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Kalahari Surfers
vetseunLAAI AF
Babylon Mission Report In Dub ... 2021
1. Bavino Manifesto Dub
2. Sufferage Dub
3. Perverse Dub
4. Dub For Dyani
5. Skunk Atavistik Dub
6. Obscene Dub
7. Gwala's Ghost

vetseunLAAI AF
Babylon Mission Report ................. 2021
1. Bavino Dub Manifesto
2. Suffrage Cannibalism
3. Perverse Chrysalis
4. Jazz For Dyani
5. Obscene Instance
6. Skunk Atavistic
7. Riddim, Rime Reason
8. Mafika

vetseunLAAI AF
Chernobyl EP .................................... 2019
1. Reactor Number 4
2. Human Wrongs
3. We Have Made A Mistake met Ian Herman
4. Gated Village met Barry van Zyl
5. Reactor Number 4 (2016 Live rehearsal for Endless Daze festival)

vetseunLAAI AF
Un-0riginal Inhabitants .....................2015
1. Lagoon Squad
2. Force Publique
3. We Will Now Call Out The Names
4. Go Straight
5. Rainbow Hibernation
6. We're Still Digging That Tape
7. The Upper Level (Do You Really Care?)
8. Shovelling Earth At The Ming Tomb Reservoir
9. My Husband's Run Away
10. Hearing Voices (In His Head)
11. Divine Intervention Convention
12. S.A.B.C. (Its Not Gonna Happen)
13. Most Of You Will Be Listening
14. One Every Four Minutes

Kalahari Surfers & Barry van Zyl
vetseunLAAI AF
Gated Village CDS ............................ 2015
1. Sedated Village
2. Gated Village People

vetseunLAAI AF
Spinning Jenny EP ........................... 2015
1. Spinning Jenny
2. The Second Plane
3. Amplexus
4. Sleeping Ariadne

Kalahari Surfers & Ian Herman
vetseunLAAI AF
Density Wave Theory EP ................. 2015 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. We Have Made A Mistake
2. Density Wave Theory (Heavy Sound)
3. The Gallery Is Now Closed
4. How Many Hands

vetseunLAAI AF
Live in Moscow (Dvoréts Molodiozhi: 28 May 1989) . 2015 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Reasonable Men
2. Europeans
3. Golden Rendezvous - Part 2
4. Houghton Parents
5. National Party
6. Reconnaissance
7. Plan For Peace
8. Free State Fence
9. Medley: Underground; Teargas; Don't Dance; Mafikeng Road
10. 1999

vetseunLAAI AF
Videos ................................................. 2015 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. S.A.B.C.
2. ManRayBan
3. Reasonable Men
4. The Lost Soul Of Dr. Basson
5. Heavyweight (Live at Kippies)
6. The Four Pests
7. My Body Is My Weapon

vetseunLAAI AF
Un-Original Inhabitants ................... 2015 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Lagoon Squad
2. Force Publique
3. We Will Now Call Out The Names
4. Go Straight
5. Rainbow Hibernation
6. We're Still Digging That Tape
7. The Upper Level (Do You Really Care?)
8. Shovelling Earth At The Ming Tomb Reservoir
9. My Husband's Run Away
10. Hearing Voices (In His Head)
11. S.A.B.C. (It's Not Gonna Happen)

vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
Surfoplane .......................................... 2014 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Rare Riverine Rabbit
2. Elastic Sideburns
3. Flags Of Freedom
4. Funkfood Fighting
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Use A Strong Fork
7. Virtual Space Blanket
8. Wildcat Strikes
9. The Brand Manager
10. Perpetual Emotion

met Brian Rath, Hamish Davidson, Warrick Sony

vetseunLAAI AF
Digging The Tape (1982-83) .......... 2014 SJAMBOK MUSIC
- unreleased portastudio recordings 1980-82
1. A Simple Man
2. Press The Door
3. When At War
4. I Wonder Why
5. Elvis Is On The Line
6. Revolutionary Church
7. Mixed Marriages
8. Radio Today
9. Western Deep Levels
10. Headrest

