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Duffy Ravenscroft
Dans Met Duffy LP .... DCB(M) 129 1984 DECIBEL
- Vyf-en-veertig klavier- en danstreffers -

Evergreen Hits For Dancing LP . ORC 6069 1970 WORLD RECORD CO.

Memories Are Made Of This LP . ORC 6054 1970 WORLD RECORD CO.

Duffy Ravenscroft en sy Orkes
Let's Dance A Paul Jones LP . LK 4193 DECCA
Kant Een:
1. Kwela: Sadie's Shawl (Nico Carstens; Sam Lorraine)
2. Foxtrot: Your Kind Of Love (Nico Carstens; Anton de Waal)
3. Waltz: Little Cottage Round The Corner (Nico Carstens; Anton de Waal)
4. Foxtrot: The Happy Whistler (Don Robertson)
5. Rhumba: Green Eyes (Menendez)
6. Samba: Choo-Choo Samba (Godhino)
7. Slow Foxtrot: Melody Of My Heart (Flippie van Vuuren)
8. Bounce: Undecided (Shavers; Robin)
Kant Twee:
1. Kwela: Zambesi (Nico Carstens; Anton de Waal)
2. Quickstep: Nuwejaarsgees (Joe Freitas)
3. Waltz: Carolina Moon (Davis; Burke)
4. Medium Foxtrot: Moonlight And Roses (Black; Moret)
5. Tango: My Brander Koningin (Flippie van Vuuren)
6. Samba: Bongo-Congo Samba (Flippie van Vuuren)
7. Foxtrot: C'est Magnifique (Cole Porter)
8. Samba: Waterpandrafstap (Nico Carstens)

There cannot be many dancing enthusiasts in South Africa to-day who have not, at one time or another, stepped onto a dance floor to music provided by Duffy Ravenscroft, whether as a pianist with Nico Carstens' Band, or Hendrik Susan's Band, or with his own band which he formed in 1954, or as a popular recording and broadcasting artist.
Duffy's first recording for Decca was the highly successful long play party record: "SING AND DANCE VVITH DUFFY" L.K. 4187, in which his sensitive and tasteful interpretation of no less than 56 all-time Hit Tunes won him a further host of admiring and appreciative fans.
Decca presents herewith the second long play recording by Duffy Ravenscroft and his dance orchestra entitled "LET'S DANCE A PAUL JONES". Carefully Duffy has selected 16 very tuneful melodies, and has given this recording a truly international flavour by taking 7 numbers which have been prominent on the American and English Hit Parades and contrasting them with 9 favourite melodies by established South African composers.
Duffy is a polished and experienced pianist who has dedicated himself to the task of furthering the development of popular South African music. He is at all times happy to assist new composers, who have something of merit to offer, by recording and broadcasting their works. He is always meticulous in choosing numbers, which he feels will do justice to his particular style of playing, and which will at the same time give his listeners the greatest enjoyment, and in this respect he has an excellent ear for recognising a worth-while melody.
Duffy is still a young man in his twenties, and has only achieved his enviable success by conscientiously and consistently striving towards the goal which he set himself as a young boy in Frankfort where he was born. That goal was to perfect himself in the study of music, and to contribute something of real value to the musical demands and needs of our country. Duffy is steadily and rapidly achieving the popularity and distinction to which his pleasant personality, sincerity of purpose and untiring efforts entitles him.
Here then is a collection of evergreen melodies, arranged as a Paul Jones, and presented by Duffy Ravenscroft and his Orchestra, which will always remain a favourite party record, and which the discerning music lover will find essential to include in his record library of popular music. - ANTON DE WAAL - omslag

Duffy Gee 'n Partytjie 10" ....... GLP 111 GALLO
- U word hartelik uitgenooi na 'n partytjie om lekker saam te sing en dans met -
- Duffy Ravenscroft En Sy Orkes En Koor Met Paul Robinson -
Kant Een:
1. Sarie Marais; Suikerbossie; Bokkie; Boegoeberg Se Dam; By Die Ou Meulstroom; Bootjie Na Kammaland; Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk; Kaapse Draai; Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld; Hoe Ry Die Boere; Kaapse Draai; Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai; Hand Vol Vere; Boerekos; Plaastoe
Kant Twee:
1. Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies; Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg; Daar Lê Die Ding; Daar's 'n Hoender; Perdeby; Ver Oor Die Diep Blou See; Brandewyn Laat My Staan; Boerenoointjie; Die Windmeul Draai; Daar Kom Die Wa; The Sheik Of Araby; Stoppie; Margie; Januarie, Februarie, Maart; Somebody Stole My Gal; Goodnight Angel; Marta; Goodnight Sweetheart

