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Jason Hartman
On The Run ...................... CDCLL7078 COLOSSAL RECORDS
1. On The Run
2. Supafly
3. Break The Silence
4. Collide
5. Today met Sasha-Lee Davids
6. Chasing Stars
7. Mr. Mend
8. Hotel California
9. Save The World
10. Something In The Way
11. You're The One
12. Beginning To End
13. Love's Command

Jason Hartman is the luckiest guy in music right now. He's a down-to-earth farm boy who won a popularity contest and then got to call almost all the shots on his debut album. It doesn't get easier than this. But what has he done with this incredibly fortunate opportunity?

Idols 5: Break The Silence CDS . CDIDOLS112 IDOLS
1. Break The Silence
2. Everything I Do

Jason Hartman is seen as something of a global warrior by his fans. He's an enthusiastic environmentalist who hugs trees and tears up a stage, as his brilliant showing on Idols 5 has proved. Now the singer who first impressed with his rendition of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is on track to become a bonafide star! Jason's first professional offering is the single "Break The Silence". The single is backed by Jason's adored performance of "Everything I Do", which was a hit for Bryan Adams. The song proved to be one of Jason's most popular live moments during the Idols season when he performed it in the closing rounds of the show.

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