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Kariba .......................... CDRED 612 1997 GALLO
1. Medley 1 - Interlude (Bob Marley) No Woman No Cry ....
2. A Shabby Little Hut
3. Baby Now That I Found You
4. Shy Girl
5. Medley 2 - Interlude (Kevin Kruger) I Can See Clearly Now....
6. Medley 3 - This Is Reggae Music....
7. Medley 4 - I Love You Yes I Love You (E. Grant)....
8. Medley 5 - Can't You See (P. Tosh).....

Kariba II LP ..................... RPM 1170 1982 RPM
Side 1:
1. Medley 1 (Interlude, I Can See Clearly Now, Mother And Child Reunion, Reggae On Broadway, The Tide Is High, Struggling Man, Wonderful World, Interlude, Tyler, Wonderful World Beautiful People, Cupid, Goodbye Yesterday, Rivers Of Babylon, Interlude, The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (K. Kruger, J. Nash, P. Simon, Marley, J. Holt, J. Cliff, S. Cooke, K. Kruger, UB40, J.Cliff, S. Cooke, J. Cliff, F. Farlan, K. Kruger, Creatore)
Side 2:
1. Medley 2 (This Is Reggae Music, There Are More Questions Than Answers, Wild World, Many Rivers To Cross, Lately) (M. Williams, J. Nash, Stevens, J. Cliff, S. Wonder)
2. Medley 3 (I Love You Yes I Love You, Can't Get Enough Of You, You Can Get It If You Really Want, Ooh What A Feeling, Hold Me Tight, The Harder They Come, Living On The Front Line) (Eddy Grant, Eddy Grant, J. Cliff, J. Nash, J. Nash, J. Cliff, Eddy Grant)
3. Medley 4 (Can't You See, Rok With Me, Don't Look Back, I'm The Toughest, Bush Doctor) (P. Tosh, Jean Watt, Robinson, P. Tosh, Peter Tosh)

RPM 00/576 - Kariba - The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Shy Girl 7" (1982)
RPM-PRO 18 - Kariba - Medley 1 / Medley 2 7" (1982)

Sensation LP .................. RPM 1160 1981 RPM
Side 1:
1. Interlude, No Woman No Cry, I Shot The Sheriff, Kaya, Interlude, Could You Be Loved (Medley) (K. Kruger, Ford, Marley, Marley, K. Kruger, Marley)
2. Interlude, Lively Up Yourself, Stir It Up, Positive Vibrations, Exodus, Coming In From The Cold, Root Rock Reggae, Jammin', Interlude (Medley) (K. Kruger, Marley, Ford, Marley, Marley, Ford, Marley, K. Kruger)
Side 2:
1. Sweet Sensation (L. Kong, R. Cogle)
2. Good Night Out (K. Kruger)
3. A Shabby Little Hut (B. McCoy)
4. Baby Now That I Found You (T. MacCaulay, J. MacLeod)
5. Shy Girl (K. Kruger)

RPM-PRO 14 - Kariba - Medley I / Medley II 7" (1981)

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