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Jaco van Deventer (Beeskraal; DJ Ossewa)

Jaco van Deventer - Opskud Collin VID >>>

Jaco van Deventer - Bosveldhotel VID >>>

Stadsjapie-Opskop ............ BM001 2013 BUSHVELD MEDIA
- Boeremusiek met skud
1. Stadsjapie-Opskop
2. Opkud Paul
3. Jolige Vingers
4. Hans Se Keurspel
5. Bosveldhotel
6. Wals Vir Oom Piet
7. Opskud Collin
8. Zambezi
9. Tiekie Se Vastrap
10. Konsertina Keurspel
11. Vastrap
12. Stadsjapie-Opskop (Remix)

Jaco van Deventer needs no introduction to the South African music industry. In 2003 he won the kykNET Sakkie Langarm competition hosted by Ollie Viljoen. He played the concertina and guitar in the Afrikaans-rock band Beeskraal and established himself in the Afrikaans music industry by performing with various Afrikaans artists. In 2011 he was elected to be a judge in the Varstrap competition that aired on kykNET. In 2012 he joined the band DJ Ossewa, taking on the character of Boetie Ossewa playing the harmonica, concertina, banjo, guitar and doing supporting vocals.
His most recent project is the album Stadsjapie-Opskop, for which he already won the SATMA (South African Traditional Music Achievement Awards) for the Best Boeremusiek Album in 2013. He plays the keyboard, guitar, banjo, concertina, harmonica and the bass guitar on the album which clearly shows his versatility as musician. He has managed to pump new energy into well known and much loved Boeremusiek tunes.
Included in this album are a few of his own compositions that promises to keep people dancing and feet tapping into the early hours of the morning!

Saam Met Boeremusiek Legendes DVD . BBRDVD 001 2011 BIG BOY RECORDS

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