vetseunLAAI AF
Tropical Barbie Hawaiian Surf Set LP . 2014 SJAMBOK MUSIC/PERMANENT RECORDS
Side One:
1. Intro Announcement (1987 East Berlin Gig)
2. Potential Aggressor (Sleep Armed 1986)
3. Teargas (Sleep Armed 1986)
4. Another Potential Aggressor (Sleep Armed 1986)
5. He's The Same As The Old Boss (Bigger Than Jesus 1989)
6. Play It Backwards (Living In The Heart Of The Beast 1985)
7. Living With Crime And Violence (Own Affairs 1984)
8. Fraud City (Excerpt From The Album Sleep Armed 1986)
9. Burning Tractors Keep Us Warm (Excerpt Pure Freude Double Single 1982)
10. The Voice Of Rage And Ruin (Own Affairs 1984)
11. Hands Move Across Things (Own Affairs 1984)
12. Limpet Mine (Own Affairs 1984)
13. September 84 (Own Affairs 1984)
Side Two:
1. What Sort Of Fruit?
2. Nineteen Ninety Nine (Living In The Heart Of The Beast 1985)
3. Zola & The Budget (Living In The Heart Of The Beast 1985)
4. Free State Fence (Own Affairs 1984)
5. Goldreef City (Bigger Than Jesus 1989)
6. Leaders Underground (Sleep Armed 1986)
7. All Afternoon (Excerpt From Maritzburg Band "The Four Horsemen" Rehearsal)
8. Waneer Sal Jy Kom?
9. Houghton Parents (Sleep Armed 1986)
10. Bye James (Excerpt From The Late Bernoldus Niemand' Answering Machine)

Retro active material from 1982-1989.

vetseunLAAI AF
Amoraim DJ Set @ Vortex2014 ...... 2014
1. The Relief Party
2. Parts Of Northern Natal (Tugela River Fairy Mix)
3. Fish Effect
4. Johannesburg & The Outlying Suburbs
5. Intimidation
6. The Lost Boy
7. Relax (It's A Sputnik Rice Field)
8. Giant Soul Catchers In The Sky

Warrick Sony & Barry van Zyl
vetseunLAAI AF
Release The Shale MP3 ................. 2014 SJAMBOK MUSIC

vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
1. SuNday the MorNing (GIANT MUTANTsquidMIX)
2. CoRRugAted IrOn (Bonhamix)
3. NaMakwAland (dAisycHainmiX)
4. SuNday the MorNing (ChurChMix)

vetseunLAAI AF
Most Of You Will Be Listening (Phiyega) MP3 . 2014 SJAMBOK MUSIC

vetseunLAAI AF
Many Are Afraid MP3 ........................... 2013 SJAMBOK MUSIC

vetseunLAAI AF
John Cage: A Dip In The Lake - Potenza (Remixed by Warrick Sony) MP3 . 2013 SJAMBOK MUSIC

Kalahari Surfers - Many Are Afraid VID >>>

vetseunLAAI AF
AGITPROP .......................................... 2012 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Ambush Street
2. Human Wrongs (Chernobyl 25th Anniversary)
3. Brother Leader
4. The Lost Soul Of Dr. Basson
5. Che Geuvara & The Voodoo Boys
6. Hostile Takeover
7. Close To Tears
8. The Last Tourist
9. Wings Of A Stingray
10. Black Southeaster
11. Without Slipping
12. Hide The Electricity
13. The Curse Of The Birds
14. The Actual Size
15. Caroline's Circle
16. Blue Light Brigade

vetseunLAAI AF
Live at the CTEMF ............................ 2012 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Intro - Vigilante
2. Lone Shark (The Pleasure Is Mine)
3. She Cries Out By The Gate
4. Wings Of A Stingray
5. I Don't Remember
6. Blue Light Brigade (Live Version)
7. Babalazi
8. Vok Jou

vetseunLAAI AF
Hopes Fade For Finding Survivors EP . 2012 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. The Four Pests
2. I'm Ready To Go
3. Vigilante
4. Sonic Bird
5. Blue Light Brigade
6. The Lost Soul Of Dr. Basson
7. South Africans

