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Halrika Breytenbach (C-Kruis)
Asem ................................ F1001873 2013 BOWLINE
1. My Hart Huppel
2. I Call You Father
3. Asem
4. I Will Wait
5. Breathe On Me
6. Hier Is Ek Nou
7. Giver Of Life
8. Gebed
9. To Worship You
10. Seisoene

Ever since she was little, Halrika Breytenbach has been dreaming of singing one day. Till the day she met God - then she realised that it is actually He who placed the dream in her. It is His dream. And that is what will make her sing always, as this is what she was created for by the Creator.

Today, all she wants to do is use her voice and music in honouring Abba Father for the gift she has received from Him. To let His Kingdom come, to bring heaven on earth. And to let His will be done.

"Asem" is her debut album with a combination of original intimate worship and powerful praise songs in Afrikaans and English composed by herself, but inspired by Holy Spirit. Her desire is that people will feel refreshed after listening to her music, in experiencing God's fresh breath breathing on them. Feeling healed and restored.

Previously, she was part of the Alabama student music group at the University of Potchefstroom, being a soloist and also ministered all over the country as part of the youth group C-Kruis in their worship band. She is currently a worship leader at the Powerhouse Worship Team in Cape Town.

At home, she is wife to her best friend and soul mate, Fanie and full-time mom of a beautiful three year old princess, Amé.

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