Sing And Dance with Duffy LP . LK 4187 DECCA
- Duffy Ravenscroft and his orchestra and chorus - featuring Paul Robinson
Kant Een:
1a. Sarie Marais (Trad.)
b. Suikerbossie (Trad.)
c. Bokkie (arr. H. van Loggerenberg)
d. Boegoeberg Se Dam (Trad.)
2a. If You Knew Susie (De Sylva)
b. Toot Toot Tootsie (Kahn, Erdman, Russo)
c. Alexander's Ragtime Band (lrving Berlin)
d. When You're Smiling (Goodman, Shay, Fisher)
3a. By Die Ou Meulstroom (Trad.)
b. Bootjie Na Kammaland (C.M. van Weber)
c. Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk (P.I. Hoogenhout)
4a. For Me And My Gal (Meyer, Leslie, Goetz)
b. Swanee River (Foster)
c. Moonlight And Roses (Black. Moret, Lemore)
d. My Blue Heaven (Whiting, Donaldson)
5a. Kaapse Draai (D. Bosman)
b. Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld (D. Bosman)
c. Hoe Ry Die Boere (Trad.)
d. Kaapse Draai (D. Bosman)
6a. Cruising Down The River (Beadell, Tollerton)
b. Daisy Daisy (Ducar)
c. Que Sera Sera (Livingston, Evans)
d. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Ball, Graff Jr.)
7a. Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai (Trad.)
b. Hand Vol Vere (Trad.)
c. Boerekos (Joan Retief)
d. Plaastoe (Joan Retief)
Kant Twee:
1a. Swanee (Gershwin, Caesar)
b. I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (Woods, Dixon)
c. California Here I Come (Meyer, Jolson, De Sylva)
d. Chinatown My Chinatown (Schwartz, Jerome)
2a. Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies (Trad.)
b. Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg (Trad.)
c. Daar Lê Die Ding (Trad.)
d. Daar's 'n Hoender (Trad.)
e. Perdeby (Trad.)
3a. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Friedman, Whitson)
b. Always (lrving Berlin)
c. Ramona (Wayne, Gilbert)
d. Let The Rest Of The World (Ball, Brennan)
4a. Ver Oor Die Diep Blou See (Trad.)
b. Brandewyn Laat My Staan (Trad.)
c. Boerenooientjie
d. Die Windmeul Draai
5a. Side By Side (Woods)
b. You Made Me Love You (Monaco, McCarthy)
c. Lili Marlene (Leip, Schultze, David)
6a. Daar Kom Die Wa (Trad.)
b. The Sheik Of Araby (Snyder, Smith, Wheeler)
c. Stoppie (Trad.)
d. Margie (Conrad, Robinson, Davis)
e. Januarie, Februarie, Maart (Trad.)
f. Somebody Stole My Gal (Woods)
7a. Goodnight Angel (Wribel, Magidson)
b. Marta (Gilbert, Simons)
c. Goodnight Sweetheart (Biggs, Reid)