Van Coke Kartel & Kalahari Surfers - Smells Like Teen Prison Food (Jam Sandwich) VID >>> (2010)

met Van Coke Kartel
vetseunLAAI AF
Smells Like Teen Prison Food MP3 . 2010 SJAMBOK MUSIC

vetseunLAAI AF
One Party State ............. MIC1CD015 2010 MICRODOT MUSIC/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Blackness And Light met Lesego Rampolokeng
2. Cutting Yourself
3. A New Kind Of Leader
4. Gathering Data
5. Straight To The Hips
6. Relax met the late Alan Kwela
7. Parts Of Northern Natal
8. Every Eventuality
9. Frontiers Of Madness met Sarah Jane Mary Hills
10. Child Soldier
11. One Party State
12. Intimidasie
13. Fish Effect
14. In Transition
15. Minority Report met Lesego Rampolokeng
16. Youth League
17. Play Around With The Buttons met ESKOM and SABC

met Greg Hunter
Turntabla ............................. MZA 022 2009M.E.L.T.
1. Kunene Jazz Drive
2. Gita
3. Wading Through The Sea
4. Epupa Falls
5. What Is She Saying To Me
6. Dawn
7. Garuda Express
8. Another Goat
9. Lisa Upanishad

vetseunLAAI AF
Panga Management ..... MDCD009 2005 MICRODOT MUSIC/SJAMBOK MUSIC vetseunvetseun
1. Disarm Him (Country Music)
2. Slava
3. Mazda Village
4. Catch Them In The Act
5. Kavady
6. Braai Nylon
7. Tsa Na Na (Dubious Remix)
8. Popshield
9. Shack (Zim Remix)
10. Panga Management
11. Damn Fool
12. Disarm Him

vetseunLAAI AF
Music from Tall Horse .. MRCD008 2005 MICRODOT
1. The Mbira Effect
2. Zarafa
3. Raindance (septet)
4. Lovesick
5. Hunt
6. Travelling
7. Heavy Queen
8. Newsman (Invasion)
9. Strand (La Mer)
10. Science Link
11. Partchment
12. Science Link 2
13. Marseilles
14. Newsman (Caravan)
15. Glass Concerto
16. Newsman (Queen)
17. Killerkids in Lyon
18. Newsman (Dogs)
19. The Mbira Effect (Reprise)
20. Pasha
21. Cock Tales
22. Arrival
23. Bird Soup

alle info by loophole

met Chronic Clan
The Sound Of Dub 12" .. SELECT CUTS 6077 2005 SELECT CUTS
A1. Kalahari Surfers - Gangsta (Long Version) met M21
A2. Kalahari Surfers - Gangsta (DJ Dope's Ragga Dub) met M21
B1. Chronic Clan - Gimme Da Weed
B2. Kalahari Surfers - Into The Light

The Eighties Vol. 2 ........ MDCD008 2005 MICRODOT MUSIC
1. Our Leaders Have All Gone Underground
2. Running Out Of Time
3. Good Advice
4. Houghton Parents
5. Our Plan For Peace
6. Potential Aggressor
7. Teargas
8. Another Potential Aggressor
9. Brighter Future
10. Telly Phone
11. Goldreef City
12. The Maid's Day Off
13. Hippo In Town
14. Tongaat
15. Reconnaissance
16. Fraud City
17. Limpet Mine
18. Free State Fence
19. Surfer
20. This Land
21. Protect The People Of South Africa (Hillbrow Edits)
22. Golden Rendezvous
23. Crossed Cheques
24. September 84
25. Veraaiers

vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
Conspiracy of Silence .. MDCD006 2004 MICRODOT MUSIC/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. A Mercator Projection
2. Zuluz la Trek
3. Aerial Surveillance
4. Over The Presidential Palace
5. Kunene Jazz Drive
6. A New Chemical Entity
7. Locust Storm
8. The Stimulated Herdsman
9. Sustainable Development

