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Welcome Aboard ................ MESH017 2013 ONBEKEND

Liquideep, The multi-award winning duo is made up of Ziyon and Ryzor who met as friends first before their mutual love for music inspired the birth of Liquideep in 2007.
he duo's entrance into the music scene was marked by the anthem 'Fairytale' their first single, which went on to win multiple awards and set radio chart records across the continent. They have already worked and collaborated with some of the dance music and hip hop big names such as Lars Behrenroth, Teargas, Jamie Lewis and many others.With their first two albums Oscillations and Fabrics of the Heart reaching Gold and multi platinum status.

Feel It (Remixes) .............................. 2012 DEEPER SHADES RECORDINGS
1. Feel It (André Lodemann Remix)
2. Feel It (Stimming Vocal Mix)
3. Feel It (Stimming Dub Mix)
4. Feel It (Shur-I-Kan Vocal Mix)
5. Feel It (Shur-I-Kan Dub Mix)
6. Feel It (Original Mix)

Angel (Remixes) ............................... 2011 TRIBE RECORDINGS
1. Angel (Vocal Mix)
2. Angel (DJ Spen & Gary Hudge Radio Edit)
3. Angel (DJ Spen & Gary Hudge Long Version)
4. Angel (DJ Spen & Gary Hudge Dub)
5. Angel (Sean McCabe Remix)
6. Angel (Sean McCabe Dub)
7. Angel (Sean McCabe Dubstrumental)
8. Angel (Zepherin Saint Extended Vocal)
9. Angel (Zepherin Saint Tribeapella)
10. Angel (Zepherin Saint Dub)

Fabrics Of The Heart ........... 78127564
1. Angel
2. BBM
3. Something About You
4. Settle For Less
5. Slow Forever
6. Far Away
7. Dreams
8. Alone (SAMA 2012 WENNER)
9. Got it Goin' On
10. The Saint
11. Feel It
12. Synthetic Vibes
13. Alright
14. Still (SAMA 2013 Nominasie)

Fabrics Of The Heart .. CDRBL 538 2010 UNIVERSAL

Oscillations (House Afrika Sessions 4CD kompilasie) . SCCD 234 SOUL CANDI
1. Fairytale
2. Be Free
3. Rainy Days
4. No Trouble
5. Vio Ghetto Lin
6. 1st Day
7. Pulse Signal
8. Love Your Life
9. Deep Style
10. Hold On Me
11. Say So
12. The Way You Move

Fabrics Of The Heart (Repackage) . SCCD 219 SOUL CANDI

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