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Gift Gwe
Back To You .................... CDSTEP 122 GIANT STEPS
1. Indlela Eniyiyo
2. Back To You
3. Chasind Lies
4. Madd Dogg
5. My Past
6. Mbowenies
7. Two Lovers
8. Messed Up
9. Kuzolunga
10. Lerato
11. The Long Run

In 2005, South Africans fell in love with Gift Gwe during the third season of Idols and now comes the singer/songwriter's stunning debut full-length album. BACK TO YOU is an original body of work bolstered by a high dose of funk, neo-soul and vocal delivery of exceptional distinction. Produced by the Jazzworx team (Lira) with RJ Benjamin, the album is heralded by lead radio single, "Back To You".
Steeped in old-school soul - the guiding light for Gift's most recent recorded work - the song is a remarkable platform for Gift's vocal and songwriting abilities. "Back To You" was co-written by Gift with RJ Benjamin, Justin Vee, Robin Kohl as well as Zwai Bala and T. Moloto. The result of this power-packed combination of creative talents is a song that's not unlike something that neo-soul artist, John Legend, would produce.
"Kuzolunga" is one as are the meditative opener "Indlela Eniyiyo" and the romantic ballad "Two Lovers". Gift's debut contains everything you would expect from someone so singularly focused on creating the best music he can. BACK TO YOU is polished, but has enough of an edge to keep it interesting; also heartfelt (on songs like highly personal "The Long Run") and modern. In short, Gift's debut album is filled-to-the-brim with an authentic soul that says everything about this extraordinary young man.

Idols III: Sometimes A Dream CDS . 2005 IDOLS
1. Sometimes A Dream
2. Senorita

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