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Goldfish .com
Goldfish Presents Organic House 2 . CDBSP3329 2015 BSP

Goldfish - One Million Views VID >>>

Take Back Tomorrow CDS .............. 2013 SONY

Get Busy Living - Remixed . CDCLL7088 COLOSSAL
1. We Come Together
2. Get Busy Living
3. Humbug
4. In Too Deep
5. Call Me
6. Big Band Wolf
7. Get Busy Living
8. We Come Together
9. Call Me
10. Get Busy Living (Heds Remix)
11. Crunchy Joe
12. Soundtracks And Comebacks
13. Call Me

Goldfish - We Come Together

Get Busy Living .......... CDCLL7085 2010 COLOSSAL/BMG
1. Crunchy
2. Get Busy Living
3. Show You How
4. Call Me
5. Humbug
6. Brush Your Hair
7. We Come Together
8. In Too Deep
9. MY Rainbow
10. Big Band Wolf

Perceptions Of Pacha - Remixed 2CD . CDCLL7079 COLOSSAL
Disk 1:
1. Fort Knox (Troydon's Bullion Bounce Mix)
2. This Is How It Goes (Nacho Marco's Remix)
3. Sold My Soul (Nacho Marco's Summer Of Love Mix)
4. Cruising Through (Kyle Watson's Mix)
5. Coming Home (Dino Moran's Remix)
6. Hold Tight (Juan Diaz And Coco Silco's Remix)
7. Soundtracks And Comebacks (DJ Eako's Electro Mix)
8. This Is How It Goes (The 808's Remix)
9. Hold Tight (Shaun Duvet Vs Softserve's Remix)
10. Wet Welly (Tomas Hedberg's Remix)
Disk 2:
1. Just For Tonight (Brice Koeller's Cyclops Mix)
2. Cruising Through (Protocultures Mix) (2010 SAMA Nominasie)
3. Soundtracks And Comebacks (Craig Massiv Mix)
4. Fort Knox (Shaun Duvet Vs Softserve's Mix)
5. Coming Home (Nacho Marco Remix)
6. Cruising Through (Al Villeila Remix)
7. This Is How It Goes (Black Coffee's Radio Mix) (2010 SAMA Nominasie)
8. Just For Tonight (Tony Finger Mix)
9. Fort Knox (Heds Remix)
10. Soundtracks And Comebacks (Shaun Duvet Vs Softserve's Mix)
11. Are You Lulu (Al Villela's Remix)

Perceptions Of Pacha . MP002/CDCLL7072 PACHA RECORDS/COLOSSAL
1. Sold my soul
2. This is how it goes
3. Fort Knox (2010 SAMA Nominasie)
4. Hold Tight
5. Wet welly
6. Cruising through
7. Just for tonight
8. Are you lulu
9. Soundtracks and come backs
10. Coming Home
11. This is how it goes (Radio Edit)
12. Cruising through (Radio Edit)
is Dominic Peters en David Poole met Monique Hellenberg, Sakhile Moleshe, Max Vidima, Hlulani Hlangwani
It's hard to imagine that one of the most exciting live electronica acts in the world right now comes from a small city on the southern-most tip of Africa. But the success story behind Cape Towns' electronica phenomenon Goldfish, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Two Jazz musos hook up while studying music at varsity, and form a live electronic duo. They record an album themselves with little more than a double bass, a saxophone and a couple of synths. This self-released 'underground' album, Caught In The Loop, goes on to propel them into the stratosphere, with a cult-like following and numerous #1s in their home country. They take their incendiary multiple-instrument live act across the globe, with sold-out shows from Ibiza to Tokyo, from Dubai to Cannes. They open for giants Fatboy Slim, Mr. Scruff, The Audio Bully's, Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong and Stereo MC's. They are hailed as the Re-invention of the DJ, and voted best live act in South Africa.
This is Dominic Peters and David Poole, the unassuming surfer/jazz muso/electronic maniacs that are Goldfish. You couldn't find two guys more passionate about music, and if you've seen their live show, you will agree that 'Re-invention of the DJ' is about as close as you can get to describing what they do. Combining live instruments like Double bass, Saxophones, Keyboards, Flute, and Vocals with Samplers, Effects, Synths and a healthy dollop of freeform improvisation, Goldfish have hit a nerve on dance floors across the world.