All The Things You Are LP . GALP 1477 1966 GALLOTONE

Time Out For Dancing LP . GALP 1355 1965 GALLO
Side One:
1. CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE Cha-Cha (David - Louiguy); IN A LITTLE SPANISH TOWN (Wayne - Lewis - Young)
2 ON THE REBOUND Featuring the Guitar of Ken du Flessis (F. Cramer); FOOTTAPPER Featuring the Guitar of Ken du Plessis Twist (Marvin - Welch)
3. ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE Shuffle Beat (Lerner - Loewe);
4. I WONDER WHERE MY BABY IS TONIGHT Charleston (Kahn - Donaldson); SOME OF THESE DAYS (Sheldon - Brooks); THE LAMBETH WALK (Gey - Farber - Siegel)
5. THAT OLD FEELING Slow Foxtrot (Brown - Fain); MOONGLOW (Hudson - de Lange - Mills)
6. GREEN EYES Rhumba (Menendez - Utrera - Weeds - Rivera)
7. BRAZIL Samba (Barroso - Russell)
Side Two:.
1. MY GUY'S COME BACK Bounce (Powell)
2. THE SINGING FLUTE Kwela (Arr. Ravenscroft)
3. THE REBEL ROUSER Rock (Eddy - Hazlewood)
4. ANEMA E CORE Beguine (S. D'Esposito); ANASTASIA (Webster - Newman)
5. WAIT TILL THE SUN SHINES NELLIE Dixieland (Sterling - Von Tilzer); MARGIE (Davis - Conrad - Russel - Robinson); PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME HONEY (McCree - Von Tilzer); THE DARKTOWN STRUTTERS BALL (Sheldon - Brooks)
6. THE SLEEPY LAGOON Waltz (Lawrence - Coates); ALICE BLUE GOWN (Tierney - McCarthy); I'M DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES (Dubin - Burke)
7. GESONDHEID VASTRAP Vastrap (Muller)

Today And Yesterday LP .. GALP 1118 GALLO

Alles Van Die Beste LP .... GALP 1098 GALLOTONE
- Groete van Hendrik Susan, Duffy Ravenscroft, Benny Bekker, Archie Silansky
Kant Een:
1a. Sarie Marais
. .b. Suikerbossie
. .c. Bokkie
. .d. Boegoeberg Se Dam
2a. Warm Patat
. .b. Die Graskop Polka
3a. Tant San Van Christiana
. .b. Hans Se Gemmer Dans
. .c. Sarie Marais
. .d. Suikerbossie
. .e. Wipneusie
4. Die Tjoeketrein
5. Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg
6. Ghitaar Pick Tango
Kant Twee:
1a. Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies
. .b. Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg
. .c. Daar Lê Die Ding
. .d. Daar's 'n Hoender
. .e. Perdeby
2a. Vat Jou Goed En Trek
. .b. By Die Ou Meulstroom
. .c. Ou Tante Koba
. .d. Januarie, Februarie, Maart
3. Kom Span Nou Gou Die Skimmel In;
En Ses Ander.

Duffy And His Big Dance Band LP . GALP 1065/SGALP 4 GALLO

More Sing and Dance with Duffy LP/Stereo . GALP 1062/SGALP 1 GALLO
Side One:
1. a) Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Donaldson, Kahn)
b) Down By The Riverside (Howard, Riley)
c) When You Wore A Tulip (Wenrich, Mahoney)
2. a) Honey (Simons, Gillespie, Whiting)
b) By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Madden, Edwards)
c) Have You Ever Been Lonely (Brown, De Rose)
3. a) I'll be With You In Apple Blossom Time (A. von Tilxer, Fleeson)
b) I'll Always Be In Love With You (Ruby, Green, Stept)
c) Love's Last Word Is Spoken Cherie (Bixio, Sievier)
d) Vienna City Of My Dreams (Bieczynski)
4. a) Whispering (Schoeneberger, Coburn)
b) In A Little Spanish Town (Wayne, Lewis, Young)
c) Drifting And Dreaming (Gillespie, Alstyne)
5. a) Hier's Ek Weer (Traditional)
b) Daar Kom Die Alibama (Traditional)
c) Leeu Leeu (Carstens, De Waal, Bonzaier)
6. a) I'll Get By (Ahlert, Turk)
b) I'm In The Mood For Love (McHugh, Fields)
c) Auf Wiedersehn (Storch)
Side Two:
1. a) The Woody Woodpecker Song (Tibbles, Idriss)
b) Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)
c) Baby Face (Davis, Akst)
2. a) Yours (Sherr, Roig)
b) I Only Have Eyes For You (Warren, Dubin)
c) Near You (Goell, Craig)
3. a) Mexicali Rose (Stone)
b) If I Should Fall In Love Again (Popplewell)
c) Together (De Sylva, Brown, Henderson)
4. a) Lullaby Of Broadway (Warren, Dubin)
b) Passedena (Warren)
c) Avalon (Rose, Jolson, DeSylva)
d) Cherokee (Noble)
5. a) Hometown (Kennedy, Carr)
b) Pretty Baby (Jackson, Van Alstyne, Kahn)
c) You You, You (Mellin, Olias)
6. a) Agnes Waltz (Hannah)
b) Forever And Ever (Winkler, Rasa)
c) Tulips From Amsterdam (Arnie, Martyn)
7. a) Ry Maar Aan Ossewa (Kennedy)
b) There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall (Carson, Robison)
c) My Hartjie - My Liefie Traditional

