio Suid-Afrika VIDEO LAUNCH met Luna, Steak & Ale
2007 08 09 - Oppikoppi: The Way of The Dassie
2007 08 15 - Songwriters Club: Luna, Melissa van der Spuy en Natalie Chapman, Steak & Ale, 20:30
2007 07 16,17 - Jak de Priester CD LAUNCH met Luna, Centurion Teater
2007 06 01 - Luna, Henry Steel, Die Kombuis, Melville
2006 23 Augustus - Luna, en Lila and Jason, Woensdag, Steak'n'Ale, 012 664-5155
2005 07 15, Centurion Teater, Miss-Meraai Gauteng TOER met Petronel Baard, Alta Joubert, Luna
2005 07 14, Knypiekat Theatre, Miss-Meraai Gauteng TOER met Petronel Baard, Alta Joubert, Luna
2005 07 11, The Performer Theatre, Pretoria 012346 Miss-Meraai Gauteng TOER met Petronel Baard, Alta Joubert, Luna
2005 07 13, The Function Room, JHB Miss-Meraai Gauteng TOER met Petronel Baard, Alta Joubert, Luna
2005 07 10, Lucit Candle Carden, Rietondale, Luna
2005 07 09, Springs Civic Theatre, Springs Miss-Meraai Gauteng TOER met Petronel Baard, Alta Joubert, Luna
2005 07 08, Café Barcelona, Pretoria, Luna
2005 07 07, The Songwriters' Club, Randburg, Luna
2005 07 02, Lunar Café, Pretoria, Luna
2005 07 01, Back2Basix, Westdene, Luna
29 09 04, Dorpstraat Teater, Stellenbosch Luna
27 04-2 05 04, Clanwilliam Cederberg fees program Die Strassberger Hotel Rockfees met "Jong Bands", Skallabrak, Luna (met band), André Swiegers (met band en Réana), Gian Groen en Spinnekop, Cederberg All Stars Jam, Fokofpolisiekar
2003 25 11 - Independent Armchair Theatre, Obs Luna, Plush bastardmedia The Klippies and Cola Student Sessions
2003 18 11 - Die Mystic Boer, Stellenbosch Luna, Plush bastardmedia The Klippies and Cola Student Sessions

skakels : :

2022 04 07 - Dowe Digters: Luna, Vula Food Shack




2022 02 01 - Luna Paige, Schalk Joubert, Die Boer, Durbanville
2022 02 05 - Luna Paige, Schalk Joubert, Die Bôrdienghuis Teater, 19:00, R150
2022 02 12 - Valentine's Day: Luna Paige, Muratie, Stellenbosch

2021 12 28 - Luna Paige, Lions Club, Stilbaai, R150,

2021 12 10 - Luna Paige, Kunstekuiers 2021, 18:00, R150,

2021 11 28 - Luna Paige, Musiek Kombuis, 15:00, R150

2021 11 27 - Luna Paige met Schalk van der Merwe & Jannie Hanepoot van Tonder, Divas & Diamonds, Karoo Saloon, Barrydale

2021 11 21 - Luna Paige met Nick Turner, The Alma Cafe

2021 10 28 - Luna Paige, Cafe Casanova,

2021 08 04 - Luna Paige "Behold My Heart"

2021 07 19 - Luna Paige "Behold My Heart" - "I Long"

2021 06 03 - Luna Paige "Behold My Heart", Crowdfunding Competition,

2021 05 06 - Luna Paige, Respek, Waverley, Pretoria, Quicket
2021 05 07 - Luna Paige, Claassen & Company, Potchefstroom,
2021 05 08 - Luna Paige, House Concert, Midstream Estate, Centurion, Jacolien, 083 626 7810
2021 05 09 - Luna Paige, Mother's Day, Foxwood Theatre, Houghton, Johannesburg,

2021 04 23-25 - Luna Paige, McGregor, Barrydale, Stilbaai

2021 04 09-10 - Toyota US Woordfees Flikker & Flash: Anele Kose, Jane Mpholo, Busiswe Mahlangu, Nasfa Ncanywa, Bruce Geza, Veronique Jephtas, Luna Paige, Jerome Rex, Wilken Calitz, Chase Lutron, Anton Krueger, Gcina Mhlope, Chrystal Williams, Mondwe Mpuma, Hakkiesdraad, Wasgoedlyn, Danie Marais, Tribal Echo, Riku & Jackie Lätti, Die Hofmeyersaal, 18:00,

