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Jeremy Taylor .info
Live in Chicago .................................. 2005
1. Black & White Calypso
2. Piece Of Ground
3. The Post-Apartheid Talking Blues
4. Somewhere In Africa
5. The Green And The Gold
6. Masanga
7. Republic Day
8. A Night To Remember
9. Lift Girl's Lament
10. Friends
11. Hoddle Twaddle
12. Prawns In The Game
13. Liberal Man
14. Love On The Sands
15. Mystery Play - I've Got My Rights
16. Safe My Mate

Shearing The Poms: Live In Australia . 1999

Ag Pleez Deddy ..... CDRED 608 1996/2004 FOLKSONG/GALLO
1. The Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs (Ag Pleez Deddy)
2. Ballad Of The Northern Suburbs
3. My Doll's House
4. Tsotsi Style
5. Lift Girl's Lament
6. Black And White Calypso
7. Confession
8. Hennie Van Saracen
9. Northern Side Of Town
10. Bonzifar The Baboon
11. Mommy I'd Like To Be
12. Clifton Beach
13. Jobsworth
14. Transplant Calypso
15. Go For The Gap
16. Safe My Mate

The Very Best of Jeremy Taylor ..... . 1996 PRISM LEISURE RECORDS
1. Jobsworth
2. Dog And Partridge
3. Vicar Of St. Brideswide's
4. Closing Time
5. Capitalist Dream
6. Transplant Calypso
7. Lift Girl's Lament
8. Pot Song
9. The Donkey's Charter
10. Love On The Sands
11. Ag Pleez Deddy
12. Prawns In The Game
13. Mrs. Harris
14. Rasper Jell
15. All Along The South Coast
16. Windmills
17. Liberal Man
18. Belle Of Barnstaple
19. Masanga
20. Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover Driver

An Evening With Jeremy Taylor ...... 1989

Jeremy Taylor Live At The Cherrytrees LP . 1984 JEREMY TAYLOR RECORDS

Stuff The L.P. LP ................. V33125 1984 MUSIC TEAM
Side One:
1. Bird On My Head
2. SA Blues
3. Soweto
Side Two:
1. Immorality Law
2. Huberta The Hippo
3. Igor

Go For The Gap / Crazy About You 7" . TRS 390 1982 PLUM
Side One:
1. Go For The Gap (J. Taylor)
Side Two:
1. Crazy About You (J. Taylor)

(Off the LP "Safe, My Mate!" TRC 3056)
Produced by Jeremy Taylor and Dave Pollecut

"Safe, My Mate!" LP ........ TRC 3056 1981 PLUM/TEAL
Side One:
1. Net 'n Oomblik (J. Taylor)
2. Bloemfontein (J. Taylor)
3. Go For The Gap (J. Taylor)
4. Crazy About You (J. Taylor)
5. Your Love Is Like A River (Rocket/Ann Dex)
6. Arme Mense (J. Taylor)
Side Two:
1. Safe My Mate (J. Taylor)
2. You're Not With Me Tonight (J. Taylor)
3. Drakensberg (J. Taylor)
4. Green And Gold (J. Taylor)

Backing Musicians:
Keyboards: Keith Hutchinson
Bass: George Wolfaardt, Ashley Kelly
Drums: Kendall Kay
Guitars: Jeremy Taylor, Jethro Butow
Harmonica: Dave Pollecutt
Backing Vocals: Malie Kelly, Kim Kallie
Concertina: Dirkie Smit, Barry Jarman
Special Voice Effects: Malie Kelly, Sandra Prinsloo

Engineer: Keith Forsyth
Produced by Jeremy Taylor and Dave Pollecutt

Jeremy Taylor of "AG PLEEZE DADDY" fame is back again with a brand new LP. The title "SAFE MY MATE!" once again highlights Jeremy's shrewd observance of the peculiarities and richness of :Southafricen" English. - omlsag

