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Murderabilia ................ ENMT101 2009
1. Remorse for What
2. She Picked Wild Flowers
3. That's Not What I Did, but Damn You're Getting Close
4. The Law is a Human Institution
5. Reina Amalia
6. A Fairly Normal Family
7. Airtight Alibi
8. Gross Mr. Meaner
9. Fresh Strawberries and French Fries
10. The Last Symphony
11. ABC - MAX
12. The Godfather of Matamoros

Enmity is a tapestry of sound, intensity, beauty, and passion, combining all these elements and more into one explosive experience. Enmity manage to coalesce brutal elements of creative metal riffs with overtones of melodies and harmonies, benchmark vocals and unsuspecting breakdowns which are balanced with interludes, keyboards and seraphic female vocals. Having made an impact on the scene from their very first gig, Enmity have broken and recreated the mould for the underground, setting the standard for quality live performance and song writing, both of which are extremely important elements to the band.
The 13th June 2009 saw the release of the full-length debut album, titled "Murderabilia". The 12 track album which flirts with concept themes is a reflection of the creativity, diversity, audacity and talent of this collection of exciting young musicians. Before going into studio to work on the album, and after many previous recording ventures, the band was able to find a sound they felt was without compromise, and also made the bold choice to scrap all their old material and work on entirely new songs. Murderabilia is a unique album that keeps you on your toes, with unexpected hooks and the uncomparable juxtaposition of vocal styles. A live performance that exudes a contagious energy on stage, the band is confident and comfortable with their set. With the intention to not only impress the audience, but rather leave an impression as well, Enmity reaffirm the old fans and secure brand new ones with every gig, and 2009 promises to be an exciting year.
July 2009 saw Enmity launch the album in Cape Town, followed by a successful national tour including dates in JHB, P.E., East London, Durban and a performance at the Grahamstown Arts Festival. Enmity supported both Underoath and Haste the Day on the Cape Town leg of their South African tours. In 2007 Enmity won the Bandit Battle of the Bands, including Ross Fenner winning the "best guitarist" award of the event. Enmity have been featured on a variety of media publications, including Blunt Magazine, Purity Magazine,, LMG, Locally Whipped, a variety of newspaper features and more. They have also been featured on university radio stations, including UJFM and UCT Radio, with both air play and interviews.

skakels :

2008 04 12 - GHXC Fest: André van der Walt, Yessirmistermachine!, Massacre On 64th, The Horrorcast, The Doppler Effect, Enmity, Valkyrie Fighter, Era Of The Hero, Day Turns Night, Round One, Knockout, Klein Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch

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