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Mofaya .......................... CDRBL 769 2014 UNIVERSAL

Sound Revolution - Vol. 2 . CDTSR 0027 2012 TS RECORDS
1. Intro
2. Qina met Naak MusiQ
3. Vuka Uyiphinde met Zithabile
4. Ndiza met Zahara
5. Saka Leena met Riot
6. Change Is Coming met LeRoy Bell
7. A Thousand Miles met Lindiwe Suttle
8. Georgina met Choppa
9. Mthwalo (Remix) met Zahara
10. Only Human met Obakeng OB The Muso
11. Nhliziyo met Robbie Malinga
12. Walking Away met ChianoSky
13. Umthwalo (Extended Mix)

Sound Revival - Vol. 1 . CDTSR 0021 2011 TS RECORDS
1. Intro. Pro & Lungelo
2. Sbyda Ore Jela Bana met HHP
3. Lengoma met Zahara
4. Mama Afrika met MXO
5. Ndenzeni met Nhlanhla Nciza
6. Reading Your Mind met Wanda Baloyi
7. Love met Lungi Naidoo
8. Touch The Sky met Ntaoleng
9. Iway of Life met Shlebe
10. Music met Lungelo
11. Wanitolovhela met Meat The Veggies
12. Ghubuluzing met Oskido, Big Nuz, Tira
13. Ng-thandimali

Y-Lens Volume 3 ........ CDTSR 017 2009 TS RECORDS
1. Intro
2. Black Child It's Possible
3. Vuvuzela Bafana
4. Electro
5. Soulfiction
6. I Am Music
7. Reading Your Mind
8. Inside Me
9. Sk 95
10. S'tshwetla
11. Or Tambo
12. Moitheri
13. Ekurhuleni
14. I'm Rich

Y-Lens Volume Two .......................... 2007
1. Intro
2. L'Amour A Tous Le Droits met The Observer
3. Loving You met The Observer
4. Walking in New York met The Observer
5. Almaz
6. I Will Survive
7. No More Tears met The Observer
8. In The Morning met The Pastor
9. Summer Guitar met The Pastor
10. Spirit met The Pastor
11. Stupid Song met The Observer
12. Outro
13. RIP Tribute To Khabzela, Khumza & Dakamnyama
14. I'm Back (Skit)
15. Melrose Arch (Skit)
16. Vista This Is Skhova (Skit)
17. Taxi Penetrate (Skit)
18. Thabo Snepe (Skit)
19. Shendes (Skit)
20. Gcobisa Isibhono (Skit)
21. Bad Boy T Invades (Skit)
22. David Kau vs Solly Vista (Skit)

Y-Lens Vol. 1 ............. CDHOLA2007 2006 TKZEE WREKORDS
1. Intro
2. Remember When It Rained
3. Love And Let Love
4. Till The Morning Comes
5. For A Reason
6. Pillow
7. Falling
8. Get Together
9. Outro
10. Usisi Womxhosa
11. Ubuthakathi
12. Slovas Uxolisani
13. Ukushaya Kuphele Ukuphapha
14. MDC Wena Uthanda
15. Skhova Uwiki Emadolweni
16. Unamanga
17. Mapaputsi
18. Skhova John Hier
19. Amasalamusi
20. Us'khenyile Lomuntu

DJ S'BU is a powerful force on the South African music scene. He is a co-owner of TS Records which counts on the likes of Ntando, Brown Dash, Sash Omnyama, Robbie Malinga, and Izinyoka Nyoka on its impressive roster of artists. DJ S'BU is also well known for representing the show Gumba Fire on SABC.
He is also the host of a friendship-testing television show, "Friend Like These", which is flighted on Saturday's at SABC. DJ S'BU also hosts a show on YFM called Y-lens, it's a weekday's drive show that had a strong listenership. Now this highly regarded individual has created his own compilation album, Y-LENS VOL. 1.
It's packed with hot tracks and great tunes and is sire to be a hit with DJ S'BU'S followers...

Reckon all homegrown house music is content to recycle the four to the floor groove hypnosis of imported dance floors? Think again, on Y-Lens Vol. 1, YFM mix master DJ S'BU delivers a seamless dance floor survey of Mzansi's evolving cosmopolitan clubbing pulse with lush mid-tempo Moby style adult contemporary crossover chill zone anthems ("Remember When It Rained") rubbing up against soulful vocal house invitations onto the dance floor ("Love and Let Love"), VIP lounge funk floor fillers ("Falling" featuring DJ Mbuso and Vueyelwa), smooth Afro-jazz-y filtered hip house shaking seductions and more. And the play list of "Outro" skits from SBU's YFM drive time show featuring cameo conversations by everyone from Brown Dash and DJ Speedy to Mapaputsi and more are deliriously dope.

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