Ag Pleez Deddy And Other Hits LP . MMT 1051 1980 MAGIC MUSIC/PLUM
Side One:
1. Ag Pleez Deddy
2. Jan Smuts Airport
3. Friends
4. Mrs. Harris
5. All Along The South Coast
6. Love On The Sands
Side Two:
1. The Lift Girl's Lament
2. Transplant Calypso
3. The Northern Side Of Town
4. Masanga
5. Hennie Von Saracen
6. Confession

Live At The Festival Of Perth LP ..... 1979

Back In Town LP ............... ML 4328 1979 GALLO
- J.T. Live in Johannesburg -
Side One:
1. Jeremy's London Letter
2. Ag Pleez Daddy
3. Jan Smuts Airport
4. Friends
5. Chelsea Love Poem
6. Mrs. Harris
7. Jobsworth
Side Two:
1. Transplant Calypso
2. The Lift Girl's Lament vetseun
3. Masanga
4. All Along The South Coast
5. Love On The Sands
6. Ballad Of The Northern Suburbs
7. Liberal Man

Folksinger, humorist, satirist, social commentator, composer of childrens' songs, and writer of monologues and poems ...
Jeremy Taylor is all of these.
But above all he is loved by South Africans for his wry mastery in song and sketch of our idiom and idiosyncrocies.
His visit to South Africa this year is a joyful homecoming for the "Wait-a-Minim" songmonger who started a whole folk revival and songwriting movement here in the early 60's.
Jeremy is 39. Bom in England, he was educated at Newbury Grammar School, and Trinity College, Oxford, where he read French and Italian.
in 1959 he came to Johannesburg to teach at St. Martin's School, Rosettenville. His evenings were spent singing folksongs in coffee bars, and writing short stories and plays. At the suggestion ot painter Harold Rubin, Jeremy began to write his own songs and went on to co-compose and feature in the legendary folk review "Wait-a-Minim".
His song "Ag Pleez Deddy" rocketed to No. 1 in the charts, and assured Jeremy his place in South African hearts. After touring South African and Rhodesia for two years, "Wait-a-Minim" went to London's West End premiere it played at the Fortune Theatre for a further two years.
Jeremy then taught English Language and Literature at Eton for a short while before taking full time to the folk circuit in England.
He is well known on T.V. in Britain, and his songs have been commissioned and used in many documentaries and comment programmes. He has written songs for and worked with Cat Stevens. Together with John Wells he also wrote the theme to Joan Littlewood's long running production "Mrs. Wilson's Diary".
Since 1970 Jeremy has been refused permission to enter South Africa. His return visa was granted after lengthy negotiations by Des and Dawn Lindberg, who pledged 4 years ago to get his "ban" lifted.
As one whom South Africans regard with warm affection as their own songster, Jeremy makes a welcome and triumphant return to the South African stage, fresh from his highly successful West End solo season at the Boulevard Theatre in Soho.

Recorded live at the New Arena Theatre, Johannesburg, October 1979
Recording Engineer: Phil Audoire of Satbel Studios
Recomed using Audio Ltd. Radio Microphone system by CAT SOUND
Mixed and aurally enhanced at Satbel Studios. Johannesburg
Produced by Des and Dawn Lindberg

Done At A Flash LP ............ SFA073 1977 SWEETFOLK/JEREMY TAYLOR RECORDS

Jeremy Taylor Live At The New Vic LP . JT2 1976 JEREMY TAYLOR RECORDS

Come To Blackpool LP . SRLP 115 1975 SPARKS RECORDS

met Spike Milligan
Live At Cambridge University 2LP . RTD.4061 1974 RTC/SPARKS RECORDS
- An Adult Entertainment -
Side One:
1. Transplant Calypso
2. Lift Girl's Lament
3. Dustman In Chiswick
4. Pot Song
Side Two:
1. Crossroads
2. The M4 Freedom Talking Blues
3. Jobsworth
Side Three:
1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. Rheumatism Blues
3. Young Paul
4. The Donkey's Charter
5. Yesterday When I Was Young
6. Little Fly Calypso
Side Four:
1. Love On The Sands
2. Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover Driver
3. Ag Pleez Deddy
4. Australia
5. Goodnight Irene

