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Kabelo Mabalane (TKZee, Black Jack)
Immortal Vol. 2 ................ SICD 083 2012 SOUL CANDI

Immortal Vol. 1 ..................... SICD 052 SOUL CANDI

Hits Of Bouga Luv - The Early Years . CSRCD320 CENTRAL STATION
1. For As Long Ngisaphefumula
2. Zonke
3. Jiva Soweto
4. Mpinchi Gazi
5. Pantsula 4 Life
6. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
7. Reverse Yonhlaba
8. Meketeng
9. Ayeye
10. Sangena Sangena
11. Diepkloof
12. Askies Kiya Kena

Kabelo and Kwaito are synonymous. As one of the legends of Kwaito, Kabelo has had numerous smash hits with albums selling in excess of 100 000 units. The Hits of Kabelo "The early years" features 12 of his smash hits on 1 disc. A definite collectors' album for any Kwaito fan.

1. One King
2. Abongwana
3. Jealous Down
4. Ho Wakho Nawe
5. Take My Time
6. Groot Man
7. No Nonsense
8. Unganghlanyisi
9. Keep Me Going Lord
10. Shout

South Africa's best loved Kwaito Star, Kabelo Mabalane - better known by his fans as Bouga Luv. Needs no introduction and is an inspirational celebrity that most brands would be proud to be associated with. After recovering from drug abuse some four years ago, Kabelo has now found happiness in his healthy lifestyle and his path as a Christian. To push the barrier of his new lifestyle, Kabelo rose above expectation and beyond anyone's dreams by pushing his own mental and physical boundaries and successfully completing the ultimate human race in 2006 - the Comrades Marathon - to raise funds for charities close to his heart. Kabelo has just recently completed the 2007 Comrades Marathon where he raised money for "Hands of Compassion" Charity.
With all this under his belt It's no wonder his new album is entitled I'm a King.

Everybody Watching / And The Beat Goes On 2CD . CSRCD 272 CENTRAL STATION
Disk 1: Everybody Watching CD
Disk 2: And The Beat Goes On CD

The Kabelo Collection 3CD . CSRFCD 227 CENTRAL STATION
Disk 1: Rebel With A Cause CD
Disk 2: And The Beat Goes On CD
Disk 3: Everybody Watching CD

Exodus TC/CD . GLMC 004/GLCD 004 2006 GROOV LUV
1. Intro
2. Dubula Dubula Dubula
3. Siyakwazi Ukwenza
4. Kwaito General
5. Soya Jola met Zolani Mahola
6. High I Go met Umusa
7. Vutha Amajekeje met Black Jack
8. Yekela Uku Sms' Icherrie Yami
9. Abangazi
10. Ketsamaile Lefatse met Tsepo Tshola

Kabelo Mabalane, kwaito superstar and multiple SAMA award winning artist, has released his much-anticipated solo project after a 2 year break. The album entitled "Exodus" features industry heavyweights Zolani Mahola of "Freshlyground" fame, Tsepo Tshola, new kwaito super group "Black Jack" as well as new traditional gospel choir "Umusa" which is part of the Groove Luv Stable.
Kabelo, 30, rose to national prominence as a member of the superstar kwaito band TKZee and has enjoyed success with his solo projects since 2001. He is now sitting pretty, having sold triple platinum of his release "And the Beat Goes On" and almost double platinum of his last release in 2004.

The Bouga Luv Album . CSRFCD 209 2004 CENTRAL STATION

The Bouga Luv Album (Limited Edition 2CD) . CSRFCD 199 CENTRAL STATION
1. Intro
2. Sangena Sangena met Black Jack
3. Ngiyababonga Labantu
4. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
5. Jiva Soweto
6. Kusazoba Ngcono
7. Askies Kiya Kena
8. Nje Ngami
9. Amapantsula Ajabulile
10. The World Is Mine met O Winter
11. Unga Zondi Mina met Howza
12. Ready 4 Whatever met Howza
13. Mzambiya
14. The Superstar
15. Jiya Mona
16. Hamba Nathi
17. Ngizohlala Nginjena
18. Play That Song met Lira
19. Naka Okwakho

Everybody Watching ...... CSRMCD007 CENTRAL STATION
1. Intro
2. Amasheleni
3. Meketeng
4. Pantsula 4 Life
5. Let's Get Money
6. I'm Going Crazy
7. Sukuma Ndoda
8. Akuna Niks
9. Amasheleni
10. Pantsula 4 Life
11. Meketeng

And The Beat Goes On . CDRBL 323 2003 UNIVERSAL
1. Intro - And The Beat Goes On
2. Zonke
3. Reverse Yomhlaba
4. Ishaye
5. Izinto Zamampela
6. Umasbona Umaszenzela
7. Zibuzwala Kimi
8. Striving to Survive met O'Ryan Winter
9. Askies
10. Indlela Yami

Rebel With A Cause .......................... 2002
1. Intro - Rebel With A Cause
2. Diepkloof
3. Kutsa
4. Mpinchi gazi
5. Stay With Me
6. I Can Be
7. Nako Ifitlile
8. For as long Ngisaphefumula
9. Ayeye
10. Kgalemela Lenyatso
11. Jazz Lover, Undercover

Pantsula 4 Life ................................... 2000

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