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Henry Ate .com (Karma)
Seven Songs EP ..........................2003/2020
1. And And And
2. 27 Years
3. I Found Out
4. Just Live
5. Hey Mister (Live)
6. Falling Apart
7. Once


Torn & Tattered / 96 - 02 The Singles . CDEMCJ 6016 2002 EMI

96 - 03 - The Singles ........................
1. Henry
2. Just
3. Hey Mister
4. Tuesday Afternoon
5. One Day Soon
6. Second's Count
7. Madhatter
8. Prayer
9. Saints And Sinners
10. Outside
11. Life
12. Finally (Akoesties)
13. And And And**
14. 27 Years**
15. I Found Out**
16. Postcards**

South Africa's celebrated pop chanteuse Karma-Ann Swanepoel achieved national success in late 1996 with the release of her debut album "Slap In The Face" under the moniker Henry Ate at the tender age of 21. Two singles from that album occupied the top of South Africa's radio charts. In May of 1997, the first single "Just" sailed all the way to 1, followed by the second single "Hey Mister" which rose to the 2 slot a few short months later in September of 1997.
Success came like a tidal wave and the young waif-like beauty was swept into a fury of press and public adoration. Only working with the best players she could find, Karma's live shows possessed a certain magic and energy that drew sold out crowds everywhere she played. Henry Ate was quickly becoming a national institution. Henry Ate ended the year touring the continent with Skunk Anansie.
In 1998 Karma released her second album under the name KARMA. The album was titled "One Day Soon". Four consecutive singles from that album all entered the Top 10 - "Dr. Pepper", "One Day Soon", "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Seconds Count". Henry Ate went on tour that year with South Africa's most popular artist, Johnny Clegg. The year was capped off when Karma won Pop Album Of The Year at South Africa's SAMA awards (South African equivalent of the Grammy) for "One Day Soon". Karma appeared on the covers of the S.A. editions of People Magazine, ELLE, Cosmo, The Sunday Times, the London edition of TNT and many other national magazines as well as articles in Billboard etc. KARMA was soon headlining every major music festival in South Africa, and toured with Garbage in 1999.
In 2000, Henry Ate released their second (Karma's Third) album "Torn And Tattered" with top charted singles "Madhatter", "She's Alright", "Saints And Sinners" and "Prayer" and was subsequently nominated for Album Of The Year. By this point, Henry Ate had grown to be South Africa's most popular live act. Karma began producing other acts, writing songs for other artists, all the while compiling an impressive catalog of original songs.
In 2001 Henry Ate toured with Melanie C, and played an international gig in London at the Empire in Shepherds Bush. Also in 2001, the Henry Ate song "Just" was voted the 1 song of all time in South Africa by Radio 5 FM's listening audience. 2002 saw the release of "Henry Ate 96-02 The Singles" which includes all of the top radio hits plus four new songs and is the last album of her contract with EMI in South Africa. August 2003 saw the release of KARMA "Seven Songs" through Karma's newly formed independent label AMP (Ate Music Productions). Both projects have been a huge success for Karma, with the album achieving 3 #1 singles (And And And, 27 Years and I Found Out) in SA.
In November 2003 Karma-Ann made the move to the USA, where she started working as a solo artist under the name KARMA.

96-02 - The Singles . SMCD 187 2002/2007 SHEER/EMI
1. Jesus Made Me
2. Henry
3. Just
4. Hey Mister
5. Dr. Pepper
6. Tuesday Afternoon
7. One Day Soon
8. Second's Count
9. Madhatter
10. She's Alright
11. Prayer
12. Saints And Sinners
13. Outside
14. Life
15. Hey Boy
16. Finally (BONUS)

Torn & Tattered . CDEMCJ 5893/SMCD 186 2000/2008 EMI/SHEER
1. She's Alright
2. Madhatter
3. Two Seconds
4. I'll Be Fine
5. You Can Change
6. Sunshine
7. Isn't
8. #28
9. Prayer
10. Fat Lady
11. Seems Like
12. Saints And Sinners
13. I Should Have Known
14. The Whistle Song
15. Happy

Slap In The Face . BANGCD024/SMCD 185 1996/2008 TIC TIC BANG/SHEER
1. Jesus Made Me
2. Hey Mister
3. Mother Superior
4. Pandora's Child
5. Fashionably Large
6. Waves Of Salt
7. Eudaimonia
8. Henry
9. Mr. Blue
10. No Intrusion
11. So He Says
12. Station Bench
13. Just

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