Success is invariably achieved by an artist who displays sufficiently rare insight to break away from the accepted conventions, and who has the courage 'to be original and experimental in his sincere desire to present better and better entertainment for the eager demands of a music loving public. Duffy Ravenscroft intuitively demonstrated this quality very happily with the release of his first most popular and highly successfu L..P. entitled " SINCE AND DANCE WlTH DUFFY." Fifty-six well known tunes were presented in carefully selected medleys, and for the first time in South Africa a recording was made which happily reflected the true spirit of a thoroughly enioyable party atmosphere. The success of the record was immediate, since it met the urgent need of discriminating hosts qnd hostesses who wanted their parties "to go with a swing."
By popular demand, Duffy Ravenscroft is now presenting another of "SlNG AND DANCE WITH DUFFY" in order to add still further spice and variety to an evening of dancing, singing and relaxed enjoyment. Once again popular hit tunes of to-day and yesterday have been chosen to set ones feet tapping and to join light-heartedly in humming snatches of melodies, or to listen to Paul Robinson's warm voice singing the lovely lyrics of songs which are amongst the finest inspirations of world famous songwriters.
Duffy's ready smile, sincere friendliness and constant eagerness to please his appreciative fans has made him one of South Africa's most popular recording artists and band leaders, and with this new L.P. MORE SlNG AND DANCE WITH DUFFY, you are invited to join him in many carefree hours of rhythmic and vocal pleasure, to ensure the success of every party where friends and relatives are gathering together for a few hours of relaxation and well-earned enioyment.
This recording achieves the distinction of being the first record in stereophonic sound produced and released by a South African Company - ANTON DE WAAL. - omslag

met Paul Robinson
Remember (Onthou Jy Nog) LP . GALP 1025 GALLO
Side I:
1. Rose Of San Antonio (Wills)
2. Heimwee (M. van Aardt)
3. Was It Rain That Fell (Or Was It Tears)
4. Whistling Waltz; Memories (Kahn, van Alstyne); Springtime In The Rockies (Sauer)
5. Annakie (Jan Pohl); As Die Jakarandas Bloei (Jan Pohl)
6. Goodnight My Love (Gordon, Revel); Alone (Craft)
7. Laugh Clown Laugh (Lewis, Young)
Side II:
1. Onthou Jy Nog Die Aand (M. van Aardt)
2. Harbour Lights (Williams, Kennedy)
3. Santa Lucia (Traditional)
4. Red Sails In The Sunset (Kennedy, Williams); Little Drummer Boy (Polosi, Noel)
5. Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk. (P.I. Hoogenhout)
6. Red River Valley (Traditional)
7. Pikaninie-Wieglied (W. Spriethoff)

met Danie Bosman
Net 'n Stille Uurtjie LP ...... GALP 1018 GALLO
Kant Een:
1. Boereseun (D. Bosman)
2. Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld (D. Bosman)
3. Bergrivier (D. Bosman)
4. Ek Verkies Die Wapad (D. Bosman)
5. Skemeruurtjie (D. Bosman)
Kant Twee:
1. Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg (D. Bosman)
2. Kaapse Draai (D. Bosman)
3. Ou Musikant (D. Bosman)
4. Daar Onder In Die Kaap; Maak Jou Tuis Ou Vriend (D. Bosman)
5. Net 'n Stille Uurtjie (D. Bosman)