skip-skip, gewig, knik daai kop musiek. nog 'n variasie op die musiek palet deur die Kalahari Surfers se nimmereindigende studio-sisteem, en hierdie is bold musiek, highlighted musiek, en stukke van hierdie musiek is onderstreep. ritmes met 'n stewige trance tribal invloed is die hoofidee en die kenmerkende klanksnit biblioteek word meer as 'n paar keer besoek om met ondermeer Himba, Venda en Zukile Malahlana se Xhosa te voorskyn te kom.
daar is nie baie tyd vir rondsit en tone tel met hierdie klankbaan nie, dit is dans musiek, waar die soniese Akasic Record en die netso soniese nuwe Muti Media miskien geharde skudders en stampers van ledemate teleurgestel het maak hierdie nege snitte dubbel-en-dwars op. met meer elektronies eksperimenteel klinkende nommers soos aerial surveillance tot drywende baslyne en standaard trance dromme op die meeste ander is beweging amper net so belangrik soos die verstaan wat in die goed opgesluit is.
behalwe die opvallende polities geïnspireerde titels word daar in die omslag meer inligting oor die oorsprong van die songs gegee, daar ook word verskillende globale situasies verlig onder (weereens baie) meer, soos AIDS, die verspeiding van die europieërs en verstedelikking...

Muti Media + Akasic Record 2CD ........ AFRICAN DOPE

For a limited time only, you can get two Kalahari Surfers CD's for only R150. 'Muti Music' and 'Akasic Record' will be available in our shop while Kalahari Surfers tour Europe on their African Soul Rebels Tour. Kalahari Surfers are a pioneering experimental crew from the 80's reformed for the Noughties with a series of delicious politically charged, quirky dub/downtempo releases with a strong African flava. -

vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
Muti Media ............... ADOPECD011 2003 AFRICAN DOPE/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Diengele (The Generals)
2. The Generals Walk Free .............. MP3 by OOO
3. Versatile Flying Options
4. Durga's Belt Of Skulls (Move Into The Light)
5. What Have They Done To You?
6. The Equator (Umlamli)
7. The Secrecy Of Science
8. Coptic Handcross
9. Slow Speed
10. You're Breaking Up (Press The Hash Key)
11. Herdsman
12. The Great Depression
13. Faust (Excerpt)

A Dope Day Out, Distrix Café (Opp Castle), CT 16 Des 03
met Teba, Chronic Clan, Black Dillinger, Red Lion, JJ
met DJ Dope, Juan Thyme, The Kalahari Surfer, Judah (Roots Sound), China & King Yellow (2Seven Soundsystem) africandope

soos ons al voorheen gesê het, ons het nie 'n puntesisteem nie, dit is weggegee. soos 'n dier wat jou dophou bring die aanmekaar bas 'n rustige soort spanning oor mens. met verskeie kenmerkende atmosferiese klanke en direkte ritmes word die dier vervriendelik en laat dans.
met 'n paar heel eksperimentele draaie en effekte kom die vol amper lewendige band gevoel meer elektronies oor as op "akasic record" alhoewel die stemming en pas daarvan volgehou indien nie versnel word nie. meer gestruktueerde liedjies, waar gangsta seker die debut op african dope se hoof liriek snit was, is muti media vol sulke rym en ritme minute. Lesego Rampolokeng dra woorde by op snit 4 wat vinnig in een van die woordkastele ontaard wat maande se uitwerk niks aan verander nie, sien end beginnings.