2021 03 13 - Luna Paige, Die Bordingshuisteater, 13:00, R150

2021 02 28 - Luna Paige Trio, The Daisy Jones, 17:00, R150, R200,

2020 12 28 - Luna Paige, George Arts Theatre, 18:30, R150 - The Oakhurst Insurance

2020 12 23 - Luna Paige, The Bay Pasta Co., 19:30, R100

2020 12 18 - Luna Paige, Putstop Droë Vlakte, R150

2020 12 - The Hangklip Hotel & Plankies,
2020 12 12 - Luna Paige, Hotel, R100
2020 12 13 - Marcia Moon & Johan Smit, Plankies, Gratis
2020 12 16 - Craig Vee, Plankies, R50
2020 12 18 - Matt Carstens, Plankies, R50
2020 12 19 - Akkedis, Plankies, R100
2020 12 20 - Radio Kalahari Orkes, Hotel, R150
2020 12 23 - Gert Vlok Nel, Hotel, R100
2020 12 25 - Rofjol, Plankies, Gratis
2020 12 31 - Wonderboom NYE Party, Hotel, R100

2020 11 28 - Tuin Van Digters - Smeltkroes by Tuin van Digters: Luna Paige, Ramon Alexander, Frazer Barry, Devonecia Swartz, Breyten Treurnnicht, Jolyn Phillips, Shirmoney Rhode, Annemie Nel, Shaun Johannes, Muneeb Hermans en Henry Steel, Regie: Nicole Holm - NATi - RSG - Iluminar Productions - Clemen Gold

2020 - "Lockdown Rockdown" Artist Roster: Albert Frost, Luna Paige, Riaan Smit, Akkedis, Jake Gunn, Hugo Veldsman, Willim Welsyn, Femi Koya,, Riku Lätti/Die Wasgoedlyn, Kenny Hughes, Tuin, Jaco van der Merwe, Jeandré Swanepoel, Johnathan Martin, André Kriel, Wolfgang Marrow (Akoesties), Hoot 'N Anny, Christiaan Baartman, The Honeymooners and more... - Activation Media - OMG Orgasmic Music Gallery - STRAB - That Other Booking Company

2020 11 22 - Kaggelkuiers met Anton & Vrinne, Luna Paige, 15:00, Gratis, - Youtube Live - Facebook Live

2020 10 01 - Avec Mari Catering bied aan: Huiskonsert & ete met gaskunstenaar Luna Paige,

2020 09 26 - JBay Lees Fees: Deon Meyer + Luna, Heilna du Plooy, Lucia Prinsloo, Frank Numan, Zalman Davies, Ratheo Africa, Jan Ver Meulen, Bargain Books - Schweppes - Gordon's Gin - Seashells - Jeffreys Bay Tourism - Kouga

2020 09 13 - Luna Paige, Live on the Orgasmic Music Gallery Facebook Page, 19:00,, SnapScan, - Orgasmic Music Gallery

2020 08 07-10 - Her Blues featuring Luna Paige, Simon Orange and Ben Badenhorst, R120, - ClemenGold Gin - Drostdy Teater - 339South Productions - Iluminar Productions

2020 07 10 - Luna Paige: 21 Jaar Later met Frank Freeman, Schalk van der Merwe, Blake Hellbaby, R120, Webtickets - Iluminar Productions - Drosdyhof Entertainment - -

2020 05 31 - Petronel Baard And Friends - a Message of Hope: Godfrey Johnson, Riku Lätti, Stef Kruger, Riana Scheepers, Luna Paige, Phillipe Kangi, Jean Tunes Marais, McCoy Mrubata, Ben Schoeman, Gavin Jay, Jackie Lätti, Schalk Maas, Altan Ungerer, Jannie du Toit

2020 03 05 - We Are Songwriters: Luna Paige, The Gecko, New Harbour, 18:00, Gratis

