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Karin Kortjé


Forever And A Day .......... CDSTEP 117 GIANT STEPS
1. Forever And A Day
2. You Don't Know
3. Everything I Do
4. How I Wish
5. I'm Better With You
6. I'll Be Gone
7. Stealing
8. Some People
9. Nothing Left But The Music
10. Never, Never, Never
11. If I Can't Have You
12. Back In Your Arms
13. I'm So Ready

2005 Idols winner, Karin Kortjé finally releases her debut solo album - and it's a sophisticated adult contemporary winner! Titled FOREVER AND A DAY, Karin's debut album reunites the singer with producer, Johan Laas and Sony BMG Africa's Marketing and A&R Director, Dave Thompson, both of whom played an integral part in nurtirung her exceptional talent throughout the 2005 Idols process.
The result of Karin's time in the studio is a 13-track offering that does exactly what the Idols fans knew it would - that is place her exceptional voice centre stage on a diversity of songs that cover the range from pop ballads, to soul, R&B, and more. Alongside Laas, as producer, FOREVER AND A DAY also sees Karin work with Nhlanhla, another of Idols 2005's most special talents.
There are a multitude of treats on the album, including two songs that fans adored Karin for "Never, Never, Never" and "If I Can't Have You". Lead single to radio is the album's title track "Forever And A Day", a heartfelt, and moving ballad that elevates Karin into the pantheon of global singer's who are able to imbue material with an emotional power that never sounds strident.
There are plenty of other standouts on the album including the RJ Benjamin-composed "Nothing Left But The Music". "You Don't Know" punches through the air with a lightness that is infectious and reveals Karin's muscular voice for the thing of beauty that it is. "I'm Better With You" is funky and soulful, allowing Karin to own the song with an intuitive vocal phrasing that few can match - and it's the same with her delivery of the fabulous "Stealing".
And if there was ever any doubt about Karin's ability to stride into contemporary musical styles it's on the albums standout, "I'll Be Gone" which is delivered with a force that says everything about just how deeply this singer feels the emotions that are kept within the folds of songs. One of FOREVER AND A DAY'S most sriking tracks is "How I Wish", a song that reunites Karin with another Idols 2005 Top 10 finalist, Nhlanlha.
The song is awash with longing that both Karin and Nhlanlha capture in their impccable vocal delivery, offering up to South Africans a duet that is as strong as anything the likes of Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore can deliver. With an album as jam-packed as this is with material that speaks from and to the heart, Karin's career is on the fast-track to something really special...

Idols III: I'm So Ready CDS ...... 2005 BMG/IDOLS
1. I'm So Ready
2. Ordinary People
3. Joy To The World

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