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Lark .
Gong Is Struck .......... NEXTCD 388 2012 NEXT MUSIC
1. Long Mantra
2. Ascending
3. Seek To Find
4. Afflatus
5. Stole The Moon
6. We Are Growing
7. I Am Zeus
8. Two Wolves
9. He Not A Man

'Mouth Of Me has won several awards including best South African After the success of Mouth Of Me, Lark produced second album Razbliuto, released in August 2006 to rave reviews from national. In April 2007, the album won a SAMA (South African Music Award) for "Best Alternative Album". Lark performed tracks from this album to a very excited crowd at the biggest event of the biannual Oppikoppi festival. Their performance was one of the biggest attractions and most celebrated of the event, leaving the overwhelmed crowds wanting more.
Soon thereafter, Paul was signed on as a produceAfter a time Paul Ressel felt it was time to leave South Africa and go to the UK and the band had to take a hiatus. In 2009, Ramfest (an annual South African music festival) invited Lark to perform for the first time in a year and to do a national tour, no one expected the level of support they received on that tour which only confirmed that Lark is indeed one of South Africas best loved acts.
The band released a live DVD titled A Dagger and A Feather of one of their greatest stage performances of their career at the Pavilion Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2010 Lark took on the stage at Ramfest once more to deliver their latest musical offerings along with some reworked tracks as well as launching their new single Vampire on their latest release titled V. The EP features before unreleased tracks Brave and Vampire along with remixes of Vampire by Mr. Sakitumi and Brave by electro producer Haezer. Gong Is Struck is their highly anticipated fourth studio album. Inge Beckmann provides pure dark decadence with her unparalleled ability to stun audiences with her voice and presence while the production is dark and glitchy.
Gong Is Struck presents a harder more intense Lark sound with a progressive, edgy and to the point sonic under current which will leave listeners disarmed and enthralled.

Brave EP ........................... ONR-006 2011 ONION RECORDS
1. Brave
2. Brave (Haezer Remix)
3. Brave (Karetus Remix)
4. Brave (Geometry Remix)
5. Brave (Hateboss Remix)
6. Brave (A B C D Remix)

V EP ..................................................... 2010
1. Brave
2. Vampire
3. Vampire (Mr. Sakitumi Remix)
4. Brave (Haezer Remix)

A Dagger and a Feather (Live) DVD . 2008
1. Black Swan
2. Around Swings
3. Grey Evening (Larkonepsy Remix - Mr. Sakitumi)
4. Yuralastine
5. Bionic Mind
6. Spider's Eye
7. Tricksy
8. Similar Siamese Sin
9. Thoughts
10. Creature
11. Clown Mayo
12. Russian Dolls
13. Half Eaten
14. Cradle Of Cable
15. Grey Evening
16. Heroin Mary

Razbliuto ................... CDJUST 134 2006 JUST MUSIC
1. Razbliuto
2. ...
3. Russian Dolls
4. Spider's Eye
5. Bionic Mind
6. Mouth Of Me
7. Yuralastine De Biao
8. Half Eaten
9. It's Not It
10. Cradle Of Cable
11. Clown Mayonaise
12. Thoughts
13. Reflections

is Inge Beckmann, Paul Ressel (Humaniser), Simon Fuzzy Ratcliffe, Sean Ou Tim (Mr. Sakitumi)

Mouth Of Me EP .................................. 2007
1. Black Swan
2. Heroin Mary
3. Moonlight
4. Grey Evening (Mr. Sakitumi Larkonepsi Remix)
5. Pearly Silver
6. Weights
7. Around Swings
8. Half Eaten (Jacob Israel Vancomycin Remix)

Mouth Of Me EP .................................. 2006
1. Grey Evening
2. Creature
3. Around Swings
4. Pearly Silver
5. Moonlight
6. Tricksy

flyers :
2005 07 22, Zula Bar, CT Groove Project #1 Lark, Parliament, Hamma, Microstripe,, Niskerone


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2010 12 20 - TERMINATRYX NOSFERATU Live Soundtrack and DVD LAUNCH, Lark, Dawntreader, K.O.B.U.S., V.O.D, Gandalf's complex

2009 02 27-03 01 - Ramfest III: Lark, Fokofpolisiekar, aKING, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Taxi Violence, Van Coke Kartel, The Dirty Skirts, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Foto Na Dans, Die Antwoord (aka MaxNormal.TV), V.O.D, Kidofdoom and many more Reggae, Electro and Metal Acts plus 2nd SA Air Guitar Championship, Nekkies Resort, Worcester, Cape Town - - - Hunter's

2008 02 29-03 02 - Ramfest - Beyond Boundaries 2008: Battery 9, K.O.B.U.S!, Van Coke Kartel, Taxi Violence, Fuzigish, aKING, Lark, The Awakening, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Foto Na Dans, Kidofdoom, Unit-R, Mind Assault, Pestroy, Rhuts, Chromium, Gadabout, Day Turns Night, Knave, Torment, Contrast The Water, Ashtray Electric, Spindle Sect, Failing Forward, Decimation Age, Antipathy, Yossariian, Falling Short, White Buzz (UK) - myspace - facebook -

2008 07 15 - Lark, Hidden Cellar, R30

2007 08 23 - Garden Light Productions: Lark (Cape Town), In The Name Of & Straatligkinders, Bourban Street, 21:00, R20

2007 07 17 - Lark met Howard Ward, Independant Armchair Theatre, 21:30, R30

BINNEKORT Mouth Of Me EP Remixes:
original 6 tracks remixed and remastered,
2 remixes- "Grey Evening" by Mr. Sakitumi and "Half Eaten" by Jacob Israel,
3 new tracks - "Weights", "Black Swan" and "Heroin Mary"
award winning music video "Moonlight", surround sound mix of "Moonlight"

2007 05 04 - Lark, Devil's Cartel, 88 Lounge, Norwood

2007 03 02, 03 - Ramfest: Twisted Playground: Battery 9, Fokofpolisiekar, Lark, The Awakening, Velve, Mind Assault, ManInSuit, 12th Avenue, The Real Estate Agents, Her Pretty Face, Spinnekop, Scarlet Host, Horrorcast, Noctivian, Ras Tami And The Warriors, Rhymatic, Donkermag, League Of Shadows, Jubilee, Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester, 17:00, R149, R169 - -

2006 11 24 & 25 - Klipdrift Robertson Rocks Music Festival: Koos Kombuis, Fokofpolisiekar, DNA Strings, Valiant Swart, Lark, Bed On Bricks, Taxi Violence, Dirty Skirts, Hog Hoggidy Hog, The Rudimentals, Lukraaketaar, Southern Gypsey Queen, Delta Blue, Boulevard Blues, Skallabrak, Zinkplaat, Verismo, Dream Soda, The Allstar Funk Four, Corné & Twakkie From "The Most Amazing Show", The Robertson Show Grounds, Weekend Ticket, R180 - Klipdrift


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