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Jub Jub
Fresh Air ...................... SSRBCD 112 2009 RARE BREED/SHEER
1. Intro
2. Jerusalema
3. Super Sonic
4. U Can
5. It's All Good
6. Love U Till The End
7. Goodtimes
8. Shammbula
9. Khal'Eskabani
10. Sweet Sensation
11. Iyeza

Jub Jub is no stranger to the music market. A proven sales history and mass acclaim from his "Rare Breed" album, which featured the smash hit "Ndikokele" sets the trend of what to expect on this new release - "Fresh Air". This 11 track sizzler features some of South Africa's finest producers such as Amu, Zwai Bala, Guffy and Ivy League who have brought their best to this album; in which every track is a sure fire hit. Also featuring collaborations with artists like Kelly Khumalo, RJ Benjamin, Thembisile Ntaka and new singing sensation Tamarsha; combined with an elaborate, penetrating and extensive marketing campaign. All of this comes together to create an album with a unique and distinctive sound. A smooth blend of Hip Hop, Kwaito and Urban Pop (with Gospel influences and messages in several tracks), it is bound to appeal to a very wide spectrum of audiences and customers.

The Rare Breed ............ SHCD 061 2006 SHEER
1. Intro
2. Good Time Of Your Life
3. Go Girlfriend
4. My Mojo Back
5. Street
6. I Bet You
7. What You Want
8. Feeling Your Pain
9. Why---How Come?
10. Ndikolele
11. Skaate Ball
12. Tell Me
13. Jub This Jub That

Former teen-TV- star and Selimathunzi presenter Jub Jub (real name Molemo Maarihanye) bounces back with a notably impressive bang.
After a much deserved break from the industry, a more matured Jub Jub surprises all with the release of his fresh sounding 13 tracked debut solo album titled The Rare Breed. Of a particular note is the album's first single "Good Time Of Your Life" which is exceptionally well received on all radio stations.

My Shine ................................................ 2007 BONZO MUSIC

Simple As That ................ MMACD 001 MIGHTY MUSIC

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