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Francis van Dyke
Aandlied Van Die Voëls klankbaan LP . BRS. 325 1969 BRIGADIERS MUSIEK
Side 1:
1. Aandlied Van Die Voëls (G. Richard - Arr. Manny Parkes)
2. Royal Telephone (Trad. Arr. Manny Parkes)
3. Silver Bells (Ring In The Night) (Madden - Wenrich)
4. 10,000 Miles (Mayrose - Bruce)
5. Die Swaeltjie (Anton de Waal - Louie Roodt)
6. Maiden's Prayer (Arr. M.P. Ares)
Side 2:
1. Wagon Wheels (P. de Rosa - Hill)
2. Old Faithful (J. Kennedy - M. Carr)
3. Silver Threads Among The Gold (H.P. Danks - Arr. Manny Parkes)
4. The Sunset Trail (J. Kennedy - M. Carr)
5. Danny Boy (F. Weatherley)
6. Goodnight (Wood - Bibs - Conrad)

Country Fiddle LP ............. BRS. 222 1968 BRIGADIERS MUSIEK
- Direct from the Gé Korsten Show
Side One:
1. Goofus (Harold, King, Kahn)
2. Release Me (E. Miller, D. Williams, R. Young, R. Harris)
3. Oh Lonesome Me (Gibson)
4. Vaya Con Dios (Russel, Pepper, James, Peltz)
5. Laughing Violin (Mortenson)
6. Someday You'll Want Me To Want You (Hodges)
Side Two:
1. Tumbling Tumbleweed (B. Nolan)
2. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones)
3. Donkey Serenade (Wright, Forris, Friml)
4. Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld (D. Bosman); Ver In Die Wêreld, Kittie (Arr. F. van Dyke); Kaapse Draai (D. Bosman)vetseun
5. Orange Blossom Special (E.T. Rouse)
6. Hot Canary (Ray Gilbert, Paul Nero)

Francis van Dyke, the skilful virtuoso of the violin, has been delighting audiences for many years.
He was raised in the gay atmosphere of the vaudeville theatre. His father was one of the Continent's most polished acrobats.
Francis made his first stage appearance when he was nine years old.
With remarkable flair for the instrument he appeared in shows as a child wonder in such cities as BERLIN, COLOGNE, WARSAW, BUDAPEST, VIENNA, PARIS, FRANFURT, AMSTERDAM, PRAGUE, HAMBURG and BASEL to name a few.
From his fifteenth birthday, he spent five years at the Conservatorium of Music in Utrecht (Holland) from which he graduated as a Solo Violinist.
He was chosen for special concerts, one of which was a Royal-Command Performance.
By presenting popular classical items, inter-woven with pop music, Francis went back to the variety field of, Show Business, where he is happiest.
His presentation of such numbers as "SABRE DANCE, LAUGHING VIOLINS, HOT CANARY, GYPSY MEDLEY, 12TH STREET RAG, ZORBA'S DANCE, TICO-TICO, SQUARE DANCE" and many other well known numbers to the public, have taken him to success. His repertoire ranges from BACH to BEATLE music.
In 1953 he left the Continent for Australia to fulfil a contract with the Tivoli Circuit. He toured Australia and New Zealand with his talented act many times.
Nigntclubs, Theatres, Jazzclubs, Hotels, Television, Radio, wherever he has performed he, has been well remembered by enthusiastic audiences.
1961 -62 -63 Francis was offered they Musical Directorship for the show "HELIZAPPOPlN" and "STARNITE REVUE." As well as conducting the orchestra he also performed his own act to great acclaim.
In 1963 his act went to America to play in LOS ANGELES' Ambassadors Hotel, Desert Inn LAS VEGAS, Nightclubs in DALLAS and finally NEW YORK'S WORLD FAIR. From there to Europe, back in his home land he did the top rating T.V. Shows and many more nightclub appearances through the European Continent.
Returning to Australian audiences in 1966, where his highly polished act re-captured the hearts of every person in the clubs where he has worked.
In 1968 he thrilled audiences during the GÉ KORSTEN SHOW.
He can conquer any audience with his distinctive personality and subtle playing ofthe violin.
Francis van Dyke is another exciting and exclusive recording artist to join BRIGADIER RECORDS. - ALBIE VENTER

Technical Division ;
Produced by ALBIE VENTER
Photography and sleeve design by HENK OOSTHUYSEN
Repertoire by ROY EVANS
Recorded by David Erbstrasse, A.K.A.Studios, Johannesburg - omslag

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