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Juba - As Ek Eendag Ophou Droom VID >>>

As Ek Eendag Ophou Droom . LEOCD303 2015 LEO MUSIEK
1. As Ek Eendag Ophou Droom
2. Langebaan
3. Liewe Ma
4. Soveel Keer
5. Bosvarkjag
6. Protea
7. Waterbergdrome
8. Vat Jou Goed En Trek
9. Springbokspan
10. Bella
11. Bosveldmeisie
12. Wally Malan
13. Vaarwel

Juba - Oupa met Elné VID >>>

Juba - Skop Uit Jou Skoene VID >>>

Skop Uit Jou Skoene . LEOCD 282 2013 LEO MUSIEK
1. Skop Uit Jou Skoene
2. Een Dag
3. Botterbekkie
4. Oupa
5. 10 Uit 10
6. My Broer, My Bra
7. Belowe Jou
8. Hoeveel Nog
9. Bakgatboogie
10. Liewe Mandela
11. Warmbad Veilingskraal
12. Vadertyd
13. Gebed Van 'n Boer
14. Boer In Beton
15. Veerboot In Parys
16. Once Upon A Time
17. Steek Op Jou Hand

The very talented duo Martiens and Adriaan Joubert, better known as Juba, re-releases their repackaged album Skop Uit Jou Skoene with 5 brand new tracks. These two brothers have been singing together for 17 years. All of the tracks on the album have been written by Martiens. Their music is a combination of pop rock, dance, adult contemporary as well as boeremusiek . A combination of up tempo and ballads are part of their repertoire. The very popular video of Skop Uit Jou Skoene can be seen on channel 146 on a regular basis and on kykNET (channel 144) on high rotation. Their brand new video of Oupa has also been recently produced and will screen on Jukebox on 10 March 2013 along with their interview. Juba was also recently part of the Jukebox New Years concert. Juba's can be enjoyed by the whole family! They are unique in the style of music they make and the way they perform! These 2 farm boys can rock!

Skop Uit Jou Skoene ...... VCD5264 2012 VENUS
1. Skop Uit Jou Skoene
2. Bakgatboogie
3. Warmbad Veilingskraal
4. My Broer, My Bra
5. Gebed Van 'n Boer
6. Hoeveel Nog
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Net Een Dag
9. Oupa
10. Boer In Beton
11. Veerboot In Parys

Juba is the nick-name for Joubert, brothers Martiens and Adriaan. Martiens wrote all tracks on this album, including "Bakgatboogie", which was a hit in 2010 for Snotkop. He farms sheep and cattle in the Waterberg area, while brother Adriaan has followed a teaching caree. Here is a great talent find, and expect to do well with this lively and very listenable album.

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