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Eric Egan
"Percolate with Eric" - Volume 1 LP . ARLP 2017 R.R.C.
1. Autumn Concerto, Aubrey Stander (Piano)
2. Penniefluitjie-Kwela, Chris Smit (Penny Whistle)
3. Our Love Is Here To Stay, Judy Page (Vocal)
4. Brazil, Peter Scott (Organ)
5. Anna, Ken du Plessis (Guitar) . '
6. Melody D'amour, Flippie van Vuuren (Small Combo)
1. (a) To Love Again
(b) La Mer, Schalk Burger (Piano)
2. Volare, Michel Martel (Vocal)
3. Hacienda "The Dance of Salome", Taffy Kikillus (piano)
4. Honeysuckle Rose, Gerry de Vos (Violin)
5. Twist Street, Al Bentley (Vocal) ,vetseun
6. Red River Valley, Frikkie Fourie (Kwela Sax)

If you were to stop someone in the street and ask them to name the first Springbok Radio personality they thought of - nine times out of ten the answer would come back - ERIC EGAN. This is supported by the fact that a few years ago a poll was conducted to determine which of the many Springbok personalities was the most popular - Eric Egan came out a clear winner. Eric conducted his first breakfast session for Springbok Radio on May 1st 1950 and over the years has
gained such a tremendous and faithfull following that he is today without a doubt - Mr. Radio - South Africa! There are a number of firsts to Eric Egan's credit. He created the first indigenous vocal trio to broadcast over the old African Broadcasting Company in 1934. He wrote the first South African Murder mystery serial in 1937 "Murder by Moonlight". When Sir John Reith recommended the conversion of the old A.B.C. to the S.A.B.C. Eric Egan became the first News Editor. But perhaps the most important thing is that this LP is his very first Long Playing recording to be released and he sincerely recommends it to you.
Always extremely interested in furthering and fostering local talent, Eric has for years been imparting his specialised knowledge of broadcasting to students of radio. On this LP Eric is again to be found assisting young and talented performers like Michel Martel, Chris Smit,Judy Page, Al Bentley, realise their ambition. . During the broadcasts of the Percolate with Eric programme he has assisted many local artists on the road to record fame. This series of recordings under the title of PERCOLATE WITH ERIC VOL. 1 is a project which Eric has long been wanting to undertake. The results are on this recording for all to hear - a variety show in itself of the best South African Talent. We join Eric in wishing you happy listening - and percolating!

Having been in radio for more than 27 years it is difficult, as I have been asked, to talk about the many funny, tragic and human things and events that have occurred over more than a quarter of a century. Memories come crowding in on me. I've seen beloved colleagues come and go, I've had my share of triumphs and disappointments but if I were asked what I would do if I had my time over again I'd say - unequivocally - I'd go in for radio.
I eat, dream and live Radio and as a special request I would like to ask your help in dispelling a rumour that was persuing me for several years and that is that I was suspended for telling a questionable I story over the air. I say with all the emphasis at my command that never ever have I been suspended for telling a "Blue" story on the air. (The Percolator episode is a different story - of course).
I have always regarded myself as a guest in countless homes and I would never say anything that is likely to embarass my host or his kids.
May I hope that I will be spared to serve you - as faithfully as I have tried to do for the past 27 years - for another 27 years!
I now leave you with this little message (not forgetting this LP disc) . . . "I love you!" - ERIC EGAN. - omslag

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