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Gerald Veasley Wikipedia
Your Move ..................... HUCD 3130 2008 HEADS UP
1. Hear Now
2. Slip 'n ' Slide
3. So Close To The Sun
4. Greenwood
5. Your Move
6. Cross Currents
7. Three Tears
8. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
9. Travelling Light
10. Roxanne's Dance

Contemporary jazz bassist Gerald Veasley sees music as a pursuit that involves a combination of strategy, quick thinking and even a bit of blind faith, not unlike the game of chess. "There's a multiplicity of decision making in the game of chess, and there are consequences to every action," says Veasley. "In a lot of ways, making music is like that too. There are so many choices, especially in jazz, where the situation is never the same twice. That's always exciting to me. You're creating new scenarios at every turn. That's what drew me to this kind of music in the first place - the idea that it was always fresh, there was always an opportunity and a new challenge." That same combination of challenges and opportunities is at the heart of Veasley's 'Your Move', the latest - and perhaps most innovative and audacious - maneuver in the game that he's been playing since his early days in his native Philadelphia. But any good game involves more than one player, and Veasley has a couple of collaborators on hand that make 'Your Move' an intriguing gambit. Guitarist Chuck Loeb steps in as a formidable session player/producer and author or co-author of several tracks. Saxophonist and longtime Veasley band member Chris Farr also shares a few song credits.

At The Jazz Base ......... HUCD 3101 2005 HEADS UP
1. Shango
2. Valdez In The Country
3. Coup De Ville
4. Sugar Time
5. Deeper
6. Forever
7. On The Fast Track
8. Spy Is Back, The
9. Bread Puddin'
10. Celebrating Sipho

Velvet ............................ HUCD 3072 2003 HEADS UP
1. Coup Deville
2. Sarah's Song
3. Let's Do It Again
4. Velvet
5. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
6. Do You Remember
7. Luscious
8. Summer Kiss
9. Bread Puddin'
10. Forever
11. It's Alright (Tonight's The Night)
12. Still Movin' On
13. Home
14. Sunday Clothes (Reprise)

On The Fast Track ..... HUCD 3062 2001 HEADS UP
1. Waiting To Board
2. On The Fast Track
3. Do I Do
4. Next Stop Soulville
5. The In Crowd
6. Kickin' 22 Express
7. Heaven To Earth
8. You Asked For It
9. Sweet Rain
10. Deep Blue Samba
11. I Desire
12. Under The Cape Town Sun
13. Good Night Moon

Love Letters ................ HUCD 3052 1999 HEADS UP

Soul Control .................. HUCD 3038 1997 HEADS UP
1. Carolina
2. Love Is The Cure
3. Lady
4. Broad Street
5. Quiet Storm
6. Nobody Knows
7. As Blue As You
8. Deeper
9. Kyle's Groove
10. But When She Smiles
11. Earthworm

Signs ............................ HUCD 3027 1996 HEADS UP

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