Ghetto Muffin
Paralyser .......................... MRCD001 2003 MILESTONE/FREE STATE MUSIC
alle musiek sluit Kalahari Surfers in. 'n ernstig gelukkige reggae dancehall bydrae wat hop en gloei vergemaklik tot die punt van oortuiging, indien jy nie daarmee begin nie.

vetseunLAAI AF
Djembafan - Groove Africa Remixes (Remixed by Kalahari) . DJPR0001 2002 PRD MUSIC/MICRODOT MUSICvetseun
1. Yinyale Letombe
2. Shisa Badakiwe
3. Drum Dance
4. Ntombe Emhlophe
5. Icili
6. Dance
7. Sofiya
8. Khawyleza
9. We Stay
10. Malibongwe
11. Nyankwabe

Sound & Pictures Cape Town
kompilasie ........................ #03 2002 MINI INTERNATIONAL
1. Moodphase5ive - Miles
2. Kalahari Surfers - Dig It
3. Kalahari Surfers - Gangsta met M21
4. Krushed & Sorted - Makesome Breaksome met Ernie
en ook
Fur - Horizon VID
Lard - Elevator Girl VID
mini video
"Kapstadt" tydskrif

Kalahari Surfers - Kicked By The Ball VID >>>

vetseunLAAI AF
Akasic Record ................. ADOPECD04 2001 AFRICAN DOPE/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Dig It (ook op African Dope Vol 01)
2. 9866
3. Kicked By The Ball
4. Shikhar Tal
5. High Ground
6. Gangsta met Mzi (ook op African Dope Vol 01), lirieke, M Mbutuma
7. Taako (ook op African Dope Vol 01)
8. Devi Dasi
9. Noise Rem
10. Gethsemane
11. Temptation, lirieke, Lesego Rampolokeng
12. Leka-Leka

'n aleesopnemende plaat, allesinnemende plaat. geen kop sal nie met Dig It begin skud nie. en kort voor lank is. Akasic Record is AFRICAN DOPE RECORDS se vierde Cd wat presies verteenwoordig wat die titel beteken. In kort is dit 'n alomteenwoordige suidelike Afrika klankbaan, volgeprop met blips en beeps en allerhande klanke wat klink soos Déjà Vu. In sy eerste solo album in 13 jaar, weerspieël Warrick Sony 'n mengelmoes van die invloede wat suidelike afrika-ners in die laaste dekade of twee musikaal gevorm het. Na die Cd vir die eerste keer deurgespeel het kan mens 'n duidelike progressie van Kalahari Surfers hoor. Asof Sony probeer wegbreek van die 80's politiek gemotiveerde satiriese musiek en nou sy talente in die studio opskerp om 'n bydrae te lewer eerder as om die NUWE beweging in musiek teen te staan. Watse tipe musiek is dit? Ek weet regtig nie, IDM? Dub? Trip Hop? Jazz? Funk? Lounge? House? Tradisioneel? DnB? Hip Hop? Wie weet. In my opinie is dit 'n unieke album wat lig werp op die kunstenaar se vermoë om musiekstyle van regoor die wêreldkultuur te kombineer en dit 'n "eie" gevoel te gee. 'n Voorbeeld : tr. 7 TAAKO en tr.10 GETSHEMANE gebruik Sony buitengewone samples van die Himba nasie van noord Namibië. Hy het die klanke opgeneem vir die klankbaan van sy dokumentêre film "Ochre and Water" wat oor die toestand van dié nasie verslag lewer. TAAKO is 'n stadige liedjie met 'n funky klaviererige melodie wat in die agtergrond saamsmelt met die bassline wat op sy beurt saamsmelt met al die ander kleurvolle klanke. En so gaan dit deur die hele album. Akasic record is soos die binneblad sê : "The record of all that is, has been, or will be. The invisible light, the basis of all."
Meeste van die instrumentele werk is deur Sony, die alleenlid van Kalahari Surfers, self gedoen. Hy gebruik, 'n baskitaar, 6 en 12 snaar kitare, dromme (live en samples), platespelers, keyboards, 'n tabla, sitar, udu pot en ander afrika en indiese percussion wat hy ook self deur digitale produksie meester. Hou 'n oor oop vir Lesego Rampolokeng wat voorheen saam Kalahari Surfers opslae gemaak het asook insette deur violis Cara Pentzhorn, MC Mzi van Ghettomuffin en basspeler Umhlanga Roxx (Die Wors Broers). Om meer van Warrick Sony te hoor gaan na