2019 10 26 - Korreltjie Kantel Op Tournee In Belgie en Nederland: Zuid-Afrikaanse muziek- en toneelvoorstelling. Een ode aan Ingrid Jonker & André P. Brink. Korreltjie Kantel is een aangrijpend en intiem portret van verlangen, verboden liefde, verwoesting en onvoorwaardelijke overgave aan de hartstocht. Muzikanten: Luna Paige, Nick Turner, Jamie Jupiter, Acteurs: Christine Truter, Wessel Pretorius, De Nieuwe Liefde, Da Costakade 102, Amsterdam, 19:00, €15, €20
- Iluminar Productions - Clement Gold - Clement Gold Gin - -

2017 -

2015 08 29 & 30 - Harlekijn & de Zuid-Afrikaanse Dagen: Herman van Veen, Pops Mohamed, Coenie de Villiers, Karin Hougaard, Luna Paige, Anna Davel, Joshua Na Die Reën, Jaconell Mouton, Andries Bezuidenhout, Jannie du Toit, Landgoed De Paltz Soest, Nederland

ClemenGold en Zandvliet Wynplaas: Die musiekfees by die Wacky Wine feesvetseun
Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika: 5-7 Junie 2015

ClemenGold en Zandvliet Wynplaas het saamgespan om seker te maak dat Robertson Wyn distrik se Wacky Wine fees omskep word in 'n vreugdebelaaide, 3 dag geleentheid.

Die fees merk die bekendstelling van die eerste jaarlikse ClemenGold en Zandvliet Musiekfees en sluit ander wonderlike vermaaklikhede, soos onder andere kykNET se Tjiff en Tjaff, Rise and Shine yoga deur die Anahat span van Stellenbosch en spyseniering deur die gewilde Antoinette Events.

Die unieke samesmelting tussen CG en ZV is moontlik gemaak deur die onlangse koop van Zandvliet Wynplaas deur ANB Investments (die houermaatskappy van ClemenGold). Die opkomende Wacky Wine fees is gesien as 'n goue geleentheid om die publiek te nooi om die nuwe vennootskap te kom vier. Ons nooi die publiek om ons wyne, vroee seisoen ClemenGolds en die fantastiese musiekprogram saam met ons te kom geniet.

Die musiekfees is 'n langverwagte droom van die ClemenGold span. ClemenGold het uitgebreide verhoudinge met en ondersteun sleutel kunstenaars soos Luna Paige, Albert Frost, Simon Orange, Chris Chameleon en Lizz Meiring. Die ClemenGold en Zandvliet Musiekfees skop offisieel af met 'n openingskonsert op Vrydagaand 18:00.

Khan Morbee (hoofsanger vir Parlotones vir die afgelope 12 jaar) en sangeres / liedjieskrywer Luna Paige lei ons in die nuwe era vir Zandvliet in. Verwag twee sielvolle vertonings.

Rise and Shine word Saterdagogend om 08h30 aangebied deur die Anahat Wellness & Yoga Sentrum. Kom strek en yoga saam op die plaas!

Ons weet ook dat die kleinspan al van vroegoggend af bedrywig is. Dit is om die rede dat ons Spektrum Kinderteater (wat sedert 1991 vir oud en jonk vermaak) uitgenooi het om 2 magiese feeverhale aan te bied oor die naweek. Saterdagoggend word die bekende Rooikappie opgevoer. Dit word opgevolg met 'n kuier en groet sessie met die populere kykNET TV karakters, Tjiff en Tjaff! Bring jou kinders om 'n kiekie saam met die beroemdes te kom neem.

Voor besoekers die markiestent betree vir Saterdag se ongelooflike musiekprogram, kom loer gerus na al Zandvliet se beste wyne. Zandvliet is bekend vir hulle groot bottels! Beindruk jou vriende met 1.5 liter magnums en bottels wat tot so baie soos 15 liter wyn kan hou!

Saterdag se musiekprogram begin om 13h00 en hardloop tot ongeveer 21:00/22:00 die aand. Die program sluit van Suid-Afrika se beste liedjieskrywers, sangers en musikante in. Die skreeusnaakse en talentvolle Peter Mitchell (aka Pietman, Die Skot) tree as MC op en sal die gehoor deur 'n dag van non-stop oorspronklike musiek lei. Hy self sal ook optree. Liedjieskrywers en sangers wat die verhoog met Peter Mitchell deel is Simon Orange, Luna Paige, Nick Turner, Gerald Clark, Chris Chameleon en Albert Frost. The ondersteuningsorkes bestaan uit die formidabele baskitaarspeler, Schalk Joubert en top klas trommer, Kevin Gibson. Teen die einde van die program sal al die musikante saamspan vir 'n jam sessie van epiese proporsies! Moet dit nie misloop nie.