Producer: Alan A. Freeman
Engineer: Ray Prickett

Piece Of Ground LP .......................... 1972 JEREMY TAYLOR RECORDS

Prawns In The Game / Mrs. Harris 7" . BRO 45 1977 BRONZE


Jobsworth / This Pub's Not The Same Anymore 7" . SRL 1113 SPARKS RECORDS

You've Got A Friend / You Can Close Your Eyes 7" . K160... 1971 WARNER

More Of His Songs LP . STL-5523/FO64357 1969 PHILIPS/FONTANA
Side One:
1. In The Name Of...
2. The Belfasters
3. Mr. & Mrs. Ferlinghetti-Smith
4. Pot
5. All Along The South Coast
6. South Africa Calling (1)
7. U.D.I.
8. Safety Valve
Side Two:
1. Three-Wheeler Man
2. South Africa Calling (2)
3. Transplant Calypso
4. The Immigrants
5. Parlement Of Foules
6. Old Cow
7. Chelsea Love Poem
8. Harvest Festival

Jeremy Taylor And Sydney Carter Live At Eton LP . 1969 FONTANA

met Sydney Carter
Jeremy Taylor And His Songs LP . STL-5475 1968 PHILIPS/FONTANA

Always Something New Out Of Africa LP . LK 4731 1964 DECCA

Wait A Minim! 7" EP ....... DFE 8581 1964 DECCA
Side One:
1. A Piece Of Ground
2. The Wee Cooper O' Fife
Side Two:
1. Ag, Pleez Daddy
2. Black-White Calypso

Minim "Bili (Minim The Second) LP . 1962 GALLOTONE

Jeremy Taylor LP ......... GALP 1239 1962 GALLOTONE
Side One:
1. Hennie Von Saracen (J. Taylor)
2. Northern Side Of Town (J. Taylor)
3. Confession (J. Taylor)
4. Lift Girl's Lament (J. Taylor)
Side Two:
1. Tsotsi Style (J. Taylor)
2. Old Willow Tree (J. Taylor)
3. Rock In Retrospect (J. Taylor)
.a. How I Love You (J. Taylor)
.b. Stupid Cupid (Sedaka, Greenfield)
.c. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Calhoun)
.d. Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On (Williams, David)
.e. Hound Dog (Leiber, Stoller)
.f. Teddy Bear (Lowe, Kal Mann)
.g. Blue Suede-Shoes (Carl Perkins)
.h. Baby You're So Square (Leiber, Stoller)
.i. Dream, Dream, Dream (Parish, McHugh)
.j. Let's Twist Again (Mann, Appell)
.k. Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Loewe, Lerner)
.I. My Old Mum (Harrington, Turner)

