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Zombies!Aliens!Vampires!Dinosaurs! . SMCD 175 2007 SHEER
1. All Of Your Love
2. Here (In Your Arms)
3. All Time Lows
4. Stuck To You
5. Homewrecker
6. Oh It Is Love
7. Baby It's Fact
8. Figures A And B
9. I Saw It On Your Keyboard
10. Touchdown Turnaround
11. Two Weeks In Hawaii

Hellogoodbye, will release their eagerly anticipated full-length debut Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs on 7 September 2007, in South Africa. Enlisting producer Matt Mahaffey (Self, Pink) Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! bubbles with Hellogoodbye's signature infectious tunes, but includes undertones of the group's good taste, like the Daft Punk-esque "Here (In Your Arms)," the Frank Sinatra/The Beach Boys inspired "Baby, It's Fact," and hints of New Order on "All Of Your Love." Even when Hellogoodbye slows it down on tracks like "Oh, It Is Love," you still can't help toe-tappin' to the beat. Zombies! is akin to a dance party on a tilt-a-whirl!
The first single, "Here (In Your Arms)" will also be the first video. The concept is Hellogoodbye to a tee, featuring a long building one-sided romance at a sleep away camp. The from afar affection turns into the real thing at the end of summer dance. And speaking of summer dances, Tommie Sunshine (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Killers) has worked on dance and club remixes of "Here (In Your Arms)."

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