Op 'n gedenkwaardige dag in Januarie 1932 het ek 'n telefoonoproep van Danie Bosman ontvang. Hy het my amper verskonend meegedeel dat hy 'n melodie gekomponeer het en wou hê dat ek dit vir hom moes neerskryf. Ek was heeltemal uit die veld geslaan, want ek was nie bewus van die feit dat hy klavier gespeel het nie. Hy het teësinnig erken dat hy volgens gehoor speel; en 'n volledige manuskrip wou hê om aan Debroy Somer se orkes, wat toentertyd deur die Unie getoer het, voor te lê. Die liediie is daardie aand nog voltooi en aan Debroy Somers, by sy aankoms in Pretoria die volgende Maandag, oorhandig. Dieselfde aand is Danie Bosman se eerste liedjie, wat hy THEN CAME THE DAWN genoem het, van die Capitol se verhoog af gehoor. As twee lang staatsamptenare is ons oorweldig deur die onmiddelike sukses hiervan en 'n vennootskap is dadelik gestig met die doel om meer en meer liediies te skryf. Gedurende die volgende twee-en-'n-halfjaar het ons met koorsagtige haas altesaam 120 liedjies geskryf, en in Junie 1934 het ek per skip na Engeland vertrek om Britse uitgewers te nader. Aangesien ek nog baie jonk en onervare was, was al my pogings vrugteloos. Heeltemal ontmoedig het ons die liediieskrywery 'n paar jaar voorwel geroep. In 1938 het Danie Bosman hom egter op Afrikaanse musiek begin toespits, en aangesien hy oor 'n oorspronklike en spantane aanvoeling beskik het, het hy baie gou sukses behaal met BOERESEUN, KAAPSE DRAAI, IN DIE SKADU VAN OU TAFELBERG, IN MY DROOMSKUITJIE, GOEIENAG, OOM BOSSIE VAN DIE BOSVELD en 'n dosyn onder liediies. Gedurende die oorlog is hy na Kaapstad verpIaas. Hy het gereeld aan my geskryf, my vertel van sy musikale bedrywighede en ambisies en my telkens aangespoor om weer musiek te begin skryf. Om verskeie redes wat dit tot 1945 vir my onmoontlik om hieraan te voldoen. Toe het ons gereël om mekaar gedurende 'n Iangnaweek in Kimberley te ontmoet. Sy entoesiasme was vir my 'n inspirasie en weer eens het ons liediies geskryf, manuskripte heen en weer gepos, mekaar se werk gekritiseer en idees gewissel. Sy advies en ondervinding was vir my van onskatbare waarde.
Ons het gretig planne beraam vir die toekoms. Nege maande later, in Muizenberg, het ek 'n maand by hom deurgebring, waartydens ons Afrikaanse musiek geskryf en die ontwikkeling daarvan bespreek het. Tydens die laaste aand van my verblyf het hy, sy vrou en ek die film, ,,Rhopsody in Blue", die Iewe van George Gershwin, gesien. Kort tevore het hy ,,A Song to Remember",die lewe van Chopin, gesin. Terwyl ons die bioskoop verlaat het, het hy aan my gesê, ,,Wat's verkeerd met al hierdie komponiste? Hoekom sterf hulle almal terwyl hulle nog in die dertig is? Oor nog net 'n paar maande sal ek aan die veilige kant wees". Ses weke later, op die 5de Mei 1946 is hy oorlede -- in die ouderdom van 39 iaar.
Daniel Ferdinand Bosman is op die 7de Februarie 1907 in Kaapstad gebore en het sy skoolopleiding in Bishops Boys High, waar hy gematrikuleer het, ontvang. In 1925 het hy in Pretoria tot die staatsdiens toegetree. Op 21-iarige Ieeftyd is hy getroud en saam met sy vrou, Dorothy, het hy ware geluk gevind. Een seun, John, is uit die huwelik gebore.
Ofskoon dit snaaks voorkolm, het hy niks van die naam Danie gehou nie en het verkies om ,,Bossie" benoem te word. Hy het 'n geweldige lewenslus gehad, was 'n bekwame en pligsgetroue werker, 'n amusante en geestige metgesel, 'n toegewyde eggenoot en vader, bedagsaam, vrygewig en heeltemal onselfsugtig.
Danie Bosmanyhet nooit musiek bestudeer nie. Hy was 'n gebore liedereskrywer en het instinkmatig aangevoel wat korrek was en in goeie smaak geval het, Hy het die klavier volgens gehoor bespeel en het 'n eie indiwiduele styl ontwikkel. Hy het altesaam, oor 'n tydperk van 8 jaar, omtrent 40 liedjies geskryf en meer as 'n dosyn hiervan het 'n permanente plek in die harte van alle Afrikaanse musiekliefhebbers verower. Sy laaste Iiedjie was NET 'N STILLE UURTJlE.
Danie Bosman se liediies sal gesing en gespeel word en baie genotvolle uurtiies aan ontelbare Iiefhebbers van ons eiemusiek besorg so lank daar Afrikaanse musiek in ons land is. Hy het 'n besonderse gawe gehad om melodieusewysies - party opgewek en vrolik, ander weer ernstiger en heimweevol - te komponeer. Ek is opreg dankbaar dat ek die sonderlinge voorreg gehad het om hom as vriend te hê, want hy was te alle tye lojaal en opreg, bedagsaam, betroubaar en entoesiasties.
Die 10 nommers wat as eerbetoon tot die nagevdagtenis van Danie Bosman op hierdie Iankspeelplaat aangebied word, is die nommers wat hy, volgens my mening, self sou uitgesoek het. Duffy Ravenscroft en sy orkes verdien 'n pluimpie vir hulle waarlik simpatieke vertolking van die musiek en liriek van hierdie onvergeetlike Danie Bosman-liedjies. - ANTON DE WAAL - omslag