A few months ago, a hard-up school teacher, singing in a tiny Johannesburg Coffee Bar.
Today, South Africa's top English ballad singer, whose name is a by-word wherever people gather around record players.
That's the fantastic success story of 24 year old Jeremy Taylor- a story shown in the rocketing 80,000-disc sales of "Ag Pleez Deddy".
This amusing, rollicking ditty, sung in an original blend of English Afrikaans accents, has won the hearts of South Africa.
lt has done so because this Ianky, likeable Britishborn singer has found the magic secret of making South Africans laugh at themselves.
But there's more - far more - to Jeremy Taylor, than "Ag Pleez Deddy" as you will gather from this disc.
On it are five brand-new Jeremy Taylor numbers, ranging from the slow personal essay of "Confession", to the express train Kwela session-of
"Tsotsi Style".
He appears in a bewildering number of guises: As a road-side philosopher, crusader against war, friend of society's outcasts and foe of its stuffed shirts.
Whether he is singing of a Johannesburg Lift Girl's Trevails, a tiny tot's confusion in a strange adult world, broken love or a Tsotsi's mis-adventures, his numbers all have one thing in common - they are South African to the core.
Educated at Oxford, there is however nothing highbrow about Jeremy Taylor. Quite the contrary.
In "The Northern Side of Town" he mercilessly lampoons Johannesburg's cigar-smoking, starchedshirt high society.
Sung in a hilariously pompous Colonel Blimpish accent, it is a withering indictment of the snobbery of idle rich.
But his satire is not destructive. He laughs with, not at his victims.
His fun-making is kindly rather than vicious.
Take for example his "Lift Girl's Lament", which tells, with gentle but penentrating humour, of a hard-pressed lift girl in a big Johannesburg Department Store.
Or, "Hennie Van Saracen", the tale of a young man who is suddenly called up by the army.
Hennie, a typical crazy mixed up kid gets into various scrapes and ends up being expelled from the forces.
Yet Jeremy Taylor can also laugh at his own calling. The last numberf boisterous "Rock In Retrospect" is a delightful skit on the rock and roll cult, with brilliant take-offs of Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. A high-light ofthis L.P. is the exciting Kwela number "Tsotsi Style" (sung with penny-whistler Lemmy Special) in the pepped-up rhythm of Johannesburg's African townships.
This develops into an all-in session with
Jeremy Taylor shouting "Lethi Flutiami!" (Hand me my flute!), as he winds up playing a penny-whistle duet with Lemmy.
In these songs Jeremy Taylor reveals himself as an authentic grass roots South African folk singer - a spinner of tales about ordinary people, their troubles and triumphs, their joys and heartbreaks.
He is our only Burl Ives or Josh White - with one big difference: everyone of his songs is his own original creation.
What is more, they are sung in collegial language to the accompaniment of clever and dramatic guitar playing.
But Jeremy is no robot-like recorder of what he sees. He has a very definite point of view.
You can see this not only in his "The Northern Side of Town" but also in "Confession" where he hits out at the folly of nuclear war and society's narrowmindedness.
"Confession" has already been heard in the recordbreaking revue "Wait a Minim". The other numbers are all new. - CHARLES BLOOMBERG - omslag

Washington Square / The Egg Song 7" . PD.7-8799 GALLO/CONTINENTAL
Side One:
1. Washington Square (B. Goldstein)
Side Two:
1. The Egg Song (J. Taylor)

This Is Our Land / Mommy I Like To Be 7" . PD.7-8673 GALLO/CONTINENTAL
Side One:
1. This Is Our Land (J. Taylor)
Side Two:
1. Mommy I Like To Be (J. Taylor)

Ballad Of The Northern Suburbs / The Lift Girl's Lament 7" . PD.7-8590 1962 GALLO
Side One:
1. Ballad Of The Northern Suburbs - Jeremy Taylor (Taylor)
Side Two:
1. The Lift Girl's Lament - Valerie Miller & Jeremy Taylor (Bull, Taylor)

Jo'burg Talking Blues / Ag Pleez Deddy 7" . F 11502 DECCA

Jo'burg Talking Blues / Ag Pleez Deddy 7" . 45-F.11502 1962 DECCA
Side One:
1. Jo'burg Talking Blues (From the Show "Wait a Minim") (Taylor)
Side Two:
1. Ag Pleez Deddy (The Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs) (From the Show "Wait a Minim") (Taylor)

Production: Gallo (Africa)

Ag Pleez Deddy (The Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs) / Jo'burg Talking Blues 7" . PD 7-8531 GALLOTONE
Side One:
1. Ag Pleez Deddy (The Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs) (from the show "Wait a Minim") (Jeremy Taylor)
Side Two:
1. Jo'burg Talking Blues (from the show "Wait a Minim") (Jeremy Taylor)

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VS klankbaan LP ......... AMS-88002 1966 LONDON
VK klankbaan LP ............ SKL 4610 1964 DECCA
SA klankbaan LP ......... GALP 1221 1962 GALLO

