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Louis Fivaz

Louis Fivaz - Laat Dit Reën VID >>> (Geskryf deur Pieter Krugel)

Spesiale Uitgawe 2CD . HITCD010 2013 HIT RECORDS
Disk 1:
1. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
2. You're My Best Friend
3. Love Me Tonight
4. I Recall A Gypsy Woman
5. Amanda
6. Lord I Hope This Day Is Good
7. Lay Down Beside Me
8. Tulsa Time
9. Desperately
10. Come Early Morning
11. Down The Road I Go
12. Till The Rivers All Run Dry
13. I Believe In You
14. One Night In August
Disk 2:
1. Vlieër
2. Stadsverkeer
3. Maskers
4. Skaakmat
5. Wat Die Hart Van Vol Is
6. Klankgrens
7. Opsitkers
8. Gelukkige Ou
9. Vuurpeleton
10. Bottelwynbloublues
11. Sonder Jou
12. Karoonag
13. Londen Liefde
14. Sunnyside Se Strate
15. Hooglied Liefde
16. Pampoenkoets

Louis Fivaz needs no introduction, with 4 previous album releases he once again proves that he is an established artist that brings calmness and experience to his audience. Louis has always been an artist that is able to play with emotions and he is ready to soften the hearts of his fans with his newest special edition 2 CD gift pack release which includes, Die treffers van Don Williams, a brand new album giving tribute to the hits of famous country star Don Williams as well as the latest release of his original Afrikaans album Wat die hart van vol is
Louis decided to record 14 famous hits of Don Williams with which the South African audience would be very familiar with, enabling them to sing along to every song!On his live shows he also shares interesting facts and history of Don Williams s career as well as on his own career and where his love for country music came from!Like Don Williams, the gentle country giant, Louis also has a deep, rich baritone voice giving tribute to the hits like Amanda, Your e my best friend, Gypsey Woman and others! 'n Mens moes al liefgehad, kinders gekry en die lewe kon ervaar het om Don Williams se sielvolle ballades te kan vertolk meen Louis. Don Williams het met goeie eenvoudige musiek die wereld aan sy voete gehad. This album is highly recommended for any Don Williams or country music fans!
His original album, Wat die hart van vol is consists of 16 songs of which 12 of the songs came from his own pen. The album is produced by the experienced André Hartman (also known for his work with Juanita du Plessis). The cd's variety of songs speaks for itself, the sound is new and fresh, but also reminds one of legends like Gé Korsten, timeless and classic with strong melodies. Then there also is 4 new recordings of previous hits if you missed out on the previous releases! Once again Louis definitely has something to say, with his subtle wordplay of social topics and heartfelt words, Louis leaves you no choice but to sit back, associate and listen to what he has to say. Wat die hart van vol is honest and classic!

Louis Fivaz & Liza Brönner - Sonder Jou VID >>>

Louis Fivaz & Liza Brönner
Sonder Jou CDS (Lewendig By Die Liedjieboer) . HITSG001 2011 HIT RECORDS

Louis Fivaz is een van Suid Afrika se beste manlike stemme en liedjieskrywers, sy unieke klank betower oud en jonk. Liza Brönner is 'n pragtige jong kunstenaar en het al vele mylpale behaal met haar pragtige stem, as Idol deelnemer het sy goed gedoen en dit het haar weg oopgebaan vir groot dinge om te kom. Louis Fivaz en Liza Brönner saam is 'n unieke kombinasie vir oud en jonk, met 'n tydlose liedjie Sonder jou, geskryf deur Louis Fivaz sal min harte dit kan weerstaan. Vir meer inligting besoek of of

Wat Die Hart Van Vol Is... ... HIT002 2011 HIT RECORDS

As Die Gode Droom . CDEMIM 356 2010 EMI

Die Bok Regeer CDS ........................ 2009 EMI

Louis Fivaz - Tweede Seisoen
As Die Gode Droom . CDEMIM 334 2009 EMI
1. Somerblom
2. As Die Gode Droom
3. Van 'n Boer Ontneem
4. Solank Jy Weet
5. Wys My Die Plek
6. Hooglied Liefde met Catherine Jones
7. As 'n Man Verlang
8. Liefde En Parafien
9. Pampoenkoets
10. Bly Die Engel Om My
11. Waarheid Van My Hart
12. Die Man Langs Jou
13. Eerste Soen
14. Boemelaar

Louis Fivaz returns in 2009 with a stunning album of original songs that once again confirms why he's one of the most highly-regarded musicians working in Afrikaans music today.
The 14-track offering is titled "As die gode droom", and it's the follow-up to 'Tweede Seisoen', the 2006 album that saw this Free State-born artist return to music after many years away from the recording studio.
Fans of quality music will relish "As die gode droom", which mixes straight-ahead love songs with those that spotlight some of the most pressing issues facing South Africa today.
The album draws on a variety of musical styles - there are rocking tunes ('Bly Die Engel Om My'), upbeat numbers ('Pampoenkoets' among them) and enough ballads to deliver enduring listening for Fivaz's existing and extensive fan base.
As for the album's title - well Fivaz says simply that it is a reference to his love for singing. "I have been doing it for 20 years and still it's like a dream come true to me. I wanted to be able to say that and also pour my heart and soul into making this album because I want to give my fans the best album I can possibly deliver."
With "As die gode droom", Fivaz has kept true to his word, delivering an album that combines commercial appeal with deep-seated artistic integrity, all in a way that is sure to cement his standing as one of Afrikaans music's most talented.

Louis Fivaz - Tweede Seisoen
Tweede Seisoen ....... CDEMIM 281 2007 EMI
1. Beautiful Verby
2. Piet-My-Vrou
3. Londen Liefde
4. Ek Sê Maar Goodbye
5. Brug Na Jou Hart
6. Stamp
7. SMS
8. Sunnyside
9. Oom Paul
10. Tussen Treine
11. N1 Roete
12. Kinderdae
13. Raak Stil
14. Misdaad
15. Psalms Van 'n Digter

Laat Ek Die Een Wees . CDMFA104 1999 MUSIC FOR AFRICA
1. Laat Ek Die Een Wees
2. Jy's Liefde
3. My Love
4. Somer
5. I Love You
6. Boemelaargedagtes
7. Nou Of Nooit
8. Kan Jy Onthou?
9. Can't Stop Loving You
10. Lonely Nights

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