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Ernie Smith
Roots Of Ernie Smith ..... SSCD 158 2013 SHEER SOUND
1. If Only You Were Here
2. Any Kind Of Love
3. Mary Kate
4. Always Love You
5. By Your Side
6. Hero's Song
7. Yesterday
8. Invitation
9. I'm So In Love
10. Let You Go
11. There's Only You
12. Love Has Brought Me
13. Mountain Top
14. Your Word

Blessed Man .................. SSCD 152 2009 SHEER SOUND
1. King Of Africa
2. Blessed Man met Jonathan Butler
3. Blessed Be Your Name
4. Let Healing Come Met Songs And Psalms
5. Here With Me met John Ellis
6. You Are Mine
7. Amazing Grace met Janine Price
8. I Will Stay
9. Nkosi Yam
10. Your Word met Neville Diedricks
11. Forever
12. Secret Place met Imelda Wroots
13. Mountain Top

Highly acclaimed and respected multi - award winner, Ernie Smith (4 x Samas, 1 x Kora and 1 x Metro FM awards, amongst many other nominations including one for this years SAMA's for "Best Contemporary Jazz") brings a new, different and brilliant offering to the marketplace! In this album, "Blessed Man," we hear Ernie strictly playing gospel music, in his own unique and inimitable style, a genre his haunting vocals and evocative guitar playing blend perfectly with. Ernie Smith has a massive fan base and network for this genre of sound and has an elaborate plan of marketing involving Rhema as well as many other churches nationwide as a solid launch pad. Be well aware that the public has been demanding this gospel release from Ernie for some time. Ernie is not chancing anything with this diversion, rather filling a void and demand in the marketplace that is readily apparent (one that will undoubtedly win him many more fans also). "Blessed Man" is a credible and quality album that features Janine Price, John Ellis, Neville Diedricks, Imelda Wroots, Songs And Psalms, as well as the world renowned Jonathan Butler and is of the highest quality.

Everything Around Me .... SSCD 130 2008 SHEER
1. Do You Remember?
2. Beautiful Woman
3. I Don't Wanna Cry
4. Like Everything Around Me
5. Hero's Song
6. Mountain Top
7. Baba Nelson
8. Through Your Night
9. Bernadette
10. I'm So In Love
11. Kissa
12. Please Say
13. There's Only You

My African Heart .............. SSCD 105 2005 SHEER
1. Ten Years Free met Kirk Whallum
2. By Your Side
3. Love Has Brought Me
4. Dance
5. Your Smile
6. Sandile
7. Kwa-Zulu - My Hometown met Jonathan Butler (2005 SAMA Nominasie)
8. Yesterday
9. Katelyn
10. I Believe
11. Losing You
12. No One Can Do
13. What If I?

Lovely Things ................... SSCD 087 2003 SHEER
1. Lovely Things
2. Love Don't Hurt Me Again
3. Odette's Song
4. Any Kind Of Love
5. Do You Know
6. Get Down On It
7. Always Love You
8. In A little While
9. You're The Only One
10. Let You Go
11. You're My Friend
12. Crazy

Child Of The Light ........ SSCD 065 2001 SHEER
1. Lonely
2. Thapelo Yaka
3. Crazy (Intro)
4. Crazy
5. If Only You Were Here
6. Come Dance
7. Child Of The Light
8. Mary Kate
9. Wentworth
10. Everything About You met Gloria Bosman
11. Invitation
12. An African Lullaby
13. Child Of The Light (Guitar Version)

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