Side One:
1. HUSH LITTLE BABY (American folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Andrew and Paul, guitars.
2. I CAME HOME (American folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Andrew, Jeannette, Paul, Jeremy (guitars), H. M. Bull Fiddle*
3. JO'BURG TALKING BLUES (Jeremy Taylor)
Jeremy (guitar)
4. I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING (Irish folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Paul, Jeannette, Andrew (flute, guitar)
5. I GAVE MY LOVE A CHERRY (English folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Paul, Jeannette, Andrew, Jeremy, Michel
6. BLACK-WHITE CALYPSO (Jeremy Taylor)
Jeremy (guitar)
7. LITTLE SIR HUGH (Barbadian folk song, apr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Andrew, Paul (African timbila, guitar)
8. THE CRUEL YOUTH (British Isles folk song, arr. Paul H. L. Tracey)
Paul (guitar)
9. THE BOLD LOGGER (Canadian folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Paul, Andrew (guitars), Jeremy (on mouth-resonated linguaphone)
10. THE STRANGEST DREAM (Nuclear folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Andrew, Paul (guitars)
11. CONFESSION (Jeremy Taylor)
Jeremy (guitar)
Side Two:
Jeremy (guitar)
2. HAMMER SONG (American negro folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Andrew, Jeremy, Michel, Paul, Jeannette, Marina, (Rhodesian mbira, guitar, drum, H. M. Bull Fiddle*, hammer, bell)
3. SINGLE GIRL (American folk song, arr. Peggy Seeger)
Jeanette, Andrew (guitar)
4. DEUTSCHES WEINLIED . . . WATSCHPLATTLTANZ (German/Austrian folk songs, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
The Company, (clarinet, tuba, guitar)
5. AYAMA (Nigerian folk song, arr. Andrew T. N. Tracey)
Andrew, Paul, Michel (guitars)vetseun
6. THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA (Devised by Leon Gluckman and Kendrew Lascelles; Aida. . . Michel Martel; musical arrangements by Andrew T. N. Tracey)
The Company (guitars, melodica, penny whistle, tea-chest bass)
7. AMASALELA (Xhosa/Mpondo folk song, arr. with lla drumming by Andrew T. N. Tracey)
The Company (four drums, rattle, clappers, bamboo scratcher)
*Home Made

Original Cast recording of:
Wait A Minim
The Original South African Musical
Direction And Original Idea By Leon Gluckman
The music arranged by Andrew Tracey.
Choreography by Kendrew Lascelles.
Original Compositions by Jeremy Taylor.
Settings by Anthony Farmer.

The cast. (From left to right as on Photograph)
Kendrew Lascelles • Michel Marte| • Jeanette James • Paul Tracey • Andrew Tracey • Zelide Jeppe (Suspended) • Marina Christelis (Squatted) • Jeremy Taylor

urgent note to 'wait a minim l.p.' owners YOU ARE NOW READING THE BACK COVER . . . THE FRONT COVER IS PROBABLY ON THE OTHER SIDE: - N.B. (for directions for turning over please see the other side).
the father of 'wait a minim' is not on the pretty picture . . .his name is leon . . . anyway he said "let's do a show ahem! of sorts" and we said ". . ."
so andrew and paul tracey got some folk and sang them (while they were humming strumming and drumming) and jeremy taylor wrote some songs and got the blues . . . and zelide jeppe sat down and started dancing . . . and jeanette james started . .. and michel martel started yodelling in tamil . . . and marina christelis started her best hibiscus but was told to put it down . . . and i practised the fast draw and kept my mouth shut (under intimidation).
then leon (surname gluckman i know because he signs my pay cheque) anyway leon started thinking ( - ? - ) and came up with the net result 'wait a minim' and he said "i think this is funny" and we said ". . ."
then we had this opening night and the people sitting out front also said ". . ." and the critics got very friendly and said ". . .?" (which makes a change) and here we are.
you will be pleased to note that this record has two sides and a hole in the middle and it will never need cleaning ('wait a minim' does not get dirty) for those who don't like it it will be noticed that this lp is easily changed into a dog biscuit after which it can be folded into three corners and used as a handkerchief which you may wave at stray minims without hurting our feelings . . . kendrew lascelles. - omslag

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