vetseunLAAI AF
Live Bait .............................................. 1999 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Durban Poison (Live With The Kêrels)
2. Backwash (With The Kêrels)
3. The Ballad Of Jequ Ngcobo
4. Tongaat
5. Durban Poison
6. Don't Dance (Live With The Lurchers)
7. Grensvegter & Europeans (Live In East Berlin 1986)
8. Fraud City (Live In East Berlin 1986)

met Trans Sky
Killing Time ............... BANGCD039 1998 TIC TIC BANG RECORDS/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Blue Flame
2. Dust And Bones
3. Michelangelo Dreaming
4. Memory Of Water
5. Durban Poison
6. Let's Go To The Beach
7. Killing Time
8. Limpet Mine
9. Dark Continent
10. Let's Built A Shack
11. Walking On Water
12. Temptation

vetseunLAAI AF
Let's Begin Now CDS ....................... 1998 SJAMBOK MUSIC

met Trans Sky
Heaven to Touch - Slow Thighs CDS . CDMFAS 116 1997 MUSIC FOR AFRICA/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Slow Thighs (TransSky Remix)
2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
3. Slow Thighs (Speedmix)
4. Slow Thighs - Walking On Water

Vol. 1& 2, 1985 - 1990 .......................

Vol. 1: The Eighties .. CU-RERKS1-CD 1996 RECOMMENDED
1. Grensvegter
2. Europeans
3. 1999
4. Township Beat
5. Safety Seat
6. Radical Style
7. Zola & The Budget
8. Song For Magnus
9. Reasonable Men
10. Play It Backwards
11. Trouble On The Way
12. Xmas In Krugersdorp
13. Let's Go Shopping
14. Bigger Than Jesus
15. The Last Kick / On Verwoerd In The Grave
16. National Party
17. Don't Dance
18. More Radical Style
19. Rewind
20. Silence
21. Don't Dance

this CD contains all of Living In The Heart Of The Beast and half of Bigger Than Jesus.

skakels : @rootsworld.comreview - @rerrecordings audio samples

Koos Kombuis, James Phillps & Warrick Sony
vetseunLAAI AF
Live at Dawson's ................................1991
1. Lisa Se Klavier & Shaun Naidoo's Perfect Chicken Briyani

Kalahari Surfers met Lesego Rampolokeng - Heavyweight VID >>>

met Lesego Rampolokeng
vetseunLAAI AF
1. Heavyweight
2. End Beginnings
3. Sebokeng Siege
4. Tapeworms
5. Treason
6. Dark Explode The Blues
7. Transitions
8. Desk
9. Guerilla
10. Rapmaster
11. Lightweight

ook op :
Mandela komp CD (1987) - Heavyweight, Guns And Pangas

LR skakels : @music.coza : : za@play 2 : m&g
skakels : - @rootsworld.comreview - islandlife.commandelasoundtrack

vetseunLAAI AF
Season Of Violence MP3s ............... 1990 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Facing A Revolution
2. Strange Fruit
3. Quick Scam
4. Lusaka Airport
5. Season Of Violence
6. State Banquet
7. Mr. Rajbansi
8. Corporate Holes
9. Media Show
10. The Great Resurrection
11. Meet The Revolution

met Shaun Naidoo .com
Season Of Violence .. L4 SHIFT (EY) 47 1990 SHIFTY RECORDS
1. Facing A Revolution
2. Strange Fruit
3. Quick Scam
4. Lusaka Airport
5. Season Of Violence
6. State Banquet
7. Mr. Rajbansi
8. Corporate Holes
9. Media Show
10. The Great Resurrection
i) The Effects Of Cruxifiction
ii) Deliver Us
iii) The Family
iv) This Little Land Of Ours
v) Meet The Revolution

vetseunLAAI AF
Urgent Release / Homecoming MP3s . 1990 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Homecoming
2. Urgent Release