Caught In The Loop . BLACKMANGO001/MP001 2006 PACHA RECORDS
1. The Real Deal 1
2. Times May Change You
3. Love And Hate
4. Mbira Beat
5. All Night
6. Egyptology
7. Wait A Minute
8. The Four Forty Five Blues
9. Last Tango In Paradise
10. Dream
11. Obey
12. From Zanzibar With Love
13. Highfalutin
14. The Real Deal (Radio Edit)
15. All Night (Radio Edit)

Goldfish come from one of the most beautiful cities on the African continent - Cape Town.
As South Africa 's electronic scene grows they are leading the way with their mix of electronic beats, live instrumentation and African flavor, bringing a unique sound to the genre. The group combine the sound of samplers, a groovebox and keyboards with live saxophones, flute, an electric upright base and an array of African percussion.
The lineup consists of David Poole, Dominic Peters and Mzaki Palele. All successful Jazz musicians, David and Dominic are also members of the acclaimed Jazz band Breakfast Included.
They have featured on numerous international compilations including the Breathe Sunshine series and a compilation titled Virgin Staff Picks which was compiled by the staff from the Virgin music retail group. These guys Kick ass live and we're confident they will be one of the biggest electronic acts to come out of the African continent. Their debut album Caught In The Loop comes with a DVD which features a live VJ mix to all their tracks (ideal for a home theater system) and an interview.

GOLDFISH are without doubt the most exciting live band in the country at the moment. Their unique blend of deep house grooves, live instruments and hypnotic vocal samples have made them the must-see band of the year."
Goldfish's wildfire rise to the top of the burgeoning South African music scene has been nothing short of extraordinary. In the year since their hugely successful debut album Caught In The Loop was released, Goldfish opened for artists including Fat Boy Slim, Mr. Scruff, The Audio Bullies, Stereo MC's and in the process brokering Album releases in the UK and Japan.vetseun
Voted best live act in 2006 by, their tracks have been released on compilations worldwide, with Number One Hits in South Africa on 5FM, numerous regional stations as well as reaching number one on the SAMP3 Download Charts. Hailed as the Re-invention of the DJ, their intensive touring schedule has seen them take their unique Cape Town sound to sold-out shows across the globe.
Both accomplished Multi-instrumentalists and Jazz musicians in their own right, David Poole and Dominic Peters have taken their grounding in Jazz and broken boundaries on the dance floor combining Samplers, Saxophones, a Groove box, Keyboards, Vocoder, Electric Double Bass, Flute and effect units into a spur-of-the moment, cutting-edge live remix performance. When performing live, they are DJ's so to speak, but with no predestined CD or Vinyl. Everything is created live, allowing a completely unique, spontaneous performance at every show.
"Whether it's performing to thousands on the beach in Cannes, rocking out a club in Japan, or playing a sundowner set in Cape Town, we just love what we do."
It clearly shows. With their infectious enthusiasm converting any audience they play to, Goldfish are sure to do the same to you.
Caught In The Loop is a double-disc release consisting of a CD, as well as a DVD, which features a documentary\interview, and VJ set by Iaminawe - mixing videos of Goldfish's live performance and animation to the sounds of the album.

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2015 11 28 - Jack Daniel's Park Acoustics: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: The Oh So Serious, BCUC, Shortstraw, The Black Cat Bones, Goldfish, Fullswing, Cabin Fever Floor: Kid Robot, Craig White, Kyle Cassim, Pop Art Live, Never Home, Griet 7th Birthday Stage: Sideshow, Haezer, Niskerone, Kid Robot vs Phizicist, Bobbejaan Floor: Sol Gems, The Hellcats, Cortina Whiplash, The Moths, The Slashdogs, 11:00, R200, R250, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Jack Black - Brent Black - Griet


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