Party Time With Duffy LP . GALP 1012 GALLO

Pack Up Your Troubles LP . GALP 1006 GALLO
Side One:
1. (a) Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell, Asaf)
(b) Beer Barrel Polka (Brown, Timm)
(c) It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary (Judge, Williams)
2. (a) Dis 'n Lekker, Lekker Lewe (Carstens, De Waal)
(b) Tiek Tok Polka (L. Roodt)
(c) Dis Totsiens Nie Vaarwel (Carstens, De Waal)
3. (a) Carolina Moon (Davis, Burke)
(b) When Your Hair Turns To Silver (Tobias, De Rose)
(c) Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (Kahn, Woods)
(d) It Happened In Monterey (Rose, Wayne)
4. (a) Meerkat Samba (S. Murray)
(b) Biela Biela Samba (Carstens, Segal, De Waal)
5. (a) I'm Nobody's Sweetheart (Kahn, Erdman, Meyers)
(b) Who's Sorry Now? (Snyder, Kalmar)
(c) Some Of These Days (Shelton, Brooks)
(d) Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me) (Conrad, Clare)
6. (a) Dear Hearts And Gentle People (Styne, Hilliard)
(b) Just One Of Those Things (Cole Porter)
(c) The Best Things In Life Are Free (De Sylva, Brown, Henderson)
7. (a) Riksha Booi (Carstens, De Waal)
(b) Nee Nee (Ek Wil Nie Dans Nie) (A. de Waal)
(c) Kwela-Kwela (Carstens, Segal, De Waal)
Side Two:
1. (a) Bye Bye Blues (Bennett, Kamin, Gally)
(b) Is It True What They Say About Dixie? (Caesar, Lerner, Marks)
(c) I'm Sitting On Top Of The World (Henderson, Young, Lewis)
(d) Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson, Dixon)
2. (a) Solank As Die Riekie In Die Water Lê (Traditional)
(b) Wil Jy Of Wil Jy Nie (Carstens, De Waal)
(c) Kalkoentjie (Segal, De Waal)
(d) Sousboontjies (Carstens, De Waal)
3. (a) Loveliest Night Of The Year (Webster, Aaronson)
(b) Anniversary Waltz (Franklin, Dubin)
(c) Fascination (Manning, Marchetti)
4. (a) Rooiwyn Vastrap (Benny Raubenheimer)
5. (a) Anna Gellini (Segal, De Waal)
(b) Ons Geheim (Ronnie Theron)
(c) Tango Musette (N. Carstens)
6. (a) When Day Is Done (Katscher, De Sylva)
(b) Just One More Chance (Johnston, Coslow)
(c) Peg O' My Heart (Fischer, Bryan)
(d) My Melancholy Baby (Watson, Mortor, Burnett)

The tremendous success which Ravenscroft achieved with his first long-playing party record "SING AND DANCE WITH DUFFY" established him firmly as one ofthe leading musical and recording personalities of the year. Duffy has probably attained a new distinction in South Africa in that his first L.P. recording under the DECCA label, was the best seller of the year and is still in great demand with the record buying public.
In response to popular demand it was decided to issue a second volume of Duffy's delightful party record, and here with is presented PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES, on which 42 all-time hit tunes in English and Afrikaans are played and sung in the inimitable style which one happily associates with Duffy Ravenscroft and his Orchestra. Here is an excellent bi-lingual recording which creates that pleasant spirit of friendliness when Afrikaans and English speaking friends meet in an atmosphere of complete unity and gaiety.
The pleasing voices of Paul Robinson, Jurie Ferreira and Benny Michael blend in harmony to invite everyone to join with them in lusty, light-hearted community singing. The first vocal number,"Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag" is an invitation to everybody to throw off the problems and perplexities of every-day life, and to relax in the company of good friends while humming or singing snatches of songs which awaken nostalgic memories. - ANTON DE WAAL