A1. Urgent Release
B2. Running Out Of Time
B3. Limpet Mine

Beachbomb LP .................... RR38 1989 RECOMMENDED/SHIFTY RECORDS/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Plan For Peace
2. Good Advice
3. Running Out Of Time
4. Limpet Mine
5. Interrupted Service
6. Tongaat
7. Let's Go Shopping
8. The Last Kick / On Verwoerd In The Grave
9. Goldreef City
10. Reconnaissance
11. Bigger Than Jesus
12. Gutted With The Glory
13. National Party
14. Meet The New Boss (He's The Same As The Old Boss)

vetseunvetseunvetseunLAAI AFKOOP/BUY
Side Peace:
1. Plan For Peace
2. Good Advice For The Eighties
3. Running Out Of Time
4. Limpet Mine
5. Tongaat
6. Beachbomb
7. A National Party
Side Love:
1. Bigger Than Jesus
2. Beatle Love Song
3. Don't Get Fooled Again
4. Gutted With The Glory
5. Reconnaissance

verban vir Godslastering, sien Vol. 1: The Eighties

skakels : gajoobreview

Johannes Kerkorrel & The Kalahari Surfers
vetseunLAAI AF
Stille Nag CDS .................................. 1989 SJAMBOK MUSIC

Johannes Kerkorrel & The Kalahari Surfers
vetseunLAAI AF
Silent Night CDS ............................... 1989 SJAMBOK MUSIC

vetseunvetseunLAAI AFKOOP/BUY
Sleep Armed TC/LP ............. RR26 1987 RECOMMENDED
A1 Prologue
A2 Houghton Parents
A3 Healthy Way Of Life
A4 Potential Aggressor
A5 Remember The Corporals
A6 Golden Rendezvous - Part 2
A7 Leaders Underground
A8 This Land (Bab Boon, Pat Boon)
B1 Hoe Ry Die Boere? (bekfluitjie, Ekkus Van Niekerk)
B2 Mafikeng Road (tromboon, Jannie With The Golden Voice)
B3 Rademeyer's Letter To His Wife (Fraud City)
B4 Maid's Day Off (klavier, Bra Graeme)
B5 Potential Aggressor
B6 Greatest Hits / Teargas
B7 Brighter Future
- LIED VAN DIE DAG 2021/07/14 - Hoe Ry Die Boere? >>>

skakels : - recrecords

vetseunvetseunLAAI AFKOOP/BUY
Living In The Heart Of The Beast TC/LP . BRAC24/RRC24 1985 RECOMMENDED/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Dance Of The Young Fascists
2. Grensvegter
3. The Branch
4. Hoërskool Grenswag
5. Singing In The Rain
6. Europeans
7. Safety Seat
8. 1999
9. Township Beat
10. Zola & The Budget
11. Song For Magnus
12. Reasonable Men
13. Play It Backwards
14. The Voice Of Rage And Ruin

skakels : recrecords - planet logreview

vetseunvetseunLAAI AFKOOP/BUY
A1 Free State Fence
A2 Surfer
A3 Prayer For Civilisation
A4 Hillbrow I
A5 Hillbrow II
B1 Hippo In Town
B2 Independence Day
B3 Don't Dance
B4 Crossed Cheques
B5 September 1984
/ C&P Shifty Music (TC)
1. Free State Fence
2. Surfer
3. Prayer For Civilisation
4. Hillbrow 1
5. Hillbrow 2
6. Hippo In Town
7. Independence Day
8. Don't Dance
9. Crossed Cheques
10. .......................................
11. Prayer For Civilisation

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Burning Tractors Keep Us Warm 7" .. 1984 PURE FREUDE

vetseunvetseunLAAI AF
Gross National Product TC/CD . 235/ 2/OBS4 1983 SHIFTY RECORDS/235
A1 Ndincede (Help Me!)
A2 Messer Im Kopf
A3 Tolls Of The Trade
A4 Suburban Surface
A5 Putting Back The Cloud
A6 4 African Countries
A7 Stroll Through The Country
A8 Broederbond
B1 Upon Looking Up At The Statue Of Cecil John Rhodes
B2 Part Of The Empire
B3 Another Iron Fridge
B4 John Medlow
B5 Singing In The Rain
B6 Knife In Head II
B7 Scared Of The Police
B8 Man On Parade
B9 The Night Owl
B10 Gross National Product
B11 Cut Ups

met Brian Rath, Hamish Davidson, Warrick Sony

vetseunLAAI AF
Beat About The Bush EP ................. 1981
1. Beat About The Bush
2. Burning Tractors Keep Us Warm
3. Burning Mind
4. Try No Problem
5. Ten Dirty Fingers (Unreleased)
6. Third World Visionary Pilots (Unreleased)

