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Jesse Jordan

2020 09 19 - Table Mountain Blues Summit 2020: Dan Patlansky (Full Electric Band), Albert Frost Trio, The Black Cat Bones, Richard Pryor Band 'Blues Meets Rock' Show, Sonic Citizen, The Wayne Pauli Trio, The Bootleggers, Dave Ferguson, Nhoza Sitsholwana Band (Featuring Nico "Smoke" Lawrence, Doc John, Derek Harper Jr., Charlie King, Jesse Jordan, Dean Coche, Mad Mouth Mike,, - Combustion Technology - Paul Bothner Music

Inconsistant Behaviour ... F1000460 2005 BOWLINE
1. Coming Clean
2. Moneyline
3. Flipside
4. Not Here
5. Soul
6. I Need
7. Satellite
8. There goes my Mind
9. Would I lay Down
10. Shotgun
11. I wanna hold your hand
12. Twisted Youth

In the South African music industry where success if often short-lived and the lifespan of bands even shorter Jesse Jordan Band is a musical act that is quickly attaining legendary status as having staying power of note. Known by now for their unabated gigging schedule, having performed at every major (and minor) music festival and event around the country, they have forged ahead to carve out their own niche in what can often be a relentless and intimidating industry.
Inconsistant Behaviour is their third full length release and is pure rock and roll laced with copious amounts of pop while refraining from being musically predictable. The fun is there along with loads of rock attitude and catchy melodies. You'll hear influences ranging from Nickelback, Live, Bryan Adams, Chilli Peppers, Bare Naked Ladies to even Limp Bizkit, making it a diverse recording without losing its underlying stylistic integrity.

skakels :

2016 04 26 - LifeStraw presents Live @ Hillcrest Quarry The Big Blue meets Rock Festival: Van Coke Kartel, Albert Frost Trio, Pebbleman with Jesse Jordan, Gerald Clark & the Deadman, Boulevard Blues & the Mojo Heads, Azurdee & the Blue River Band, The Black Cat Bones, Hatchetman - Computicket - LifeStraw - Paul Bothner - Fender - Combination Technology -

2008 10 11 - Lente Lawaai 2008: Prime Circle, Dirty Skirts, The Jesse Jordan Band, Southern Gypsey Queen, Beeskraal, Black Bull, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, R90, R250 - - Speaker Box - Checkers - Computicket - Shoprite - -

2007 09 01 - Lente Lawaai 2007: Prime Circle, Die Helde, Jesse Jordan, Zinkplaat, Rory Eliot, Foto Na Dans, Akkedis, Hosted by: Mark Palmer, Black Bull, Stellenbosch - - Sky Promotions

2006 03 03-04 - Paarl Wingerdfees bied an Rock met die Wingerdstok: Dozi, Chereé, Shine 4, Die Campbells, Gift, Bianca, Jesse Jordan Band. Anke, Die Jakkie Louw Band, Christo & Cobus, Arno Jordaan, Thys Die Bosveldklong, Akkedis, Skallabrak, Faure Sportstadion, R70, R80 -

2004 11 26, 27 - Jam Rock: Akkedis, Myburgh, New Porn, Delta Blue, Willim Welsyn, Fathers Of Invention, Boulevard Blues, Bed On Brix, Ivanhoe, Neptura, Spinnekop, Alta Joubert, Fokofpolisiekar, Southern Gypsey Queen, Jesse Jordan Band, SkallaBrak, Kicks Backpacker (1km van Ladismith), Klein Karoo, R150, R180 -

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