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Just Jinjer (Just Jinger) com

2020 12 05 - Johnny Clegg - The Tribute Show, Emmarentia Botanical Gardens: Prime Circle, Just Jinjer, Karen Zoid, Black Coffee, Jesse Clegg, Soweto Gospel Choir, Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse, Francois van Coke, éVoid, Bright Blue, Cito from Wonderboom, Ella Mental, Sipho Mchunu, Zolani Mahola, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Majozi, Kurt Darren, Young Mbazo, The Parlotones, Lira, Arno Carstens, Matthew Mole, Emmerentia Botanical Gardens, 10:00

Milk & Honies ........... CDCURB049 2009 CURB RECORDS
1. Milk & Honies
2. Lost And Found
3. My My My
4. Mr. Morgan
5. Can I Have More (Michael Lloyd Mix 22)
6. Safer
7. Subject
8. What He Means (Akoesties)

Just Jinjer ................... CDCLL 7064 2006 COLOSSAL
1. Steady
2. Home
3. Time Of Your Life
4. She Knows
5. What He Means
6. 'Till I'm Done
7. The Spy Who Gave A Damn
8. Shine On You
9. Seasons
10. Fall Out
11. Here's To You (New Version)
12. East Coast Baby
13. Take Me There

Just Jinjer recently inked a new deal with SONY MUSIC BMG, marking their return to their original recording home with the latest album in their considerable career. The self-titled album from the South African rock group is the first full-length recording undertaken by the group from their Los Angeles homebase. It's also the band's first with a slightly different name, brought about by the pronunciation of "ginger" ('Gee-nger') in America.
JUST JINJER is produced by Sandy Chila, who has joined the band as a guitarist and keyboardist. Mathews and Chila are joined in Just Jinjer's current line-up by long-serving band members, drummer Brent Harris and bassist, Denholm Harding. The release of the new album marks a decade of existence for Just Jinjer.
The first single to be heard on radio is "What He Means", a soaring song that appeals for peace in the world.
There are plenty of other new songs on JUST JINJER, including "Shine On You", "Steady", "'Till I'm Done" and "Time Of Your Life". Also adding to the album's appeal are new versions of classic JJ songs like "Home", "Here's To You" and "She Knows".
The group earned platinum status with 1998's SOMETHING FOR NOW, and also did well with ALL COMES ROUND, HERE'S TO YOU, STRANGE WORLD and BOOTLEG ALBUM.

Bootleg Album .............. CSRFCD 185 2003 CENTRAL STATION
1. She Knows
2. Safer
3. Million Things
4. Speak Your Mind
5. Love You More
6. Home
7. Care About Him
8. Turn It
9. Table Talk
10. Riversong
11. Once Off Love
12. To Have Somebody
13. Harder Than I Pretend

Collections ........................ CDBSP3171 BMG
1. Sugarman
2. Like You Mandy
3. Perfect Ground
4. All Around
5. Your Song
6. Wish I Could Have Told You
7. Home
8. Little Girl
9. Ahead Of Time
10. Stayed A Boy

Greatest Hits .............. CDCLL7048 2001 COLOSSAL
1. Shallow Waters
2. Sugarman
3. Father And Farther
4. No God?
5. Stand In Your Way
6. Like You Madly
7. Your Song
8. Painting Hours
9. Her Story
10. Paradise In Summertime
11. Too Late
12. Perfect Ground
13. For All We Know
14. Those Days
15. Here's To You
16. She Knows
17. Remember Me
18. Home

Strange World ............... CDCLL7041 1999 COLOSSAL
1. Your Song
2. Wish I Could Have Told You
3. Remember Me
4. For All We Know
5. Out The Way
6. It Never Did
7. The Moment
8. Go On
9. Sleep
10. Strange World
11. Overjoyed

Here's To You CAS/CD . L4CLL7029/CDCLL7029 1999 COLOSSAL
1. Perfect Ground
2. Here's To You!
3. All Around
4. Those Days
5. Painting Hours
6. Many Things
7. Her Story
8. Little Girl
9. Truly Faithful
10. Feeling Loving
11. No Friend
12. She Knows
13. Go Away

Something For Now CAS/EP . L4CLL7020/CDCLL7020 1999 COLOSSAL
1. Stayed A Boy
2. Paradise In Summertime
3. Wrong Again
4. Like You Madly
5. Sugarman
6. Today Again

All Comes Round ...... CDBSP7011 1997 BMG
1. Too Late
2. Ahead Of Time
3. Another Day
4. What Right?
5. Pretty One
6. All Comes Around
7. Father & Farther
8. Shallow Waters
9. No God
10. All Ways
11. Traffic Light Blues
12. No Idea
13. Stand In Your Way
14. Bit Of Respect
15. Baby Song
16. My Life
17. Just Going To The Bank

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