Beat About The Bush EP ...... PF 17 1982 PURE FREUDE
A1 Beat About The Bush
B1 Try To Käwasaki
B2 No Problems In Capetown
C1 Burning Tractors Keep Us Warm
D1 Burning Track
D2 Beat About The Mind


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flyers :
2006 13 Oktober - in-SAN-ity 2006 Line-Up: Stage 1 (blunt magazine/Mutha FM) Nick E Louder (Mutha FM), Chris Klass (Mutha FM), Leo, Digital Dilemma, Los Diablos, Teba, Kalahari Surfers, Pops Mohamed, Mzwandile (Amapondo), 7th Son, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Apocalypse Cow. Stage 2 (Zuluwarrior Records), DMMT (Live), Dave Mac, DJ Psyfly (Mushroom Magazine) (GER), Brendon (Corona) (Sanskara Records/Zuluwarrior Rec.), Headroom (Live/DJ) (Nano Records/ Earthdance), Cooks (Nano Records/ Earthdance), Regan (Nano Records/ Earthdance), Lox (Vortex). Stage 3 The Island (Zula Sound Bar) World, dub and reggae, funk, chill DJs, Richard Summer of vetseunLove, Wakeboarding Show Andrew Bourne, Movement Yoga & Relaxation, Peter Pan Workshop, Story Telling Festival Tales, Healing, Drumming & Samba, Telling and Poetry, Story Telling Festival Tales
2005 07 27, Deer Park Café, Kalahari Surfers CD LAUNCH
2004 20 12 Vudu Lounge The Fantastically Festive Free Xmas Party The Kalahari Surfer, Markus Wormstorm, Blunted Stuntman, DJ Trouble, DJ Roach, DJ HoneyB, Da Minx
2004 16 12 Distrix Café (Opp Castle), CT A Dope Day Out AFRICAN DOPE SOUNDSYSTEM & KALAHARI SURFERS CD LAUNCH met Teba, Chronic Clan, Black Dillinger, Red Lion, JJ met DJ Dope, Juan Thyme, The Kalahari Surfer, Judah (Roots Sound), China & King Yellow (2Seven Soundsystem) africandope vetseun
1 09 04, Independent Armchair Theatre, Obs Loopholeflyerbk met Kalahari Surfers, Tykoon Suit (D-Form, Mr. Mo), Lionz Of Zion, Seven Ark
2003 07 12-08 17 African Dope Overdope LAUNCH Cape Town (Vudu Lounge, 79 church street) Jozi (115 anderson street, tokyostar bar, 206 carfax) Durban(the wavehouse complex) Stellenbosch (mystic boer) PE (52 parliament) Grahamstown (pop art café) Bloemfontein (mystic boer) en ook by Oppikoppi, Northam Krushed & Sorted, The Real Estate Agents, The Kalahari Surfer, HoneyB, Blunted Stuntman, Markus Wormstorm, DJ Trouble en Low, landswyd vir meer as 'n maand, moenie mis

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2014 09 24 - Shifty Heritage Music Festival: Tananas, The Genuines, Vusi Mahlasela, Urban Creep, Kalahari Surfers & Lesego Rampolokeng, Rian Malan, The Kêrels, Louis Mhlanga, Jonathan "Rat" Handley, Robin Auld, Jennifer Ferguson, Van der Want & Letcher, Matthew van der Want, Tony Cox, Simba Morri, 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown, Joburg!, 11:00 - Alliance Francaise Johannesburg - SAHA - SAMRO - Spier - Business and Arts South Africa - Institut Fracais

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