In Modern Mood / In Moderne Luim LP . P10851R PHILIPS
Kant Een:
1. Laat Ons Gaan
2. Huisie In Die Berge
3. Helena Tango
4. Blou Maanlig
Kant Twee:
1. Medley: Hoe Ry Die Boere; Suikerbossie; Perdeby
2. Betowering Tango
3. Tafelbaai
4. Kaapse Draai

Kom Dans Vanaand / To-Night We Dance LP . P10850R PHILIPS
- Suid-Afrikaanse Gunsteling Dansmusiek met Duffy Ravenscroft
- South African Dancing Favourites

met Paul Robinson
Dance Party With Duffy LP .. FCL 5165 FESTIVAL

met Paul Robinson
Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg LP ................. GALA/WELKOM PLATE

Paul Robinson with Duffy Ravenscroft and his orchestra
The Street Singer LP .......... ORC 6030 WORLD RECORD CO.
Side One:
1. Ole Man River (Kern/Hammerstein)
2. Spanish Eyes (Kaemfert/Singleton)
3. Forgive Me (Ager/Yellen)
4. Sonny Boy (Brown/Da Sylva/Henderson/Jalson)
5. Medley: Marta (Gilbert/Simons); Harbour Lights (Kennedy/Williams); Rose Of San Antone (Wills) met Flippie van Vuuren
Side Two:
1. Giannina Mia (Harbach/Friml)
2. Blue Bird Of Happiness (Heyman/Harmati/Davis)
3. A Love Like Yours (Stone/Sorise/Turchin/Simon/Paul)
4. Broken-Hearted Clown (Holland)
5. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (Woods/Kahn)

Paul Robinson was born at Thaba Nchu in the Orange Free State. As a young boy he moved with his family to Grahamstown and made his first broadcast from the SABC studios in that city at the age of nine 5 as a baritone! His amazing voice soon landed him contracts at the local cinemas and his big break came a few months later when he was invited to join a top-line international variety show headed by Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon. Paul toured all the major cities of South Africa and Rhodesia with these famous Hollywood artists. From the age of 14, when his family settled in Johannesburg, Paul was heard again in many stage presentations with Dean Herrick at the 20th Century Theatre and in Sunday night concerts with John Connell at the City Hall.
Paul Robinson adopted the stage as a fulI-time profession after leaving school and appeared at His Majesty's Theatre in the highly successful London-starred pantomime "Robinson Crusoe" and at the Standard Theatre in the Frank Rogalys revues "Ace High" and the"Crazy Show". Later Paul toured South Africa with his own act "The Hollywood Rogues". After these activities Paul Robinson turned his attention to dance music, joining the popular Hendrick Susan Band as featured vocalist and remaining with the group for eight years. He then opened his own "Werdaklub", both managing and leading his own specially-picked band.
In 1949 Paul made his hit-parade recording of "Blue Bird Of Happiness" one of the first South African discs to reach the "best seIler" bracket, and this song is one of the evergreen favourites you can hear on this LP. Several of the songs have a special significance for Paul - in particular "Sonny Boy" which is his first recording of a number which he has sung on stage for the past fifteen years, and "Old Man River" - a special favourite of Paul's which he has always dreamed of recording. Here are the songs and the singer - Paul Robinson, the "Street Singer" - presented for your enjoyment. - omslag

The Best Of The Pops LP ...................... GALLOTONE
Side One:
1. Lara's Theme
2. Spanish Flea
3. My Love, Forgive Me
4. Jealous Heart; Tears
5. From Russia With Love
6. Dear Heart; Edelweiss
7. Pepito; Never On Sunday
8. Caterina; Alley Cat
Side Two:
1. Strangers In The Night
2. The Sound Of Music; Climb Every Mountain
3. More; I Wish You Love
4. Hello Dolly; Do Re Mi
5. The Girl From Ipanema
6. Pearly Shells
7. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White; In A Little Spanish Town

Duffy's Party LP ........................................ GALLOTONE

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