Maar! Daar is nog! Waar ander plase begin afskaal op die Sondag...stoom Zandvliet voort met 'n pret-belaaide program!
Begin die dag weer saam met die Rise and Shine span van Anahat. Kom yoga en strek heerlik saam. As jou kinders Rooikappie gemis het op die Saterdag kan hulle kom aansluit vir die vroegoggend teatersessie (9vm), Jan en die Boontjierank.

Die dag se verrigtinge sluit af met 'n wonderlike verrassing...die teatrale produksie, "Peels of Laughter and Barrels of Fun". Die unieke samekoms van talent, word aangebied deur die welbekende Lizz Meiring (Bizzie Lizzie) en sluit Heine du Toit (ClemenGold se voedseltegnoloog) en Jacques Cilliers (wynmaker van Zandvliet) in. Hulle stel die gehoor bekend aan spesiaal uitgesoekte ClemenGold produkte en paar dit met premium Zandvliet wyne. Chris Chameleon en Luna Paige sorg vir musikale vermaak en plesier.

ClemenGold en Zandvliet nooi jou uit om te kom deel in die viering van lewe, wonderlike vennootskappe, Suid-Afrikaanse wyne, -vrugte en -musiek!

Luna Paige is proudly sponsored by ClemenGold


2015 03 12 - Die Ander Konsert (Luna Paige, Gerald Clark, Frieda van den Heever, Nick Turner, Schalk Joubert, Ronan Skillen), Knorhoek, Woordfees, Stellenbosch, R120
2015 03 12 - Die Ander Konsert (Luna Paige, Gerald Clark, Frieda van den Heever, Nick Turner, Schalk Joubert, Ronan Skillen), Knorhoek, Woordfees, Stellenbosch, R120

2013 06 13-16 - Festival Voor Het Afrikaans: Literatuur: Antjie Krog, Ronelda Kamfer, Louis Janse van Vuuren, Etienne van Heerden, Gert Vlok Nel, Muziek: Luna Paige, Christoff Beukes, Radio Kalahari Orkes, David Kramer se Karoo, Stef Bos, Gerard van Maasakkers, Anne van Veen, Karin Hougaard, Emo Adams, Helena Hettema, Niël Rademan. Theater & Cabaret: My Naam is Ellen Pakkies en Theater aan de Braak. Rock/Rap/HipHop: Bittereinder & Tim Beumers, Van Coke Kartel, Wambuseun, Jack Parow. Film: Die Verraaiers, Die Wonderwerker, Rooiland. 13 @ Melkweg Amsterdam / 14-16 @ TAHS, Den Haag -

2013 05 18 - Voodoo Beach - Road To STRAB Party, Black Cat Bones (CD Launch "Beatpillar"), Bittereinder, Gerald Clark, Raoul and Black Friday, Natalie Chapman, Tombstone Pete, Stefan Dixon, Luna Paige, Arcade Empire, 15:00 - Arcade Empire - Carling Black Label - STRAB


2007 05 30 - Luna, Brenda Biddulph, Steak'n'Ale, 21:00
-foto's: Katvrou


2006 05 15 - Afrikaanse Potjiekos Konsert: - 'n Heerlike Verskeidenheid vir jou oë, Jou Ore, en jou Siel - Kristoe Stauss, Riku Lätti, Luna, Swart En Wit, Etienne Smit, Centurion Teater

2003 03 29-04 02 - Wingerdstok Lifestyle Festival: The Rudimentals, Afrotone, Surreal, Plank, Anton Goosen, Valiant Swart, Frosted Orange, Kobus!, Karen Zoid, Luna, Alta Joubert, Arbor, Akkedis, Piet Botha, Soulja, Golliwog, Threewater Sportsklub, Villiersdorp, R280 - Tassenberg - Musica

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